Day One

Cultivating The Pause

■ Steven Covey (author of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People) tells the story of reading a passage In a book that discussed the magical moment between when something happens and when you respond to it

• He discusses cultivating that "pause" between stimulus and response, and how, by practicing this pause over time, you can master your emotions

• Take a moment right now, and imagine something that really pushes one of your buttons - it might be a thought, something a person says or does, or an event

• Now imagine how you've reacted to this thing in the past.., really get into It, and see yourself having a FULL emotional reaction

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Cultivating The Pause

• Finally, imagine that thing happening again in the future, but instead of reacting Immediately to it, you take just a moment to PAUSE and see It differently

• In that moment of considering what happened, Imagine saying to yourself "I can respond to this however I choose... and this time I'm going to choose to laugh"

• Imagine this seven times In a row - review It In your mind until you can clearly see yourself pausing and responding consciously

• Now make a list of 10 different places In your life where you will do this - include Imaginary situations that upset you, real-world situations that happen often, and situations with women

• Imagine dearly how you're going to respond to these situations In the future



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