The Difference Between Friends and Just Friends

Telling a woman that she's going to make an interesting friend DOES NOT press a secret button inside of her that causes her to eliminate the Idea of you and her being together from her mind

What it actually does is sets up a challenge and causes her to be MORE LIKELY to want be with you In a romantic way

But there's a side to being "friends" with a woman that most men have never even considered...


Why Attractive Female Friends Are The Ultimate Friends To Help You Meet Women

■ Have you ever been out at a bar or club and seen a beautiful woman that you'd like to meet, only to feel discouraged because she's with a big group of people.,, and you don't want to deal with the embarrassment of interrupting them?

• Well, aside from the fact that there are great ways to start conversations with them anyway, there's an even better ways to get "inside" with those beautiful girls...

• It's to be one of the guys that's in the group In the first place I

• Let me ask you a question: If you're going out on a Saturday night with the Intention of meeting attractive women, is It better to be rolling out with two guy friends who are horny, or Is it better to be rolling out with two attractive female friends who love you?

• Time's up. Answer the question

• Time's up. Answer the question

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