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Marriage or an exclusive long-term relationship with a woman has become, in our western society, an ugly affair for men.

The changing process from a patriarchal society to a post-modern society, which includes women's liberation, has kept the subservient mental state of men but it has taken away all the advantages men used to have from being a husband and the head of the family.

Getting married, being faithful to only one woman has become a one-way affair from which everyone but men gains an advantage. Maybe this is not completely true yet for some south European countries and other traditional countries such as those in the Arab world, but it is absolutely true for the majority of the most industrialized cities, of countries of Western Europe, of the United States and of the Scandinavian countries, where the legislation about divorce and the custody of children and the rights over economic properties is for sure and by far unfavorable to men.

In practice marriage and divorce legislation in many of these countries is still based on the subservient frame, but without the men receiving any advantage anymore from being a faithful husband and from taking care of the family.

If a man goes to bed with other women, he is a pig. If he wants to make love with his own woman he is still a pig.

The situation must be put as soon as possible by men into a new, less unfavorable context.

My book and the lifestyle I teach you in it are the answer to this. My book teaches you with extreme efficiency how to change this context without having to resort to such primitive means such as force or having to enter in conflict with others.

In practice men continue - pushed by an invincible biological instinct - to want to protect women financially and emotionally but they have stopped receiving and claiming the advantages related to being a husband, for fear of being put into the pillory as oppressors and chauvinists.

Women have reacted by continuing to receive advantages and secretly thinking: "But look what an idiot, he gives me everything and he doesn't take anything for himself."

And how could a woman respect and feel erotic interest for a man who let himself be trampled on? The woman's reaction is perfectly understandable from any point of view.

This leads to a situation where, if a woman betrays her husband with a dozen men from the neighborhood and then divorces her husband taking away in the process half of his property - maybe even more - media and society portray it as: "A woman who has finally fulfilled herself and freed herself from the oppression of a chauvinist male, finally free in her adult sexuality."

If a man betrays his wife with a dozen women from the neighborhood he soon becomes: "An oppressor, a chauvinist pig who can't understand his wife's emotional needs and who must now pay the price for his behavior."

This leads to a situation where, if he wants to make love with his wife for a bit more than once a month and even apologizes for his desire, he soon becomes a "pig obsessed with sex" or has a "mono-mania" as one of my lovers here in Helsinki once said of men, or he is granted sex provided that he behaves in a sweet and polite manner with his wife and then he finds out later that his wife went to bed with a Hell's Angels motorcyclist, who treats her like a bitch.

This happens because the primordial instincts of both men and women are always there where they are and are no longer in agreement with the social reality in which we live, men have the instinct to protect a woman and women have the instinct to be protected by a man with only one purpose: the offspring.

In addition the modern woman is in a schizophrenic situation: she wants a beta man who respects, protects her, and treats her sweetly and at the same time is a strong, tough, erotically aggressive man, capable of taking her and making her feel herself a woman.

Even a child understands that a warrior cannot be transformed into a sheep and vice versa.

Women should choose: either the warrior or the sheep. In any case instincts always choose for them and they always end up choosing the warrior.

The creation of a context in which men are "the guilty party pre-eminently" is the main mean by which women transform Alpha men into beta thereby securing control over them. However, this goes against a woman's own sexuality because she can't feel passion for a man who allows himself to be put into such a pathetic state!

Once you reach the status of High Status Male, you'd better throw out of the window what your teachers and parents taught you about the possibility of having a family and entering into a new context: entering a long-term relationship with a woman is a contract at term you make with her when she has sufficiently demonstrated that she has made you the center of her attention and shows you respect.

The contract may be broken at the first signs of lack of respect from the woman. You must not only think this: you must say it. I structure all my relationships with women in this manner and with absolute honesty. Since when there has been this change in my life, I felt much better both physically and spiritually.

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