Getting Laid

• I'm not that fascinated by the concept of "getting laid". When I first started learning all of this stuff, it was a lot more Interesting to me than It Is now.., because I thought that if you could leam how to "get laid", then you'd naturally be able to have any other kind of success you wanted with women,,. Makes sense, right?

• Well, many of the guys I've met who are GREAT at "getting laid" turned out to be sleazy and manipulative (not all, of course)... and. Importantly, they don't have any Idea how to find a high-quality woman to have a great relationship with... and when they do find one, ttiey have no idea how to keep her around

• I think It's much more Interesting and useful to leam about how and why women become attracted to men... and why they STAY attracted. This way, you will be able to keep that fantastic woman In your life once you find her

• There's nothing wrong with "getting laid", but It's only a tiny piece of the puzzle... and one that, alone. Isn't going to lead you to happiness and satisfaction in life

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