How Men Communicate Lower Status

Here are a few common ways men communicate lower status:

• Justifying

• Defending

• Explaining

• Rationalizing

• Seeking Approval

• Allowing Things To Affect Them Emotionally

Communicating High Status

• Humans are pack animals - then unconsciously seek their

place in the social order

• If you communicate higher status, then you'll BE higher


• Leadership

• Indifference

• Inner Locus Of Control

• Dominance

• Body Language

■ Voice Tone

• Patterns Of Communication

• Faking Low status as a Joke "Oh, please approve of me and


The Two Approaches To Status


• Giving away status now, hoping to "earn" or receive status later

• Claiming high status now, knowing that the precedent will probably stand

• If you want high status, don't wait for it

• Take it NOW

• Establish the precedent right from the beginning

• Giving away status in the hopes of getting it later is a losing strategy... It doesn't work that way


Moving Toward High Status And Away From Low Status


• Identify with high status unconsciously

• Dis-Identify with low status unconsciously

• Most guys both:

• Dis-Identify with high status unconsciously

• Identify with loss status unconsciously

• Even if I'm "really nice" to someone, I go as "low" as "equal" status with them.

• Even if I'm saying "Wow, thank you very, very much" in the humblest of humble ways, it's at THE VERY LOWEST equal.

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