Being a single man and living alone

It's a big mistake getting married and entering a permanent relationship with a woman without having experience with women. Before allowing yourself to enter a permanent relationship with a woman you must learn:

1. To be alone.

2. To enjoy life alone.

3. To be completely independent in all areas of life: cooking, taking care of your own house, cleaning, having a stable financial situation, fun, friends, a social network and so on. In practice before even dreaming of starting an exclusive relationship with a woman, you must learn to cope without a "mother."

If you can't manage by yourself, go for a couple of years into the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Special Forces.

After you complete that period, you will have some idea of how you can be independent in all areas of life.

4. Don't even dream once of entering a marriage or a long-term relationship if you haven't first brought to bed from 30 to 50 women. I am not joking. After that you can have some idea of women. How to obtain this result? Study this book and apply yourself to the art of pickup and seduction at least a couple of times per week. You will notice improvements little by little. You cannot get anything without practice and constancy.

5. Learn to love yourself: engage in some sport or physical activity, take care of yourself, become a master in some scientific, artistic, social or political field that you like.

You need some years to realize this improvement process.

In my opinion you need at least five to ten years of constant practice to become what I call a "High Status Male and Seducer" with the help of this book.

In the next books of my upcoming Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships for the modern man I will tell you about the more advanced seduction techniques, about new ways to be a winner in relationships with women, about new insights about love life.

Five to ten years training is a very long period.

For that long you will surely need affection and sex, which are things you better look for somewhere other than in your mother's home.

In our modern society there are thousands and thousands of women who don't want to commit themselves to a constant relationship and want to be free.

Devote yourself to seducing them and having fun with them while you train yourself to reach the High Status Male and Seducer level.

Once you reach that level, you can consider yourself ready to make an important choice: marriage, an exclusive long-term relationship or a life as a playboy.

At that level of skills you will be a free man with a wide range of choices!

With the help of this book you will exit from the so called "Circle of Luck" and you will learn to seduce women so that getting women will no longer be a matter of luck but the fruits of your ability.

And how do you know if you have become a High Status Male and a Seducer? These are the criteria:

- You have reached financial independence and mastery in an activity that you like.

- You love yourself, you dress well, and you cope brilliantly in most situations.

- You are used to living alone in your own apartment.

- You are no longer at the mercy of the circle of luck but with the knowledge of the art and science of seduction you are potentially able to seduce and bring to bed at least four different women each month, that is one per week.

This is not much isn't it? Okay, maybe I am just kidding, maybe I am not. That is my success rate when I pickup women in terms of complete closes (=with sexual intercourse.)

Only when you reach this level, are you ready for a long-term relationship with a woman you love or for the life of a playboy.

At that point the choice is up to you.

If you make those choices before having reached the High Status Male and Seducer level, you will be in trouble sooner or later, if not soon, then after ten years of marriage or so.

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