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Most men face rejection at one point in their lives. This is mainly because they do not know how to handle themselves in front of women, or what to say to make a woman want to be with them. With the Dating Playbook, designed specifically for men, they can easily date the woman of their choice. The eBook has the strategies that you need to attract and date the women that you have dreamed of dating before. Your looks and financial position do not count at this point, because all you need to learn is the strategies to get around a woman. This eBook helps you to improve your dating life and become a better person in whatever you do. In addition to that, you will also be able to overcome different dating challenges, enabling you to get more dates with the women of your choice. This is the best thing that can happen to any man, and therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits of this eBook then you should keep reading and get the important tricks that will get you where you want to be in your dating life. More here...

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Tip 14 The Best Place To Meet Women

The best place to meet women is wherever a man feels most comfortable meeting a woman. This will differ for every guy. Some guys will never feel comfortable picking up women in a club, or a bar. Some will never feel comfortable meeting women at a speed-dating event. Now optimally you want to meet women everywhere you go. On the street, at the bank, and at the grocery store. Anywhere you can get up the balls to talk to a woman is a good place, because chances are you will meet that special one in a place you least expect. Speed dating events Online dating You want to work your way into more and more situations and opportunities to meet women, but you must be careful not to burn yourself out.

Online Dating in India

In India and abroad, some Indians have adopted online dating systems as a way to find not just relationships for themselves but partners for their sons and daughters. Parents, siblings, and other relatives are using Indian dating systems, many of which allow users to search for partners by social caste and skin tone as well as the typical demographic attributes common to most dating sites, to find suitable mates for their offspring (Priyanka 2004). Especially for Indians living abroad, where Indian communities can be small, the ability to search a large pool of prospects is particularly compelling. In some ways, online dating is better-suited to brokering arranged marriages than love marriages. The characteristics used to pair people for an arranged marriage e.g., family background, caste, socioeconomic status are much easier to represent in a database and search than vaguely defined qualities like chemistry, which people often cite as a major factor in love relationships.

Meeting Women In Different Places

I think I read in a previous newsletter that you recommend not posting a picture. At the same time, I tend to avoid ads without pictures due to having one too many blind dates which ended with me throwing a stick and shouting fetch in order to distract her long enough to get away. Don't you think that by committing a picture on your ad, women might pass you up for the same reason Or am I mistaken

Wanna play the dating game Um lets see

You've gone to a movie and are now having a bite to eat at a restaurant make sure she pays for her movie and for her meal you don't want to be wasting your money until she has expressed her interest in you in a most convincing fashion - has had sex with you ) . Instead of letting the date drag on to that awkward time when she finally says she has to go home, maintain control of the evening you should be running patterns here, getting kino, making her feel connected to you, getting her horny and wet etc, but this whole dating advice is obviously intended for those lacking the appropriate skills ) . While the conversation is still good, while the date is still going well, announce that it's getting late and it's time to go. Tell her that you enjoyed the evening what a lie, your goal wasn't to stuff your stomach and see a movie, your goal was to tongue her down, make her horny like she'd never been and give her the orgasm of her life ) and that you are...

Tip 25 Consider Dating Agencies

Dating agencies are not a recent phenomenon they have been around on one form or another for centuries. In strict faith societies the dating agency may be viewed as the parents where they are the introducers of a prospective marriage partner through another set of parents. We often live in apartment communities where the neighbour is as much a stranger as the man in the street. Combine this with long working hours, stressful careers, busy diaries and the need for rest and recuperation and there are far fewer outlets for dating agencies than before. Indeed many would argue that the modern dating agency is in fact the workplace first and foremost with the after work bar a close second. A couple of decades ago I remember the dating agencies of old appearing in magazine single page ads where one was asked to list preferences for a partner together with simple multiple choice boxes about what we liked to do in our spare time. For me that was the epitome of the original modern dating...

Where to Meet Women to Date

Meeting women that you would actually want to date and, maybe eventually, bring home to meet mom and dad, isn't as hard as it sounds. There is, of course, the singles scene out in the bars and clubs all over town but I don't recommend that one. It's not that just bad girls go to bars it's that it is hard to tell the good ones from the bad one. You meet women at work, too, but there again, I don't recommend dating them. The problem with that is that, if things don't work out, you will still have to work together and the situation could be awkward to say the least.

Nightclubs vs other places to meet girls

(Adapted from Ross Jeffries' newsletter) Bars, night-clubs and night spots Well, if you want to waste you're money, go ahead. Women in these places are far more uptight, far more likely to be very picky about who'll they'll talk to, and plus you'll probably have to spend some money to get in or stay in. Far better places to meet girls are libraries, parks, coffee-shops and various spots around college campuses. Should you still be a college student yourself and have access to college-premises - boy are you (and all the college-girls you have access to in luck. Think back a minute to when YOU were in college or high school. Did you enjoy studying Did you like cramming Or would you welcome virtually any opportunity to put the damn book down and do something more fun, like talk to an interesting, mesmerising stranger

Online Dating Service

If all else fails, join a good online dating service. You will meet a lot of eligible women. You can read their profiles and see pictures of them. After you get to know one well enough to ask her for a face-to-face meeting, be sure that you plan the meeting during daylight hours and in a public place. Men aren't the only ones who are predators, you know. People aren't always who the say they are online so just be careful. Oh, and if one of them ask you for money, don't give it to her and don't continue to chat with her either - she is a gold digger. Recommended dating site http www.Adultfriendfinder.com One last thought on the subject of meeting women you are a good looking guy and women will love to date you no matter where you meet them but you will enjoy dating women that you have things in common with.

In online dating there are two major venues writing to other people or waiting for them to write to you

On general dating sites, the person who writes usually picks up the bill - one cannot send letters to other members without paying for premium membership. On Russian dating sites, women don't pay. Whether you want to place your own profile or write to women, it will be you who has to fork up.

Tip 16 Where to meet women

Since I need to meet many women (500, remember ) I'd use a variety of approaches simultaneously Online dating Changing my routine so that I run into new people during the day Using all 5 of those approaches I should have no problem meeting women. Whatever happens, don't give up. Persistence is key.

Opening Lines for Internet Dating

Not having to deliver it in person is the best thing about your opening line for Internet dating. If you want to ooze charm like James Bond but your delivery is more Mr Bean, this is your opportunity to pull it off Because the recipient can't hear the intonation in your voice, words and humour really are crucial for Internet dating. Tailor your response to the style of ad they've written and use similar themes, for example

Day 3 Special Guests And Meeting Women Online

Section 1 Meeting Women Online Meeting Women Online MEETING WOMEN WITH THE PERSONALS You're a woman who's tired of playing the dating game, meeting guys at bars, or whatever and you think Hey, maybe I should place a personal ad and see if I can meet a nice guy. So you get online and see an ad for a free trial at a personal ad site,

Stages of Online Dating

Match Com Physical Attraction Test

We can divide the steps that users take as they use online dating systems into three major tasks describing themselves, discovering other people, and communicating with selected others. Because dating systems differ within these tasks, but almost universally have the three tasks in common, I will describe approaches to the tasks separately rather than trying to categorize sites holistically. I will also give examples of sites that employ each approach some sites offer more than one approach for the same task. These lists are meant to be representative, using well-known sites, not exhaustive. As with the Web in general, there are too many online dating sites opening and closing every day to craft a comprehensive list. Most online dating systems construct personal profiles by asking users to describe themselves directly. They request demographic and personal information, including age, sex, sexual orientation, location, marital status, children at present, child-bearing aspirations,...

Experiential Online Dating

The focus of online dating systems on explicit self-description and deliberate dating-oriented interactions feels forced to some users. New designs for dating systems could facilitate interaction through mutual exploration, play, or creation collaborative story-writing, puzzles, virtual environments to wander together.

Online Dating in Japan

In Japan, usually a society quick to adopt new social technologies, online dating has been tainted nearly from its introduction by allegations of teenage prostitution through the services. In a practice euphemistically known as enjo kosai, or 'compensated dating,'the victims offer sexual services in exchange for money or gifts. 'Awaiting messages from high school girls short of pocket money,'wrote a male visitor to a dating site. Police claim this practice leads to criminal assaults, mostly against teenage girls. According to Japanese police, nearly 800 crimes in the first half of 2002 were related to online dating (Sydney Morning Herald 2002). Teenagers' access to online dating services is made easier by the proliferation of Internet-capable mobile phones.

Where to meet girls

A word of warning about personals - they will never get you the experience of actually approaching and getting the attention of the woman you want because a meeting arranged through personals simply skips this important phase. So although meeting women this way might feel easier initially, ultimately you will never learn the skills that really make the difference - tony Update. A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries

Blind Dates

One step up from a personal ad, a blind date can be either a godsend or the last time you ever speak to the friend who set you up. Married people are notorious for trying to fix up their single friends, with all the best of intentions. If nothing else, a blind date is a crash course on what your friends think you'd be interested in. Keep these rules in mind 1 Rule 2 Get to know your blind date (at least a little) on the phone first. You can save both of you some time and money by getting to know each other a little first (see Rule 3 for the type of info you want to get).

Casual Dating

This letter is meant to revive casual dating with you young males a practice that used to be followed by most, yet one that is strangely absent today. Casual dating does not mean commitment. It will not limit your freedom. It will not interfere with the pursuit of life and joy, two of which we hold as one. Dates are fun Even if there is no chemistry or not a lot to talk about, getting together puts you out there. It makes us feel like normal young people who do the normal dating things. The first date will give you a much better idea as to whether or not the girl is worth your time. If the date went well, don't smother the girl. It's definitely nice to give her a call a few days after your date, but don't act like the two of you married One date, or even a few dates, does not mean life-long commitment. The goal here is casual dating hanging out on an occasional basis and having fun. Although dating may lead to a relationship, it doesn't have to. Understandably,...

Every Common Situation

Of course, if you would like to take a look at the Teacher's Edition of the high-school algebra book and learn some of the secrets that it's taken me literally YEARS to learn, then I'd recommend that you download a copy of my online eBook Double Your Dating. It's full of literally DOZENS of the very best ideas for taking things from one step to the next. Just go to now and download your copy. It's the very best investment you can make in your dating success.

Are you socially IN or socially OUT

The primary shortcut is that you make her demonstrate that she needs to gain your trust. Understand that the woman often starts out with the posture of a person who needs to be warmed up and coaxed into trusting you. This is how men are put on the defensive all the time when they approach a woman. She acts a little insulated and distant from you, as if she's trying to remember if she's seen you on an FBI mug shot somewhere before, and then you feel a sense of guilt, as if she might be right. You fell into this trap way back when you first started meeting women, and she knew that she had this control up her sleeve. She's got what you want, so she feels justified in making you prove yourself to her.

On Getting Women To Come Home With

And, if you're NOT at the point where you are confident in your skills, then you need to get my online eBook Double Your Dating , and read every single page. It will teach you all the secrets your mom and dad never told you about and show you how to have success with women that you only dreamed possible. DATING TIP REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY ATTRACTS WOMEN We all know what Reverse Psychology is, right Try this one on In my book Double Your Dating I dedicate an entire section describing the exact character traits and techniques that help to separate you from all the other

Trajectories Of Disclosure

After users identify someone they like, they can contact the person through a private messaging system.Typically, these systems function like simple Web-based email clients. This is the venue in which much of the initial self-disclosure occurs in online dating. Popular advice columns and books about online dating often suggest

Hours R 2 Fast Seconds R 2

and if you want to learn all of MY very best secrets and techniques, then you MUST download a copy of my online eBook Double Your Dating . It's jam packed with all of the things it's taken me literally YEARS to learn about how to make women feel ATTRACTION for you. I did the trial-and-error thing. I tried all kinds of stuff. In fact, I've probably tried more different ideas for meeting women than anyone I know. Well, as you can imagine, I developed some pretty amazing techniques for meeting women, getting emails and phone numbers, taking things to a physical level, and everything in between. My eBook Double Your Dating is the best of the best of those ideas, all explained in detail. I personally use every idea, concept, and technique in that book in my own personal life. It's not a bunch of BS techniques cut and pasted together. now and download your copy. It's the best possible investment you can make in your dating future. DATING TIP GETTING OVER FEAR OF WOMEN

Narrow Purpose and Broad Purpose Communities

Most traditional online dating sites facilitate narrow-purpose community. They offer tools for finding people to date and communicating with them, but they tend not to provide tools for communicating in a broader context or establishing ties outside of a dating context. In addition, their marketing and on-site presentation of communication tools strongly suggest that the purpose of these sites is dating only, even if its tools could be used for other forms of interaction. In particular, the positioning of the private messaging system as a mechanism for contacting potential romantic partners likely discourages same-sex communication on heterosexual systems, even where it might facilitate friendship or prove otherwise beneficial.

Analysis Of Behavior On One Dating System

This introduction has provided a survey of diverse perspectives on attraction and online dating. In the second chapter, I present a quantitative analysis of the behavior of users on one online personals Web site. The analysis seeks to reveal the preferences of the users with respect to potential dating partners by examining whom they contact and with whom they converse from a set of 57,000 active users. In the third chapter, I consider the implications of these findings for the design of online dating systems. Specifically, I suggest elevating the importance of life course attributes in both search interfaces and matching algorithms to better reflect their great importance to users. Additionally, I note that many subsets of the population Finally, I propose new directions both for the design of online dating systems and for their further study. New designs might include mobile, in-context systems experiential tools for learning more about others and the incorporation of physiological...

Geographic Distribution

Two factors may account for this irregular distribution, and perpetuate it first, advertising by the company seems to target secondary urban and suburban markets rather than major coastal markets like New York and Los Angeles. Second, because online dating systems require a critical mass of users i.e., an adequate catalog of people to be useful, areas that reach critical mass will grow even faster, because their selection of potential mates continues to become more appealing, while areas without enough users will have comparatively more trouble recruiting new users. (Grounded in geography by the desire of users to meet others in person, online dating systems require critical mass in each area separately.)

Messages Exchanged A Proxy For Social Affinity

In the following section, I analyze the rate of transition to other channels for two reasons first, to understand its impact on the validity of private message volume as a proxy for social attraction, and second, because the frequency of transition to other channels is important to understanding how users handle the process of getting to know someone through an online dating system.

The Attraction Centric Model

There are two basic models for how men approach meeting women We men have been living in a dream that can roughly be described as something similar to the simulated reality in the movie The Matrix. The false reality that we live in is based on our biotogical and culturally programmed responses, combined with common sense and what our mom's taught us . Most men approach the topic of meeting women in a way that I call the CourtshipCentric Model , I'd like to describe this model, and then I'd like to propose a new model to you that I call the AttractionCentric Model

Designing for Distinct Populations

Thompson (2003) claims that designers of social software focus too much on building generalized systems for communication, exhibiting a desire for simplification and regimentation instead of seeking to understand complexity. In designing online dating systems, we must consider whether a single design can work for people variously seeking marriage, casual dates, casual sex, and friends. Perhaps a more articulated system for each purpose would better serve each population. It is likely that specific needs vary according to other groupings as well ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation. Already, some dating sites have specialized, adding population-specific details to their profiles and search options. The first site for a specific subpopulation was JDate, for Jewish users, which was founded by the rabbi who also created speed dating. In addition to providing a large pool of Jewish singles (who might be a small minority on many sites), JDate targets its population by allowing users to...

Justin Time and Justin Place

More recent efforts, like the Media Lab's Serendipity project (Eagle et al. 2004), attempt to fuse the social network concepts behind tools like Friendster with the just-in-time, just-in-place aspect of the Japanese devices. Serendipity uses location-aware mobile phones to identify friends of friends who might like to meet. Because it tracks user location with a central server, it avoids the problem of short-range, peer-to-peer devices that might never come in close enough proximity with another device. However, as it is deployed, it will still face the same critical mass problem than online dating Web sites have already overcome with Serendipity, one can identify only other Serendipity users. The success of systems like Serendipity, some of which are also being developed by online dating companies, is unclear as of this writing.

The Biology of Chemistry

This kind of information cannot be captured or conveyed by current technology and so cannot be shared with potential partners in an online dating environment. Online dating users cannot perceive pheromonal attraction until they meet in person, by which time they might have made a significant investment in terms of time or emotional energy with the other person. Although it is unclear exactly what the matching algorithm would be to discover pheromonally compatible pairs of people, it seems likely given the basis in genetics that at least a crude algorithm could be discovered given more empirical work. Technology will emerge to digitize biological signals like pheromones, enabling widespread collection of this information, which could be used for searching and matching. However, because it is uncertain how great a role pheromonal affinity plays in human attraction, we cannot be sure how much such information would improve the matching capabilities of online dating systems.

Picking out the Good Ones

The good thing about online dating is that you decide whether you're compatible based on conversation and common interests rather than physical appearance. Online daters often establish a friendship and learn to sustain a conversation before they meet in person. Many people find it easier to share personal details and express their inner thoughts with the anonymity of the internet, so it may feel as if you're truly getting to know one another faster than you ever would in real life. If you feel quite strongly about someone, it's best to meet sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you may build up your expectations quite high and be crushed when the other person doesn't fulfill them. The face-to-face meeting is the clincher for an online romance either the chemistry is there or it isn't. And I hate to say that, in the majority of cases, it simply isn't. But that's the gamble of online dating. You won't know until you meet

Appendix The Affect of Age on Seduction Interests

From here on out, she may range anywhere from still desiring children and or a husband, to enjoying casual dating and sex. Somewhere in the back of her mind, though, she still wants to find The One who will be her Prince Charming. She still believes in the myth, but she is now just more cynical about finding him.

Stop Trying To Buy Attention From Women

OR, you can download a copy of my eBook Double Your Dating . It comes with a bonus booklet called Bridges which contains my favorite ways to take things from one step to the next In my Los Angeles seminar last month, I included a whole section on meeting women online (to go along with the portion of the seminar where I TAUGHT everyone how to do it)

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Now there's an option It's called online dating. You may have seen movies like, You've Got Mail, Must Love Dogs, or Napoleon Dynamite. Online dating has made it to Hollywood, and it's here to stay. In 2004, in the U.S. alone, thirty to forty million people logged on to online dating sites each month. Over the year, they spent 469.5 million on these services. One of the largest online dating services, Match.com, boasts 15 million members over 32 countries and 18 languages. Like most other dating services, it posts the numerous success stories it receives, as if to say, Don't believe that online dating works Here's the proof The online dating services try to best one another with claims of success. Date. com boasts one marriage a week. Eharmony.com claims that it has the highest success rate, as measured by marriages per match, than any other service. Clearly, online dating services have a stake in your romantic success. Online dating sites offers many advantages over typical dating...

Attraction Attraction Attraction

If you want to learn dozens of other ideas to make women feel that ILLOGICAL GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION, then I would highly recommend that you download your copy of my online book Double Your Dating. You'll learn the secrets that have taken me YEARS to figure out, all in an easy, simple format that anyone can use to attract women. Just go to DATING TIP RIGHT AFTER YOU GET HER NUMBER DATING TIP What To Do RIGHT AFTER You Get Her Email Address And Or Phone Number and if you'd like to learn even more of my personal secrets, from psychology to specific techniques for all kind of situations, then I'd recommend that you download a copy of my online eBook Double Your Dating . Just go to DATING TIP WHEN TO CALL HER BACK DATING TIP How Long Should I Wait To Call Her Back Of course, if you'd like to get ALL of my best thinking on how to deal with different situations and make a woman feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION for you, then you need to read my book Double Your Dating . It's full of...

So Who IS This Carlos

Then, I had my epiphany, or great revelation. It came when I was dating women from the personal ads in Kansas City. I had met this cute art student who was doing creative landscaping for people's homes in the area. We had gone out one night for some drinks and had a good time. We came back to my apartment, and we were drinking some beer and talking when I had this insight. It was an a-ha moment that I'll never forget.

The Strategy of Self Presentation

Online dating systems function as economies of attention. Users compete for the time and effort of others to read their profiles and perhaps respond this promotes what we might call strategic communication, in which people tailor their self-presentation to display what they believe will help them achieve their objectives. One could claim that all communication is strategic to some degree, and in dating situations most people want to put their best face forward. However, in online dating, the potential for exaggeration or fabrication is much greater. At 5'8 , I cannot successfully claim to a person in my physical presence that I am 6'2 tall. But in my online personal ad, the deceit would be hard to detect. Even if we accept that dating situations often involve some exaggeration in the service of self-promotion, the degree to which it is possible through informationally impoverished channels, combined with the incentive to exaggerate in an environment of exaggerators, makes online...

Putting Too Much Importance On What The Woman Thinks Of You And What Happens In That Particular Situation

If you'd like to read more of my personal secrets for overcoming fear, including specific mental exercises and physical drills, then I'd recommend that you download a copy of my online eBook Double Your Dating . It's full of all my very best thinking on this and many other subjects about success with women. Dating Tip Q&A Answers To Common Questions About The Products This makes more sense, but the fact is that I actually left out some of the materials that I teach in Double Your Dating because I assume that you will have read my eBook before you make a bigger investment. Double Your Dating (my eBook) is kind of like a great first album from a new band it's really very raw and uncensored. It was me putting down on paper the very best ideas and techniques that I had learned, developed, and mastered over the few years that I had put into learning about women and dating. And in case you haven't been there lately, the main Double Your Dating page contains some great samples from my eBook....

Principle Line Them Up and Knock Them Down

The waterfall principle also works on another level, and you should be able to use this in your seduction method as well. When you use a lot of different methods to meet women, you'll find that you will build a pipeline of prospects. Some guys stick with just one method of meeting women - the one they're most comfortable with. But you need to use many to increase your success. It's the same as it is in sales. You work from several different prospecting pools and you will see your success rate increase. The more people you see, the more you sell. The more women you meet, the more sex you will get. Tap into as many methods of meeting women as you can work. Go wide and go deep, as the saying goes. Here are just a few of the possible methods of meeting women you can use in your method o Online dating services Make sure you get online as soon as you can and setup an account with an Internet dating service. It used to be that only guys used them, but now women are using them like never...


Online personal advertisements have shed their stigma as matchmakers for the awkward to claim a prominent role in the social lives of millions of people. Web sites for online dating allow users to post lengthy personal ads, including text and photos search the database of users for potential romantic partners and contact other users through a private messaging system. This work begins with psychological and sociological perspectives on online dating and discusses the various types of online dating Web sites. Next, it presents an analysis of user behavior on one site in particular, which has more than 57,000 active users from the United States and Canada. A demographic description of the population is given, and then 250,000 messages exchanged by the active users over an eight-month period are analyzed. An examination of which characteristics are bounding finds that life course attributes such as marital status and whether one wants children are most likely to be the same across the...


Jeana Frost and Mike Norton, for their insights into online dating. Introduction to Online Dating Human and institutional intermediaries for centuries have connected couples for romantic relationships. Matchmakers, video dating, newspaper personal advertisements, and speed dating vie for the faith and the money of their clients (Ahuvia & Adelman 1992). These services have historically served only a small subset of the single population the stigma of desperation and social awkwardness pervades popular accounts of their users (Ahuvia & Adelman 1992). Perhaps the stigma was not entirely incorrect Goodwin (1990) found that although users of a dating service in Britain equalled a control group in socioeconomic status, they lagged behind in dating skills. It makes sense that the small, elective population of a dating service would be self-selected for having difficulty meeting a romantic partner through traditional channels.

Is It Right for Me

If you have home internet access, are single, and would like to expand your dating possibilities, then online dating is for you It's that simple. The three biggest reasons that people don't use online dating services are as follows If you don't know enough about online dating to know whether it's right for you, this book will provide you with the information you need to make an educated choice. Online dating has gone mainstream, but it has branched into a hundred of specialized services along the way. There are online dating services just for fitness fanatics, for widows, for Christians, for Jews, for African-Americans, for professionals, for gays and lesbians You name it, there's a dating service for it. EVERYONE uses internet dating services young professional women, seniors, single dads, the list goes on. And why not Online dating is fun, harmless, and a great way to expand your social circle. Online daters come from all walks of life. They are just as likely to be social...


2) Do I address how to overcome this particular situation No, not specifically. You see, there are a set of beliefs that you will wind up working with, no matter what. Your physical situation (which I do not consider a disadvantage, just a challenge depending on your dating goals) is one that has its roots in many common beliefs among men. There are specific strategies to be employed. You never need to be short in spirit or mind, S. (Consider this Stephen Hawking has been married and remarried, and the man has been totally incapacitated for decades. There are women for EVERYONE.)

Perception of Others

With such care devoted to production of profiles, their consumption requires interpretation beyond literal comprehension. Users of online dating systems must learn through experience or perhaps from the advice of those more experienced how to read between the lines in the local culture, which varies from site to site. The identities of the various online dating sites arise from a combination of their marketing with the real attributes of their populations. eHarmony.com, which claims to match users based on personality compatibility, focuses more on marriage than most sites it sometimes bills itself as a Christian match-making service. Nerve Personals (and Spring Street Networks) arose from an eponymous online magazine about sex. As such, its marketing evokes dating and sex more than marriage. Some sites, like Match.com and Yahoo Personals, seem less targeted, with marketing that presents nonspecific images of romance. The conventional wisdom in online dating holds that you must attach...

About Confidence

In my eBook Double Your Dating I teach some of my own personal Self-Image exercises and other techniques for eliminating insecurity. In fact, Chapter 2 is all about the inner game and learning how to overcome some of these issues. If you haven't downloaded your copy yet, just go to and get it now. (Of course, it's also jam packed with techniques for meeting and dating women ) THE MAILBAG GREAT TECHNIQUES FOR MEETING WOMEN ***QUESTION*** When I go out to a club with the idea of meeting women, my main objective to get emails and phone numbers. That's it. when out with women(once a women told me I seemed false) and NONE of these get the reaction I get from using the material in your book. Oddly enough the only reason I didn't want to get the double your dating material in the beginning is because it wasn't as expensive as the other BS material I wasted so much money on, so I figured it can't be as good. I am in grad school right now and I realized after reading your newsletters(which had...

Catalogs of People

In mid-20th century America, the Sears Roebuck catalog provided almost every non-perishable good a person could want, all shipped to your doorstep. Online dating provides such a catalog of potential mates or dates, or sex partners. From the perspective of the individual, the prospectives seem bountiful this surplus surpasses the scale of a singles bar by several orders of magnitude. However, such a bounty demands a different cognitive approach than one would employ at a dinner party, for example. An intimate gathering allows one to discover others gradually, through social and environmental context and through conversation. Of course, we cannot help forming initial impressions based on superficial characteristics, but the organization and scale of such an event allow us to look past them. In online dating, users typically search and sort by relatively superficial characteristics, precluding interaction with anyone who does not meet the criteria the searcher specifies. Browsing a large...

How Does It Work

There are two kinds of online dating services matchmaking services, which use compatibility tests to match you up with potential beaus, and personals sites, which allow you to browse through all the profiles and contact whomever you please. Online dating services function as a business by offering memberships to people who want to use all the services they have to offer. Usually, they allow you to browse their database for free What clientele they cater to. If you are only interested a particular sort of partner someone with the same religion, ethnic background, or specific hobby then you may want to try one of the specialized dating services. There are services for people seeking serious, long-term relationship (such as Yahoo Personals Premium) and other services for people seeking casual hookups. There are services for seniors and services for single parents. These specialized services tend to have a smaller database but offer more chance of finding someone compatible with you. Take...

Getting Started

Once you've decided to try online dating and have chosen the site that most suits you, here is what you need to get started. 3. A quality digital photo of yourself. This is the image that will appear next to your profile. Online dating sites review photos before posting them and will reject profiles that don't meet their standards. Make sure that the photo is well-lit, of good quality, and shows your face clearly. You want to show potential dates what you look like so that there will be no surprises. Remember that the clock is ticking from the moment your photo goes online. The online dating community can be quite static, so people will be immediately interested in any newbies to the site. You want your first impression to be good. So put the time in and invest in your profile like you would a r sum .

Goals Of This Work

In taking an analytic approach to understanding how people use online dating systems, I have two primary goals 2. Inform the design of future online dating systems by providing them with information about what factors people actually consider when they make decisions about whom to contact and answer To achieve these goals, I analyzed data from one online dating system in particular. Through an agreement brokered by the Media Laboratory with an online dating Web site (the Site ), I obtained access to a snapshot of activity on the Site over an eight-month period, from June 2002 through February 2003. The data included users' personal profile information, their self-reported preferences for a mate, and their communications via the site's private message system with other users.

Hot and Cold

An example of a Hot contact would be a date setup where you both have friends in common, such as a blind date, or someone you've run into a few times but never stopped to flirt with. A Cold contact would be a woman you run into at the post office that you know nothing about and are meeting her for the first time.

What Next

Once you've and filled out your profile, you will have a waiting period while the dating service reviews your profile to make sure that it meets their standard. Most sites have a several-day lag in between the time you submit a photograph and it is uploaded onto the site, as they must review every single photograph for decency standards.

Design Implications

The behavioral analysis in the previous chapter can aide efforts to improve online dating systems in the future. First, we can use findings about which characteristics users rely on to make decisions about whom to contact to make simpler profiles that comprise only the truly salient information. Some descriptors are noise more than signal they clutter the profile with information that users do not need, and they attract attention that might otherwise be spent on more salient attributes. Moreover, to the degree that dating sites use all of their profile information, even the extraneous, to perform automated matching, we can make the matching process more accurate by weighting more heavily those features that users deem relevant through their actions in studies like this. Specifically, it appears that descriptors relating to life course are among the most important pieces of information to learn about a prospective partner. Online dating systems should bring this information to the...

Comparative Analysis

The populations of online dating systems are as diverse as the sites themselves. The users of the Site examined in this work consist of only Americans and Canadians. Most of the active users appear to reside in rural, suburban, and secondary urban areas major urban areas like New York and Los Angeles appear to be under-represented. But the exact nature of the differences is not important the result is that the users and activity on this Site, or any one site, do not necessarily represent those of users elsewhere. We cannot assume that the specific results in the present study, even though they draw from a large set of users and interactions and thus have great statistical power, will hold for other sites and other populations. An important part of the research agenda should be the comparison of different online dating sites their

When Should We Meet

The online dating world is a bit of a free-for-all, where there are few clear lines on etiquette. Though some believe that you should respond to every email sent to you, even if it's just a gentle rejection, other people have told me that they don't have time to write back to everyone who writes them. They just pick out the most promising and go from there.


What I already told you You have to really use it and work it. No half-assed attempts. No read-once and hit the casinos like James Bond. Read this book several times, develop your attitude and charm, and use this power. When you understand the principles, you are then free to carry that attitude into your dating life.

In Conclusion

My exploration of behavior in online dating environments raises more questions than it answers. Each statistic begs for comparison with other online dating systems, with different populations and different interactional tools. The numerical results have human stories behind them that will require a complementary qualitative approach to unravel. Of course, the real question is what people are looking for in a partner, whether for a night, a date, or a lifetime. Online dating systems provide a copious amount of raw behavioral data that might improve our understanding of people's complex goals in this arena, which will in turn help us improve the systems themselves. The task of those who will research and design online dating systems in the future is to help people find what they really want, or at least what they think they want the people who succeed will gain the satisfaction of making a lot of people just a little bit happier. Farnham, S. &J. Riegelsberger. Social Engineers Enabling...

No No No No No

You'll learn a lot. I am a 39 year old guy and am still single because of a lot of personal problems I went thru in the early and mid 1990s (nothing too serious-wasn't arrested, didn't go bankrupt, wasn't psycho, etc). Now that all of this is in the past, I've been venturing out into the dating scene again. As I'm more serious about finding a relationship, I prefer women in their 30s and early 40s. My question is this Do you think that the cocky and funny routine works on women in their 30s and 40s too It seems to me that women of this age group who are divorced single do not want to play games as much. I'm not looking to play games either.


It's the best investment you can make in your dating future and it comes with my 100 no-hassle money-back guarantee. If you're not THRILLED with your investment, just email and ask for a refund. It's that simple and I'm that confident that you're going to love it. DATING TIP NICE GUYS FINISH DATE-LESS Q&A With David D. Why Being A Nice Guy Doesn't Work When It Comes To Dating And What To Do About It separated for over a year before I got divorced. Having been out of the dating scene for so long I was pretty much clueless (a lot has changed). I've always been a very funny guy and cocky to an extent, but in many ways what you would consider a wuss . I've always considered myself a nice guy, considerate, caring, etc. You know, how mother taught you to be. I've realized that those qualities are great of course, but don't help a lot in the dating scene. Once I started more of the cocky routine, it's been amazing. Like I said, I've always been funny so I guess...

You Walked Away

As I mentioned above, the first step is to read my book Double Your Dating . That's the best head start I can give you. Just go to DATING TIP DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ATTRACTION AND AFFECTION If you've been reading my newsletters, and you've read my book Double Your Dating , then there's a good chance that somewhere along the way you've said to yourself Does this guy think that long-term relationships are healthy OK, here's the plug If you haven't downloaded your copy of my book Double Your Dating , then get to it Go to

Social Context

Online personals, on the other hand, eliminate most social context. We might consider the online dating site itself a social context, but most such sites have no provision for social interaction outside the goal-directed search and communication activities intended for meeting potential partners. Other kinds of interaction, which might lead to the formation of broader-purpose bonds, are not facilitated. Without a social context in which interactions might be embedded, users can misbehave with fewer consequences than in an offline dating milieu word of their misbehavior will likely never reach their offline friends, and the unfortunate dating partner can be wiped from the email record and blocked from future communication with a few clicks. It is also true, however, that online personals cut across offline social contexts. These systems introduce users who would never meet through face-to-face channels because their social contexts do not overlap indeed, online dating bridges social...

Ethnographic Study

Online dating is not an isolated act users integrate these systems into their lives for various purposes and lengths of time. Examining only the online portion of a user's behavior provides an incomplete picture of the total experience. Longitudinal study of people who use online personals will answer questions about the connection between relationships fostered through the Internet and the user's offline social milieu. In this area, no existing work moves beyond anecdote. We do not know how users think about and relate to the people they meet via online personals does the fading cultural stigma affect perceptions of their dates We do not know how satisfied people are with their dates, whether they live up to expectations. We do not know how the process of searching and meeting in person repeatedly shapes the user's approach to using dating systems. Questions like these require in-depth, long-term study of online dating users.

Analytic Work

Finally, the present work can be extended and supplemented by further analysis of the Site I have studied and by similar analysis of other systems. Few data sets provide such a wealth of information about human romantic interaction. With such a large number of cases, too, statistical analyses are extraordinarily sensitive even to small effects. This requires us to consider strength as well as significance, but with a hypothesis in mind, subtle effects can be detected. The disadvantage of large-scale quantitative analysis alone, of course, is that it misses the experiential facet of online dating, which is needed to complete our understanding of the process. One topic not addressed here is searching behavior I have discussed what characteristics actually seek, but we do not know whether their searching processes support finding what users appear to want. Also, users' behavior before they quit the dating site either explicitly, or implicitly by not showing up for a long time might yield...

Experimental Work

Norton, Frost, and Ariely (2004) have begun to conduct experiments with online dating scenarios to determine how users perceive others in these environments. Studies like theirs are important for establishing rigorously the psychology at work when users evaluate and communicate with potential partners online. Post hoc analyses such as the present work, and indeed any natualistic observation, have the advantage of context, but they lack the rigor of laboratory experiments with controlled conditions.

Initiate Educate Perservere

You will practice meeting women, you will talk to them, and you will undoubtedly face rejection, especially in the beginning. You must persevere through failure and rejection and continue to experiment and initiate You will realize that each failure can only lead to greater success

Thoroughly Modern Dating

Navigating today's dating scene Recording your dating life My hen the For Dummies folks called about a revision to my original Dating For Dummies book, now several years old, I originally thought that not all that much had changed about dating Dating, after all, is still about two people who are interested in one another and want to get together at a specific time and place. It's not like we're talking rocket science here. Since the original fix-up you know, the one between Adam and Eve (who had the advantage of the ultimate Matchmaker) dating has evolved. With the familiar United States version less than 100 years old, the guy is often (but not always) the one who asks and pays, and couples still face the tension of possible sex at the end of the evening. However, after some reflection about the dating scene I concluded that the last six or seven years have indeed significantly altered the dating landscape, and anything that alters that landscape is certainly going to alter dating...

How is this book different than The Rules or other systems with women

Other purported systems for dating women are usually based on a faulty premise - that there is a single rule for all circumstances, and that the man and woman can interact independently of the other. There is no single rule, and male-female interactions are always a Dynamic. However, there are many common themes, and these can be understood. I seek to give you the fundamental understanding of the situations you are most likely to find yourself in, and why you are in it. You need to consider the pathology - the deviation from a normal condition - of your circumstances. Once you understand these basics, you can often figure out what to do on your own, using a little critical thinking. Often times, you'll still need an example, and this program provides those as well.

Gadgets gadgets everywhere

Online dating Even when Internet dating was in its infancy, I understood the advantage and disadvantages of the computer as cupid in a word, dramatically increasing the pool of potential dates, as well as offering options, which is never a bad thing. It gives people an opportunity to meet people from different social circles, creating the delightful sense that somebody wonderful is just around the corner (as long as one is able to resist endless corner peering). Then as now, it's important to online date for a minimum amount of time before going in-life. My basic rule of thumb is that you should have no more than a couple of e-mail chats and phone calls over a couple of weeks before you meet somebody face to face. The last time I checked, literally millions of people are online dating. On a more personal level, I know 12 couples who met online (not all of whom have admitted to having allowed a computer to match make).

Dont expect immediate success without failure

Every man experiences rejection it is part of the entire process. Hell, it's part of life Every failure leads to a greater success. Remember the more practiced you are at approaching and meeting women, the more confident you will become. This ultimately leads to a higher success rate with women Don't get discouraged if you get shut down - consider it her loss. With each rejection, you have to be able to regroup, move on, and apply the lessons learned. You will learn your dating goals in Chapter 2. These goals will be the basis for your dating strategies. Visualize your goals and make it your priority to meet these goals.

When youre confident enough to date

You want to know how much anxiety is okay and how much is too much, right Not an unreasonable request since dating really can drain the confidence banks. If you're feeling really rocky on your feet, stabilize before you venture forth. Don't wait till everything is ducky, although ducky times are the very best times to get yourself out there. Clinging to someone for dear life isn't sexy or stable enough to work for any length of time, and the only people you'll attract in times of trouble are control freaks who really want and need to call all the shots. Also, don't look for a parent figure or someone as a crutch to lean on when you're starting the dating game, or you will find that dating is not at all fun and not a game but a desperate bid for survival. Check out Chapter 32 for a list of times when you should not try dating.

Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know

The good and the bad. I've joined dating services, done the singles bars, online dating, placed personals, and attended speed-dating. I'm here to give you knowledge from experience - 20+ years of dating. I've made many mistakes, and I've had a lot of success. The truth is, I learned more from the failures, so I wrote this to save you some of that pain and give you all of the gain. I feel I have a gift of perception, to see the dynamics that evolve between men and women, and I want to spread this word so that men and women will both benefit.

The Principle Of Truth

At the risk of sounding like one of the Pundits, I propose that the first place you should start working be on your own self-esteem. This will be the topic of the first section. The reason this is so important is that ultimately your happiness is not dependent on having a woman in your life. It's not her, really it's how she makes you feel about yourself. The reverse is also true, as we'll explore in female psychology review. The more you feel good about yourself before you start meeting and dating women, the more success you'll have, and the better prepared you'll be for when things get difficult.

Lesson Four Taking Inventory

Fortunately, that's easier than it sounds. Because most men do so badly with women, you can move well ahead in line with only a modest boost in your dating and mating skills. Life grades on the curve. And that means you're judged on a relative basis, not an absolute one. You can do a lot better with women simply because much of the competition is incompetent. We've got some good news for you A large number of your dating competitors don't run very fast. And you need only to outrun them.

Turning your fantasy self to reality

Answering the following questions in your dating notebook (see Chapter 1) is the place to start. Then you have to decide whether you want to do the work, practice different behaviors, learn new skills, be more honest. Change isn't easy, but it can be very worthwhile to lighten up, become more informed, become more assertive, tune more into others, be more (or less) aware of yourself, and so on. When you think about fantasies, think about both long- and short-term time frames your perfect lunch vs. your perfect vacation vs. your perfect home vs. the school you'd like your unborn children to attend. What would you and your fantasy date do on your first date, your second anniversary, your second decade, your second grandchild

Comparing yourself to others

While you're at it, don't compare yourself to the homecoming court either, male or female, or to your next-door neighbor or your older or younger sibs or your parents' wedding picture. You are who you are, and if you want to do a little fine-tuning there, fine. (That's not to say, of course, that you can't change and grow, and I'm not even against plastic surgery, but not before your first date, please. Know yourself, like yourself, and work on yourself.)

How Does Your Blood Smell

The curious thing is that there's doesn't seem to be any similar capability among males. We're programmed primarily to look for the visual signs of healthy child-bearing capability in the women we find attractive i.e., youthfulness, 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio, large breasts, etc. However, it's interesting to note that women, too, are programmed just like men to seek out the perfect partner for procreation, it's just that their sensory apparatus makes their detection methodology different. Since men use vision we can stand back and make all the assessments we need to make remotely from a distance. Women, though, need to get in close and actually get a whiff of a man. Imagine that This whole thing becomes especially complicated in modern life because clothing and deodorant soaps and colognes can interfere with her olfactory assessment, in effect masking our true genetic nature from her. This is why it might take several dates, and probably a casual encounter where she can get a sniff of...

Escaping parental haunting

The solution to parental haunting is to figure out how your parents acted, figure out what you wanted them to do differently, and determine how, logically, you can fix it so that this pattern of behavior doesn't control your dating behavior. Since you're old enough to read and think about dating, you have some patterns to go on. Even if this is your very first dating experience, you've talked to the opposite sex, fantasized, and interacted. In this section, you look at those patterns (this is also good information to put in your dating notebook)

Tip 1 Get prepared for dating

If you really want to succeed in the dating game, decide who you are looking for, do your research and be ready to commit to dating. Half-heartedness won't work. Also prepare for some let downs along the way but don't take dating too seriously either. It is easy to dismiss such instances as people on the rebound, or making excuses but the fact is, about 33 of all people on the dating scene are not really prepared for dating and are free styling it. This is particularly important if you have been out of the dating game for some time. Make sure you know what your dating aims are Remember that when getting into the dating scene you need to be strong and have your wits about you. You need to be on form and in positive mood. You need to be ready to have fun and be entertaining and able to give of yourself.

Tip 3 Get your image right

Therefore turning up for your first date in a comfy sweatshirt or sports top may make you feel relaxed but it shows absolute contempt for your date who has spent the best part of the last two hours getting ready for your squalid self. Get a grip man. Finally, remember that your efforts will be appreciated even if nothing is ever said. In one short phrase, first impressions count. Tip 4 -- Sort out your dating goals. Have a good think about what your dating goals are and timescales. Do you see yourself married within 2 years If you do then approach dating accordingly.

Making up for missed opportunities

Undeterred, Julia bought herself a computer and got online. She met various people on everything from forums to dating sites. She loved being able to 'chat' with people who had the same interests as her without the awkward introductions she could just slip into a group and be part of it. She met a couple of the men she'd been chatting to, but felt no spark, despite being attracted to their online personas. Eventually, she met a guy with whom she had mutual chemistry, and five years down the line she has lots of online friends and is getting married. You can always meet new people and find your perfect partner you just have to create opportunities where they don't already exist.

The Myth of Game Playing

So why are women so hung up on the fear of dating strategies First, women are emotionally attached to the fairytale romance part of the process, and they thrive on the drama of dating. Women know on an intuitive level that they are more in command of the dating process since these strategies are already built into their psychology. They don't understand that they are already using strategies and tactics on men every day, whether as defenses or as a method to achieve control. Men, who are already expected to take on the brunt of the risks and initiation in dating, want some kind of game plan to work with. They're tired of making the same mistakes and wondering why women have all the power in the dating world.

Tip 11 Use the Internet to Date

Do join a quality Internet dating agency for free and do post a photo profile if possible. Even if you never date online at least it will boost your confidence and spirits and allow you to Practise your opening lines and chat up skills. Internet dating is fun and secure and introduces you to the world of dating safely and gently. I would never advocate selecting just a single specialist-dating site at first because you really are putting all your eggs in one basket. Most dating sites have security and privacy policies and those that don't are best avoided. By security we mean that they vet their members, they have policies and terms of use allowing people to be removed, or barred from the site. The very best dating sites will be aware particularly of women's issues when dating online and will have a positive policy allowing women members to block those who they do not wish to communicate with, without repercussions. Email should always be a private affair when dating online and the...

Tip 15 Avoid the Wrong Types

On your first date you will not be able to spot a liar if they are any good because you will have no time to go over what you have been told, it will only become clear over time. The risk is that by the time you discover the awful truth (whatever it is) you may have already fallen for them.

The Series of Key Languages and How to Approach Them

The second stage is forcing yourself to abandon your old habits and trying something new - like initiating conversation differently when meeting women by replacing the genuine Hi, how are you with something sarcastic, funny, or sassy, just to see how it starts a different dynamic.

Tip 27 Buy your date a small gift

You should not then buy further presents until your dating evolves over the next 3 months. If a birthday arises then buy the other dinner as a treat and perhaps the smallest of dating gifts. If Christmas or a religious festival arises in this early period again keep it small and personal.

Your Failed Commitment to Suffering the Journey

It's important to understand that all of this psychobabble is only a prelude to the nuts and bolts of meeting women -- because no amount of technical training will do any good if the subconscious basis for your aberrant behaviors are not searched out, hunted down and stomped into submission by way of your own determined personal self-analysis. The things I've shown you were mostly dug out of my own fucked-up skull and

You look stunning approach

One of the best approaches I've ever used for meeting women is just to be incredibly direct, but also VERY low key. This combination exerts an almost HYPNOTIC fascination. So, for example, if I spot a woman I find attractive, in a low-key, but direct way, I'll walk up to her and say,

Tip 6 Expand Your Social Circle

When you go out to meet women in a bar or a club (or even to women on the street for that matter), you're doing cold approaches. In other words, you're trying to meet women you have no prior social relationship with. This is why meeting women in these environments is so hard, because the women have to go through the process of determining if you're a creep or not, if you're cool or not, if you're someone they might like, etc. The more friends you have, the more inroads you have into meeting women. So if you can continually expand your social circle, you'll always be meeting women. When you're single, meeting women can be a real chore. Seriously, it almost gets to the level of being a full time job. But if you go out with ulterior motives to meeting women, like going to a club because there's a band there you want to see, etc., you put yourself in a position where you can enjoy yourself whether you meet women or not.

DONT Talk About Other Women

Third, you do not want to be discussing other women with your new date if you are seeing more than one woman. This can be a touchy subject for some women, so it is best left alone. If it comes up in conversation, simply brush it off as casual dating. Try to avoid that discussion in the early dating stages with a new woman. You want to increase your chances of getting this woman into bed, not lose out because of your big mouth.

Where Women Can Be Found

There are many different places and ways to meet women. This chapter discusses ways you'll make yourself more available to different types of women, and how you can target the type of woman you desire. Remember, this chapter covers many different approaches to meeting and dating women. Not all approaches may appeal to you, but it never hurts to try everything once.

Rule 2 Pick an activity that you can easily afford

I have a friend who likes to rent a limo and take first dates to the opera and then out for a fancy dinner. All this works out to a 500 first date. Then he wonders why women are always using him. Puh-leeeze. It's much better to start small and build so that your date assumes you're more invested in both of you together instead of showing off.

Organized Dating Groups

Organized dating services can be great, provided they aren't too expensive. You shouldn't waste your time and money on telephone dating hotlines, or on classified personals, because you can't see what you're getting involved with. It's better to have a photo of her or to interact casually with a woman before actually asking her out. We all know that looks are important, especially when looking for a woman you are attracted to There are also many online dating communities to join. You can chat, exchange photos, and get to know women without actually meeting them. The Internet is a great place to practice hitting on women where there are no egos involved. Who cares if you offend her She simply won't write you anymore. If you have an Internet connection, this is a great low-risk place to practice. It is also a great way to narrow your search by process of elimination however, you still can't be sure of what you're getting.

Rule 9 Do something that doesnt involve highticket others

High-ticket others include friends, family, exes, kids, animals, or colleagues. Audiences are fine if you're an actor giving a performance. They are tricky if you're trying not to perform and just be, which is the point of a date. If your first date involves your parents, sibs, workmates, or people who know you and love you, the date is going to feel like an audition. You don't need other people's opinions at this point. (If you don't have enough confidence in your abilities and think you do need the opinions of a bunch of other people, you ought not to be dating yet.) Later on, when the two of you know each other and feel a bit more solid, showing each other off and getting feedback from your friends (always a bit dicey) may be cool, but for heaven's sake, not yet.

Exploring First Date Ideas

Some places and events lend themselves to successful first dates, and others practically scream, What could I be thinking To help you tell one from the other would you believe that Valentine's Day is a first date no-no read the following sections. If your first date is fun and relaxed, you're home free. Worst-case scenario, you may end up friends rather than potential lovers, but a casual approach decreases the probability that the two of you will be unhappy enough with each other to end up enemies.

Step 1 Dont surrender to your shame

Remember, you are deeply ashamed to be displaying any sort of need for affection -- that's why meeting women is so difficult for you. But recall how I said that the only way to get beyond your shame is to go straight through it You've been trying to zig-zag your way around it for your entire miserable life and look where it's gotten you. Nowhere. Now do it my way

Looking at every daters fears

Everyone who dates feels anxiety or stress sooner or later (usually sooner). After all, dating isn't meant to be boring. In earlier sections, I explain the source of stress and give you techniques for coping with it. In this section, I identify the fears experienced by anyone who has dallied in the dating world so that you'll know that you're not the only one beset by insecurities and worries. Then I give some tips for dealing with these fears.

What to Talk About on a Date

Your dating conversation will be made up of you both asking and answering questions. If you ask the right questions, your partner is going to have fun. If you ask the wrong questions, they are going to ditch you. If you are evasive or less than honest when answering her questions, she is going to ditch you quicker. Important Questions are powerful. Funny thing is that when a person is asked a direct question they somehow feel obligated to answer it. Here are some conversation starter question ideas for your first date

Tip 23 Dont let her imagined boyfriend situation stop you from making a move

Face it, who but only the fattest, ugliest blobs don't you imagine to already have a boyfriend when you look at them and wonder if you should give it a shot Almost all really great looking women are involved with some guy most of the time, but not every one of them is involved seriously, and that's why it's impossible to predict who you really ever have a chance with. Attractive women don't spend a great deal of their time floundering around alone between relationships (like us nerdy social cowards). They are usually seeing some guy or another, even if it's just a casual dating deal -- always testing to see if he could be the 'one'. A beautiful woman's dating and mating dilemma does not consist of finding someone -- anyone -- to go out with her. Her problem is locating a suitable male that she can trust to bond with and seek total emotional fulfillment. She has the sexual goods to go searching around for that knockout soulmate who can give her the kind of terrific life she desires,...

Ending the Date Gracefully

Pacing yourself may seem like a waste of time if you and your date have clicked from the start. But in the long run, it's always better to leave them wanting more than feeling like it was just this side of too much. Assuming your date has gone well (if it hasn't, see Chapters 15, 16, or 17), you want the end of your first date to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, not the grand finale of one memorable night.

Get Used To Saying Things You Might Not Mean

Some guys get to a point in their lives where their disgust with the dating game with women overflows into their social life. They start to really hate all the fakeness and other game playing in life. To some degree this is good. It's better to be real than a phony who just says what he thinks to make everyone happy. You may not always like to do it, but it will help your social and dating life immensely.

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