The All Women Are One Big Organism Fallacy

• Many men believe that "All women are the same, and all of them will respond to me the same way in every situation"

• This is a very common subconscious generalization that gives men a great excuse to not even try because they "Know it won't work"

• It's important to realize that every woman is different, and their moods change rapidly

• They are not all thinking together, and acting together

• In fact, women are competitive with each other, and they'll compete over you when you get your act together

• The reality of how particular women respond in a particular situation is often surprising

Emotional vs. Logical "Thinking"

• Emotional decisions are instant and considered 100% true by the person, because they're based in an area of the brain that's focused on things like survival and avoiding pain

• The problem is that emotional decisions without a strong foundation of knowledge almost can't lead to progress

• Examples of emotional decisions men make: Saying things that are Wuss, buying her things, calling too much, being paranoid, needy

• Acting based on rational thinking leads to realizing that there's a totally different world out there, and possibilities that were previously never even considered

• The polar bear in the temporary cage... and asking for a woman's email right after you meet her %

Risk, Probability, and Expectancy

• Probability is the likelihood of a particular outcome happening or not happening

• Expectancy is the combined result of all actions considered as a group

• Logically think these issues through in order to plan out and improve your success with women

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