The Masculine Transformation

• Masculine Distinction (Awareness of it)

• Masculine Vision (See it)

• Masculine Preference (Choose it)

• Masculine Communication (Communicate it)

• Masculine Behavior (Do It)

• Masculine Meta-Patterns (Understand/Master it)

• Masculine Self Image (Be it)

Masculinity Exercise

• Make a list of 5 masculine traits you'd like to develop. Then list 3 ways you can start working IMMEDIATELY to enhance these areas. Important areas to focus on include:

- Confident posture (lift chest) and slow, deliberate, gestures, eliminate nervous ticks, etc.

- Dealing with your Insecurities so you communicate confidently

- Taking charge of situations and making decisions

- Not accepting 2nd class behavior or treatment from others

- Being picky about what's good enough for your life


% % The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

• A mother/daughter team took the theories of Carl Jung and created a system to make these theories practical and useful to a wide range of people

■ The foundation of the system is a set of four pairs of "preferences"

• These four pairs of preferences are used to describe how individuals prefer to perceive, process, and interact with the world around them

• This particular system has been one of the most useful tools I have ever learned

• It adds a perspective to human interactions that is profound

• By understanding it, youll have a tremendous advantage in business and personal situations

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