Status And Weakness

• What does everyone strive for over all else? Status, Why? Because higher status ultimately leads to access to better mating options.,, and thus better opportunities to pass on genes to offspring that will give them a better chance of surviving. For a woman, her ultimate "tool" to get status Is the possibility of a man having access to her sexually. One of the most powerful things you can do with a woman Is communicate to her early on that:

- It's not In your model of the world to chase her in hopes that she'll approve of you

- You could care less If she "puts out"

- You have other options anytime, anywhere

• A man's Achilles' Heel is a woman's sexuality. Its power Is inescapable for most men. Step one is to get over your need to have a woman sexually, and become Indifferent, Realize that you can please yourself If you're horny. Don't NEED her. When you take away this powerful leverage point that attractive women have, you level the playing field, and you can now start to make progress. A woman can Instantly tell If she's dealing with one of these "different" men, and she behaves differently

The Secret Of Creating And Maintaining Attraction: Status

• Most mammals organize themselves naturally Into what are called 'status hierarchies' or "pecking orders"

• The higher status members of the group usually eat and drink First, they dominate the other members of the group, and they have access to far more mating options

• If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to watch the Discovery Channel mare

• 'Civilized Humans' tend to channel status Into SOCIAL situations

• The term 'social status' Is used commonly to describe a particular persons "rank* or "popularity" or "control" of their particular group

• We humans tend to gravitate toward others we perceive to have higher status

• "Status Symbols" are the outward displays of status

• "Conspicuous Consumption", fancy cars, and fancy Jewelry are all things that say "Look at ma, I have high social status*

• Other things, like fame, money, power, and even height convey status as well

• Other things, like fame, money, power, and even height convey status as well

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