Day Two

Is She Saying It For You Or For Her?

• I met a woman awhile back who emailed me after our first meeting. She emailed me her number and told me to call her. We played phone tag, then eventually talked maybe a week or two later (keep in mind, this woman Is a successful, working hlgh-fashlon model), We were flirting a lot on the phone, and at one point she said "I have to tell you something... I'm seeing someone". Now, of course I teased her and said something like "Yea, congratulations... And you know, you're pretty assumptive thinking that I was trying to pursue you,,, you're the one who emailed me*. Of course, she didn't know what to say... so she laughed a little

• Now, what happened there?

■ The reality Is that she was Interested In me, and I could tell. She had probably dated someone a few times between when I met her and when we finally talked... and she was starting to get freaked out because she was feeling attraction for me right there during the phone conversation... and she needed to do something to put on the brakes so she didn't feel like a promiscuous girl

• I KNEW that she was saying "I'm seeing someone" more for HERSELF than for me. And I Just rolled with It, reframed it, and made Into a Joke on her


Is She Saying It For You Or For Her?

• You must always pay careful attention so you can detect when a woman is saying something to you... and when she's saying something to HERSELF

• When a woman Is feeling attraction for you, but she's also feeling a conflict of self Image, what others might think, etc. her communications will SOUND like they're legitimate concerns - but they'll also have a slight twinge of either flirting, wanting, or conflicted emotions

• About a week later that girt called me up and said "Hey, I think we should get together soon", I said "I thought you were occupied". She said "Well, things change you know". End of story

• Note: She almost CERTAINLY wouldn't have called me back a week later If 1 had tried to talk her Into seeing me the week before. The tension and status position that I set up in the conversation pushed a button Inside her that could only be "un-pushed" by talking to me again and then seeing me


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