Meta Programs

Meta Programs are the systems that we use to perceive, analyze, decide upon, communicate in response to, and act upon incoming information with

An example of a Meta Program is the "Sameness/Difference" Meta Program

Sameness people first see how things are similar

Difference people first see how things are different

You can put a bar stool next to a high-chair and a Sameness person will say "Oh, two chairs" while the Difference person doesn't even THINK of them both as chairs

To the Sameness person they're the same, to the Difference person they're different

The Myers-Briggs Preferences can be thought of as Meta Programs

Some Of My Favorite Meta Programs

• Matcher/Mismatcher

• Toward/Away From

• Past/Present/Future

• Pro-active/Reactive

• Structurist/Free Spirit (Similar to MBTI J/P)

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