Path Or Purpose

• The concept of having a "Life Purpose" or a "Life Path" is a bit abstract for most men

• These concepts carry connotations of canned, new-agey, pseudo-spiritual self help, which isn't exactly an attractive Idea

• I personally believe that you can get In touch with or choose (or some combination of the two) a purpose or path that suits you

■ I believe that once you get in touch with this path or purpose that many other elements of your life will come together, including your dating life

• Women are VERY attracted to men who are on their path or purpose, and they feel a lack or void when they're with a man who isn't on his path or purpose

• In order to choose or find your own path or purpose, it's useful to clarify some "big issues" that you have probably never clarified all at once...

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The Big Questions

• By consciously facing the following questions or life choices, and then acting on them, you will gain a clarity and focus that will instantly energize you and make you more attractive - really

• Write down nI choose..." or "I believe..." and then your choice - and the follow it with your answer Review the list often

• If you really want to change fast, rewrite the list daily


My Path For Myself, Other's Path For Me?


• To be or not to be?

• Is the universe a friendly place?

• Scarcity or abundance?

• Am I at cause or effect?

• Fear or Love?

■ Internal or external frame of reference?

■ Pessimism or optimism?

• Stay still or evolve consciously?

• Instant gratification or long-term success?

• Security or Risk?

• Closed to change or open to change?

• Comfort zone or uncertainty?



My Path For Myself, Other's Path For Me?

Reject and move further from yourself or know and accept yourself?

Change others or Change myself? Fear, resist, fight... accept, integrate, transcend? Mediocrity or excellence?

Hold on to what I have or let it go to make room for the new?

Play small or play big? Cling to a polarity or enjoy paradox? Fail or learn? Spend or invest? Fulfillment or medication? Keep my secrets or give my gifts away?

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My Path For Myself, Other's Path For Me?

Demand fairness and justice for myself or let others get the "better end of the deal?

Be understood or understand?

Take first or give first?

Honesty or dishonesty?

Personal or inauthentic person?

Learn only for personal gain or learn to teach and mentor?

Success through own individual work or by helping others to become successful?

Reference group (surround yourself with) success or failure? Do it "your way" or do it the best way? System or technique? Take first or give first?


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