Bust her balls

In order to use this technique you must put yourself in the same mental state as a tennis or handball player. Watch out: women love this technique. By using this technique you can have them dying of desire in a relatively short time. To do this, imagine that it is a game. The right mental state to do this is: with a sense of humor, a little sarcasm and no anger.

In the same manner as you made fun of your little sister when you were child.

The general principle is as in tennis or handball: any ball the opponent throws at you, you throw back with greater force = bust her balls.

Women, during the pick-up or seduction phase or during a relationship, will throw "balls" at you to see how you react. Careful: this is something men almost never do. Therefore you must first understand what the woman's mental state is when she does

She thinks/feels: "Now I'm going to throw this ball at him, let's see how he will react." In addition, this is very advantageous for a woman from an evolutionary point of view: actually it's enough for her to throw the ball and then go into a passive/receptive state in order to quickly evaluate a very large number of males.

Therefore women will throw balls at you and then they will wait and see.

With this technique you can affect the circuits of her evolutionary detector system to select just you! In practice, the more you "bust her balls back", the more she feels: "It's him, he's my man!"

The basic mental attitude for reacting to a woman's tests and for using this technique is: never take her seriously. If you take a woman's test or a ball she throws at you seriously, you have already lost the match.

If you can't understand the meaning of her test, bust the ball back in any case and take time in order to win.

For example she says:

"I hate the sea, I hate it" and she throws the ball at you; at that point you don't know whether she hates the sea because someone tried to rape her near the sea, or because her last idiot boyfriend loved the sea or was a scuba diver and so on.

Watch out: for a woman, the mental state she associates with the sea in this example is much more important than for a man; perhaps she throws the ball at you just to see how you react to the sea.

A reaction of a man not expert in seduction could be: "Come on dear. The sea is a wonderful thing. Come on! Let's go swimming together!"

Error, Error! You are taking her seriously.

And you cannot know whether she has some positive or negative emotion about the sea because she, as a woman, will surely throw a ball at you and then she will wait and see.

And it's at this point that the "Bust her balls" technique will be of help to you.

The right answer is:

"Why? Some sharks bite your bum?" And then absolute indifference towards the subject, you don't care; she will surely throw a second ball, like:

"How dare to talk to me like this?"

And you throw the ball back:

"Silly girl, where is your sense of humor? Okay, I am going to kill those sharks for you, except maybe the female ones and if they are good looking."

In order to execute the technique correctly you must use the Straight and Impudent attitude, as described elsewhere in this book, and - without taking her seriously - "bust all her balls" back to her (her tests and qualification attempts and so on) systematically and with humor.

In order to obtain the desired effect you must keep calm, detached, add humor to it and never get angry. Put yourself in a relaxed state and, as if it were a game, bust the balls back.

At this point some important changes take place in a woman's mind:

- You are straight, impudent, make fun of her and bust her tests back = Alpha = her evolutionary detector system goes into green alarm (Alpha = take me now, my love!)

- This is a situation of non-communication with her and this literally drives her mad because she can't understand who you are behind the joking wall that you create = a raise of interest = a desire to try to test you again. Women also use communication and often as a mean for understanding the real nature of a man. They must quickly understand an important series of data in order to be able to classify the man as Alpha or beta, as the husband type or as the lover type.

- By using this technique it's you who is in control of the context of the relationship and therefore you are the selector and she cannot anymore be in the selector position. For psychological and biological reasons this literally drives her crazy with desire.

Examples of how to "bust her balls":

Seducer: "Nice to meet you, I am Franco. Do you have any other news?" (With a smile)

She: "Yes, I know that you are a nice guy."

Seducer (turning): "Nice guy? I don't see anyone else! Where is the nice guy?" (With a smile)

She: "Does it bother you if I smoke?"

Seducer: "After Chernobyl, in my opinion, you may also burn the restaurant if you like." (This is terrible for her: she tries to understand up to what point she can be a naughty girl with you and you bust her ball back!)

She: "I am drunk, for sure. I wonder how much nonsense I'm speaking."

Seducer: "Ah! You noticed it! Good!"

She: "My husband was such a good man."

Seducer: "Indeed, extremely sweet and gentle, imagine, how boring."

She: "My husband was violent."

Seducer: "I bet you miss him a lot."

She: "I am very nasty"

Seducer: "I am Franco and I'll spank you only at the price of 500 euros per session."

Seducer: "I'm old enough for you."

And so on. Use your fantasy.

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