Day One

Focusing On The Level That Will Give You The Most Results

Most people are Interested In getting instant results - we humans are wired to value results right now - not later

This leads most people to focus on the very lowest levels most of the time

Most men focus on situations then techniques

It's very rare to find a guy who's even Interested In skills and understanding... never mind higher levels like Reality, Identity, Beliefs

If you only focus on situations and techniques, but you keep the self image and belief system of a guy who doesn't deserve or have success with women, what do you think is going to happen7

If the higher levels affect all of the levels below them, then where do you think you should focus most of your energy?

Focusing On The Higher Levels

• Reality - Describe your outlook on yourself and your reality. Do you see your reality as a place where you are in control? In your reality do things go your way? How would you change the way you view reality if you could?

■ Identity - Do you see yourself as a man who deserves success with women? Do you see yourself as a guy that women naturally want to be around? If you could change how you see yourself, how would you change it?

• Beliefs - Do you believe that it's natural and easy to meet and attract women? Do you believe that women want to be around you? Do you believe that you're the very best choice a woman can make? If you could install some new beliefs in your mind that would increase your success with women and dating, what would they be?

• Values - Do you have a clear set of values in your life that you live by? Do you value your time and yourself and accept no disrespect or wasting of ylour time? What do you need to make more important in your life, and what do you need to make less important?

• Understanding - Do you understand exactly how and why women become and stay attracted to men? Do you know the step-by-step process of how a man and woman go from first eye contact all the way to the bedroom? If there was one area that you should get a better education and understanding of, what would it be?

Exercise: Comparing The Beliefs Of Success And Failure

Your beliefs and self-image determine your success level with women

• If you don't believe you can, your belief will be a self-fulfilling prophesy

• Compare the beliefs of success and failure

% % The Self-Programming Process

• It has only been the last hundred or so years that evolution has become conscious of itself

• I consider evolution to be possibly the greatest discovery of all time

• If you have evolved to the point In your life where you embrace the Idea of taking control of your own evolution, then you must become an expert In programming and reprogrammlng yourself

- Affirmations

- Self Talk

- Visualization

- Written And Rewritten Goals

- Reference Group

- Reading

- Audio/Video Education

- Conscious Attention To Levels

% . % Mastering Your Emotional Life

• Most people are controlled by their emotional responses and their emotional responses to anticipated events and anticipated emotional responses

■ As you can imagine, when you begin allowing your life to be a constant game of anticipating emotional responses, worrying about avoiding the situations that caused the response, and dealing with the emotions that you feel in response to your anticipation, it can create quite a tangled mess

• Many men allow themselves to live lives of quiet desperation, constantly imagining horrible situations to avoid, then playing mental games to avoid feeling the emotions they are triggering inside themselves by imagining bad situations and emotions!

• If you want to have lasting success with women and dating, it is vital that you master your emotions

Various Emotional I^pes

Consider the following different types of emotions for this section:

Positive Emotions Negative Emotions

Emotions about past events - "Reflection Emotions" Emotions about present events - "Response Emotions" Emotions about future events - "Anticipation Emotions" Emotions about yourself Emotions about others

Emotions about relationship between yourself and others

Emotions about relationships between others that dont Involve you

Emotional anchors,., same emotional response every time you think about It

Emotions responding to generalized concepts and Judgments

Emotional prejudice.,, responding to an Idea or thought, not the thing

Do We Choose How We Feel?

• There is a big debate in the pop psychology world over the idea of "choosing how we feel"

• Some argue that emotional reactions are outside of our control - they're natural and healthy

• Some argue that we choose our emotions because of the fact that we're interpreting everything that happens around us, then responding to it based on our interpretations - and by choosing a different response we can stop freaking out emotionally when things push our buttons {in fact, the only reason that "things push our buttons" in the first place is because we LET them push our buttons)

• My personal experience is that most people have put their emotional reactions on "auto pilot"

Do We Choose How We Feel?

• They have been "not paying attention" for so long now that their emotional reactions MIGHT AS WELL be hard-wired, because they are so consistent and predictable that, from the person's point of view, they are 100% automatic (and remember the power of belief)

• But I also believe that you can do things to TAKE CONTROL of this "emotional response" process - and if you continue to take control, you'll eventually master your emotions over time

• I also believe that this is a perfectly "healthy" and "functional" path to take in life, and that it ultimately leads to deeper satisfaction with life and a feeling of personal freedom and choice


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