Being a playboy

Starting from this point of view, a life as a playboy, while waiting for a woman to show up who really loves you and shows that she wants to support and respect you, without trying to manipulate you for her interests or making you feel guilty for your sexuality might be an excellent alternative to marriage or to a long-term relationship

As definition: if a woman says she loves you, then she must demonstrate it by showing you respect and accepting as part of your humanity the fact that a man is an active sexual animal, who gets ill if he cannot express his sexuality to the maximum and if he doesn't receive respect and recognition for what he does for her and for the family.

While waiting for such a woman to show up, be a playboy, work, have fun, eat well, travel and since you are free - thanks to this book and to constant practice of the art of seduction - from the vicious circle of luck you are always able to seduce new women. You hold in your hands the key to being the absolute owner of your life.

You can go through the improvement process described in this book while you wait for her, the woman who respects and loves you, to show up.

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