Sexual Secrets

• My take: Give a woman such a pleasurable experience In bed that she _

would come over every day and have sex with you,., even If that's the only time you spent with her. And do this even If she's someone you've been together with for years... and you know will be there for _

years to come.

• Sex: Dissociate then associate. This Is the time to tell her she's beautiful. This Is the time to tell her that you watched her walking towards you and you wanted to rip her clothes off three days ago,,. _

and you've been thinking about it all day every day until now. This Is the time to tell her that you think she's so hot that you could throw -

her down on the floor and do her every time you're with her. This Is _

the place where you SHOULD grab her and touch her everywhere you've always wanted. It's the place to do all those things that she -

would have slapped you silly for had you done them before you _

started talking to her (like you wanted to). This Is the place to fully enjoy yourself... not only giving an unbelievable experience, but -

getting one yourself. Women LOVE to be with a guy who's doing what he wants, and feeling good about It.

Her "Brakes"

•Tm not sleeping with you tonight" •Turn them around •Quote from book

What To Do When You're Successful

• Dating more than one woman at a time

• Controlling the "relationship emotions" by how much time you spend with her

• Transitioning into a relationship

• Keeping a relationship good

• Not changing what worked in the beginning m,

^ The Top 12 Things To Implement NOW!

• Live In Your Own Reality

• Always Communicate Higher Status

• Dominant Posture, Raise The Chest

• Eliminate Nervous Ticks, Gestures, Habits

• Slow, Controlled, Calm Movements

• Speak Slowly, Deeply, And From The Stomach

• Maintain Initial Eye Contact

• Stop Seeking Approval, Acting Apologetic, And Trying To Impress

• Understand Fashion, Style, Cologne, What Accentuates Your Strong Points Visually

• Expect Women To Always Respect You And Never Settle For Second Class Behavior

• Seek Novelty, Adventure, And New Sensations

• Create A Sense Of Unexpected Adventure And Anticipation Always


Key Traits And How To

Communicate Them

• High Status

- Posture

- Slow gestures

- Eye contact

- Voice tone, pauses

• Sexual Awareness

- Teasing

- Light, slow touch

- Smelling

- Preheating the oven

• Lack Of Insecurity

- No apologies

- No approval seeking

- Comfortable demeanor


More 4

Key Traits And How To


Communicate Them

- Self appointment

- Decision leadership

- Assuming she'll love whatever you do

- Physical leading

- Cocky Comedy

- Speaking your mind

- Unselfconsclous behaviors

» Understanding Of Attraction

- Restraint, two forward/one back

- Teasing

- Interpreting resistance correctly

- Knowing the signs to look for

- Judging without judgements affecting you

. - Territorial behaviors ■.| [Continued]

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