Every Common Situation

One way to start conversations with women.

One way to ask for emails and/or phone numbers.

One way to take things to a physical level.

One place to go out with a woman...

I can hear it now:

"But David, it sounds kind of corny to ask every woman for her number the same way..."

I used to feel the same way.

But here's the deal: If you will just take the time to learn and prepare ONE simple way to handle each of the most common situations, you'll be about a hundred times more successful than if you try to "figure out something unique and original on the spot" every time.

And here's the irony of the situation...

Once you get a default way to handle each common situation, and you start experiencing SUCCESS on a regular basis with women, you'll GAIN the ability to create better ideas on the spot.

Action Steps:

1) Choose the one situation that happens most often, the one that you'd like to have an EXACT default sequence of words and behaviors to use to get you to the next level.

2) Close your eyes, and mentally run through the last five or ten situations like this that you were in.

3) Brainstorm 10 or 20 great ways that you could handle this particular situation in the future.

4) Choose the one single best idea on the list, and refine it down to an exact sequence.

5) Close your eyes again and mentally rehearse it. See yourself doing it in your mind's eye. Move around and play it out... if you need to stand up, do it. Actually imagine that a woman is in the room with you, and pretend that you're getting her number, kissing her, or whatever.

6) If your mom comes into your room, quickly transition into "Macbeth" and claim that you were improvising on Shakespeare!

Seriously, it's ULTRA important for you to know what you're going to do next time you're talking to a woman and you want to ask for her email of phone number.

If you don't know what you're going to do and exactly how to do it, then you're probably going to come across like Mr. Smooth in the cel phone store...

Here's the irony of this situation:


But if you don't, then they won't either.

A woman will think to herself... "He seems nice, funny, interesting. I wish he'd ask me for my number... Oh, he's nervous... how cute. Well, if he can't get up the nerve to ask me for my number, then I'm not going to overcome his inner WUSSY and do it for him. Poor thing."

And I'm not kidding about this.

Find an attractive woman and read this newsletter to her. She'll laugh her ass off at what I just wrote. Really.

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And I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

100 Dating Tips

100 Dating Tips

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