The Structure Of Friendship

• On the other hand, a confident, interesting, masculine male friend that Is seriously Interested In being a TRUE friend is fantastically Interesting and comforting to an attractive woman

• Also remember that friendship itself, or the desire to spend time around, be associated with another person, etc. has a selfish motive that's connected to status.

• If you have a lower status friend, then it's usually because they give you higher status and affirm your high status, kiss up to you, etc.

• If you have a higher status friend. It's usually because you perceive that you'll gain higher status via association with that person

• What about women? What kind of male friends do they like? Why do they want to spend time around "male" friends.,, what are the different types of "friendship" relationships women have with male "friends" who are higher and lower status?

• Remember: High Status Is attractive to everyone [Continued J

Encouraging Independence Revisited

• When you take the position with all women you meet that you're completely OK with the idea of being friends with them, things go a very different direction than you'd probably expect

• Try telling a cute girl you met a few days ago: "Hey, I'm going out with a couple of guy and girlfriends... you should come along. You can buy me drinks and help me meet girls" and watch what happens

• Telling a girl that you've just met at a bar "I think that guy over there is your type. You should go for it..." and watch what happens

• When you do these things you are simultaneously saying so many things that are all the RIGHT things to say... you'll find that the women you meet will respond to you positively in a way that will seem almost magical

Things That Create That "Inner Bond" That Can't Be Explained

(With Female Friends And Romantic Prospects As Welt)

• We have a common oppressor

• We've been through something important together

• We have something unusual in common

• You know a secret about me

• You can make me laugh when I don't want to

• You antagonize me but I still like being around you


Making Friends Guys Who Are "Masters" ^

I have said many times that the best way to improve with women is to make friends with several guys who are good with women, and learn from them directly

Here are a few tips that can help you:

Secret: Make their lives easy

Pay for drinks

Start conversations and introduce him

Play it cool and watch

Jump on the grenade as often as you have to

Put your own needs completely aside, and you'll wind up a huge winner

Become the ULTIMATE "wingman" for a guy who's great with women


The Common

Denominators Of Disaster

• Behaving like It's not supposed to happen

• Acting like they don't deserve it

• Acting like they're surprised by It

• Feeling the need to talk about It, discuss it as It's happening

• Not knowing what to do from one step to the next

• Maintain The Balance:

• Two steps forward, one step back

• Effortlessly dealing with tests

• Leading physically from one step to the next

• Maintaining higher status always

• Remaining Indifferent

• Being cool and communicating that you're perfectly comfortable


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