You will not be able to seduce a woman unless you create attraction in her.

Attraction is not a rational fact. To create attraction you just have to:

1. Show a higher VALUE than hers.

2. Have her emotional.

Because of her strong instinct for selecting the strongest and most gifted men, a woman doesn't feel real attraction for a man who fails to show a higher value than hers. A woman may naturally choose a man with a lower value than hers for a long-term relationship, but deep down she will never feel true attraction for that man.

This is one of the main reasons why the sweet and gentle type suffering from the Nice Guy Syndrome is not successful with women. By being gentle, sweet, and submissive and being in the subservient state towards the woman, he sends off the message: "I have a lesser value than you."

Methods for showing a superior value:

- Be straight, impudent and funny.

Talk to her in a straight and impudent manner and with a funny tone. You show her that you have a beautiful life, that you have fun and that you don't need her.

- Qualify her and don't let her qualify you and have her qualify herself to you.

This is a very important part. Read the relevant chapter on this issue!

Note, there is also an entire chapter devoted to this most important subject.

- Don't let her control you.

With a woman it's very important to follow the rule: "You can't control me." Every woman on this planet - even though many will not admit it - wants power over men. There is however a paradox: as soon as a woman realizes that she has taken power over you, she rapidly looses sexual interest.

Indeed, by letting her control you, you show her only one thing: that you have a lower value than hers! And this is exactly the opposite of what you have to do in order to seduce her.

An important thing to remember: women try, from the first seconds of making contact with you, to establish control over you! And they continue to try for the whole duration of the relationship! Therefore, to seduce a woman and to keep her sexual interest alive, you must show her in words, deeds and omissions that she can't control you!

- Show that you could at any moment interrupt your relationship with her.

In a human relationship the individual who demonstrates being able to interrupt the relationship at any moment shows a superior value compared to the other person. It's not necessary to make a scene or threaten to abandon her. It's enough to express from times to times statements like: "Life is so interesting, today here, tomorrow there" or "Babe, nothing lasts forever."

Do you understand? This is extremely seductive because women love strong emotions and they get interested particularly in those men they cannot have. This is the phenomena which I have called in this book: "the Prince complex." I got to know women who have this "problem" at such a high intensity that they have never been able to have a sexual relationship with a man because no man could ever be the "Prince" of their fantasies.

To seduce women you have to be that Prince and show her that she might loose you at any moment. Phrases like: "I will love you and I will be faithful to you for life" mean in many women's ears (thank God not to all!): "I am a desperate and have a far lesser value than yours. I don't think I would be able to have other women."

And if she, for moral reasons, doesn't leave you, she becomes in any case frigid or depressed and your sexual relationship with her suffers for sure. She has an orgasm only for the Prince. Be her Prince.

- Read a lot and keep yourself informed, practice being a great talker.

Women know very well that in modern life the strongest men reach success much more by intelligence rather than by muscles. This works at your advantage. Watch out, however: don't show value only on the intellectual sphere.

You must always add a primitive sexual aspect at the right moment, otherwise you show intellectual value, but she doesn't get excited as a woman.

A good combination for seducing women and show value is:

1. Use the frame straight, impudent and funny.

2. At the same time show personality and value.

It's not good if one of these two is missing.

- Interact with women only when you are in a positive mental state.

Who considers attractive a depressed, weeping, and sad, crying man? If you want to seduce women get the fantasy of being able to love them like a three-year-old child loves his mother out of your mind.

This is very important!

A successful and mature man doesn't confide his weaknesses to a woman! being a real man is a lonely business!

Watch out: the majority of women you encounter will tell you things like: "You have to open up to me, show me your feelings" or "I would like you to confide in me your weaknesses."

Don't take them seriously and be careful not to answer positively to those attempts of theirs to make you open up sentimentally!

Women actively try to make you tell about your weaknesses and then they go to bed with a man who keeps them to himself and treats them as children to whom one doesn't tell serious things.

Why? Simple: he who tells about his weaknesses is weak and the evolutionary alarm system of women goes red: "he is a weak person, he is a weak person! It's not worth it to be a woman with him."

This happens even though her evolved social part may take delight in the fact that you open up. Tell about your weaknesses to male friends and to women whom you do not find fascinating and whom you don't want to seduce. Get a dog or a cat and keep your mouth shut about your weaknesses with beautiful women you want to bring to bed.

If you confide your weaknesses, she will not forgive you for doing so, even though she was the first to invite you to do it.

In the chapter devoted to the mental state, we have seen how to put oneself into the right mental state before devoting oneself to seduction. If you interact with women in a positive mental state, you show value and that creates attraction.

- Use social proof every time you can. In the relevant chapter we have given a detailed description of social proof but we go back to that here from the point of view of creating attraction.

In a woman's eyes the value scale grows exponentially in the following way.

A. In a bar you talk with your male friend and the male barman and you laugh and everybody finds you funny = Value!

B. In a bar you talk with a woman and you laugh and everybody finds you funny = Even more value!

C. The woman hugs and kisses you = your value grows even more!

D. Many women are close to you, find you funny, hug and kiss you = Extreme value! And your attraction grows accordingly. In my opinion Social proof is the most powerful mean for creating attraction in a woman.

- The frame in which you put yourself from the beginning of your relationship with her and during the relationship establishes the attraction (or destroys it)

If you want to have success in seducing women, remember this general rule: you always come from a funny and important place or situation and your time is always limited and you use it mainly to love yourself!

This is also the rule women have always used for centuries in order to be attractive: show extreme self-love!

It works perfectly also for men if you put it into practice. Use this rule to show value and create attraction. Get used to monitor your behavior constantly to see whether you are following the above rule.

For a man it is more difficult to love himself than for a woman, therefore you must practice constantly. By loving yourself you show value and create attraction. Creating attraction is the first step for seduction.

- Show a lack of interest in her!

The more beautiful she is, the more you have to show lack of interest in her! Beautiful women are used to receiving subservient compliments and demonstrations of interest a dozen times per day.

And what happens? They get bored! Yes, they get bored! You think of being smart and showing interest and she thinks: "God, how boring! Here is still one more idiot who is begging me."

In that way you give yourself a lower value and destroy the attraction.

- Show value!

In order to be a successful seducer you must be able to quickly show value to the woman you want to seduce, without being in a subservient state, without qualifying yourself to her too much. You must learn to show your value "as if by chance", without letting her understand what you are doing to her. If she understands that you are showing value with the purpose of seducing her, you get the opposite result: she will consider you subservient and your value falls.

Being a seducer is a bit like displaying a beautiful car in a shop-window and selling it without a "for sale" sign in the window.

In that way you'll succeed.

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