The First Few Minutes

"99% of the first ten minutes aren't about me." They're about her persona...

All the games she plays to block progress are her games she plays to slow things down

Even if a woman really likes you, she'll probably be resistant at first, play hard to get, and even act uninterested

Some women get nervous around men, especially when they're attracted to a man. Don't take this stuff personally, just be patient and persist

Principles For Approaching Women (Key Beliefs)

• Now is better than later (usually) three second rule

• Saying anything is better than saying nothing

• It's all upside, no downside

• If this one doesn't work, there will be 100 more later

• I can only learn at worst, and lessons ate priceless

• Have one default thing ready

• It's her loss if she's not interested, I'm the prize patrol

• It's her loss if she's not interested, I'm the prize patrol

Starting Conversations With Women

About four or five years ago I stumbled upon an interesting way to start conversations with women - I was out one night at what was then the hottest nightclub in Hollywood. I had gone to this club a few times before, and it was always filled with more super-model quality beautiful women than anywhere I'd ever been in my life, period. The problem was that even though there were literally dozens of the most beautiful single women in the world all around me, I never left with even so much as a phone number from one of them in the few limes I'd been there. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but it was frustrating. I walked away from my friends, and sat on a couch alone to figure out what was going on. I quickly realized that I was treating these women like they were goddesses, and lite I was lucky to be meeting them. My overall "vibe" was that of a guy who couidnt believe he was fortunate enough to even be talking to each of the woman I approached. After thinking It through, I came up with a new concept. I decided right then that it was time to start treating the women in this club like they were just some people who happened to be where I was, and I wanted to chat with them. I started approaching women and starting conversations with them by asking them for opinions on things. To make a long story short, I left that night with five phone numbers from some of the hottest women I'd ever met. And I ¡earned a valuable lesson as weil. In my original book "Double Your Dating" I discuss the technique of starting conversations with women by asking their opinion on controversial topics. It works as well today as it did then, and it's one of the lowest risk, best ways to start a conversation with a woman

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Starting Conversations With Women

• "OK, my friends and I are having a conversation, and I think we need a woman's opinion here..."

• The Scottsdale story combining controversial questions with multiple groups of women

• Sex: Sex is the ultimate equalizer. It's the level playing field every time. It's the place where you bring no advantage, and you get to put all of the advantages and disadvantages you and the woman you're with have in the world... and you get to create and enjoy an experience that can outshine all other factors in the relationship. This is where all the clothes and makeup, all the outward status differences, and all the social preconceptions are wiped away... and a completely new way of seeing things takes over. It's your chance.

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The Most Common Initial Games

I'm hot, you're hot

You're a brat, I'm fake exasperated

I'm classy, you're classy

Let's see who can act the least interested

Hard to get, you love me

Major sexual energy


I'm an interesting story teller, you're interested in hearing them


Examples Of Testing

• Acting jealous to make you change how you behave

• Complaining about something you do

• Using affection or sex as a tool, rationing

• Being unavailable

• Mentioning that other men are interested in her to see how you'll respond


Day Four

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