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• Example: Let's say you're watching the evening news. The reporter comes on and says "Today we had a hot one. It was ninety degrees, a new record. After two weeks of this record hot weather, the community Is beginning to fear a drought, which could be disastrous for farmers in the region, who rely on rain to raise their crops. Stay tuned In the future for more reports on this looming drought"

• Content; It was ninety degrees, which Is a record. There have been two weeks of hot weather, and some people fear a drought. A drought could hurt crops, which would hurt farmers who rely on rain, Keep watching our station in the future for more news

• Communication: The heat Is causing fear and anxiety In the people In the area, Meta-Communication: We're the authority, and we're telling you that others are feeling anxiety, and you should be feeling anxiety too, We are In a time when you should be afraid, vigilant, and attentive. If you don't know what's happening with this weather, then you might have something bad happen to you


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