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Men without experience in seduction believe that being serious, trustful, sweet and communicative is the right attitude in order to have success with women. This is not so. To have success with women you need to follow this principle:

Serious and deep communication is something she has to earn!

Women easily get bored. They are not as good in enjoying repetitive and obvious behavior as men. A woman cannot consider as exciting and attractive a man who opens up to her too much from the beginning.

With a modern woman from the so-called industrialized countries, it can be a negative thing also when going further in the relationships.

It is amazing: women say all the time they would like their men to open up to them but they secretly love the ones who do not do so.

With a modern woman it can be a huge mistake to open up to her too much in a long-term relationship.

You open up to her? She takes you for granted and starts to feel a deep sense of boredom. Boredom is something a modern woman simply cannot stand. To help you to understand this, I'm going to introduce to you a couple of new concepts:

1. The "Roller Coaster" concept.

2. The fantasy of the "Prince coming from afar."

Let's start from the Roller Coaster. Years of experience and hundreds of relationships with women have convinced me of a fundamental fact: women are hedonistic individuals, who get an infinite pleasure when they can feel strong emotions both positive and negative.

A man who sees a woman cry starts promptly to ask: "Sweetie, what's the matter? Tell me!" Well he is wrong! Unless there has been a catastrophe on a world scale, almost probably at that moment she is enjoying her emotions. Yes, just like that: she is having fun.

Women love strong emotions. But there is a corollary: they love strong emotions, but on the condition that everything happens in a relatively safe way.

Yes, women love the moment when they have got you pissed off! They feel strong emotions then. They start to worry about you being pissed off only when they notice that the situation is becoming dangerous.

Practically speaking, women like to feel strong emotions both positive and negative. So if you want to seduce a woman a calm, serious and understanding attitude is exactly the opposite of what you need.

To seduce her you need to have her feel strong emotions both positive and negative. This feminine trait is exactly the contrary of what a man means when he says: "Don't break my balls!" A man does not like unstable emotions. A man wants to be in peace.

This difference between men and women is the cause of many a marriage crisis and misunderstanding between men and women.

So the right attitude for seducing a woman is: being cocky and funny. Being direct and cocky are Alpha qualities. In that way you demonstrate to her that you are not afraid to "penetrate" her. You show that you consider it a right of yours to be the "owner of the place" where you are.

The more you are funny and the more you have this attitude - and have her feel strong emotions - the more she gets interested in you. Women fear boredom and emotional deprivation more than death.

Let's go now to the "Fantasy of the Prince coming from afar."

This is exactly the contrary of what your parents and teachers taught you, but I can tell you for sure that it works with women.

Do you open up to a woman from the first very moment? Well the answer is NO! The correct answer is a simple and plain NO!"

Years of experience with women have convinced me that women consider as Alpha and genetically superior the "Mysterious Rider coming from the horizon" and the "Mysterious Prince."

The worst approach you can have with a woman if you want to seduce her is to sit at a table in a bar and tell her: "I'm John. I'm a banker and I am completely mad about how beautiful you are."

Wrong, wrong! She heard that at least hundred of times during the week before she met you. If you sit at the bar and say: "Listen. Maybe it's better we change the bar. I was here a year ago with a lady and she created such a terrible scene. I had to call the police" then you are on the right track.

When she asks you: "So what do you do?" you answer: "I work in bank twice a year. " (With a smile, you just said your job is to rob banks) then and only then you are on the right track.

She is not expecting John, the "beta" nice guy banker.

Her genetic code is programmed to wait for the Prince coming from afar. A delinquent resembles the Prince in the mind of many women I know, much more than John the "beta banker."

Of course, society, women and many academic professionals will repeat this to you until boredom sets in: "A woman needs a protective man who opens up to her emotionally and gives her safety, someone who is trustworthy and she can share things with."

If we consider only the socially conditioned part of the woman, that concept "may" be true.

When we take into consideration, however, the instinctual, genetic and evolutionary part of the woman, I can guarantee that the above attitude will ruin all your relationships with women either right then or some years later.

Why? Simple: the part of her feeling attracted to you is not the social and conditioned one.

It is the primordial and evolutionary one as we have been saying since the beginning.

Her evolutionary detector tells her that the Prince has a superior value compared to John the beta banker and she will behave like that when it comes time to give herself as a woman to a man.

So, if you want to seduce her you need to put yourself in the same position as the Prince. And how do you do it?

Simple: communication with her is something she has to earn. In a word:

Show to her that your value is superior to hers.

Keep yourself on the direct, cocky and funny level; make fun of her and do not open up to her too easily. This will keep her sexual excitation and attraction to you at its maximum level. She will feel at her instinctual level:

"If he makes fun of me and does not give a shit about me, does not tell anything about himself and wants to have fun, that means he is my Prince."

You can discuss this with women, if you like. They will tell you for sure that this is not true. You can put this attitude into practice with women. I assure you that then your success with women will grow in an impressive exponential way. On the other hand you can discuss with her seriously the latest financial news and she will consider you a girlfriend or the above mentioned "John the beta banker": the result will be no sex and no respect from her.

On the contrary: if you instead make fun of her, are direct, cocky and funny and don't open up to her too much she, will consider you the Mysterious Prince coming from afar. Then you will take her to bed for sure.

Try to believe. Instincts work with impressive mathematical precision.

Let's go now to a few practical examples of how to be direct, cocky and funny as means for seduction. The formula for success is:

Cocky and Funny + Your Own Frame.

When you want to seduce a woman, you need to use your fantasy and create a frame of interaction in which you move and where you have her move with you. It can be anything.

For example, once I seduced two women at the same time during a trip with the frame: "The Sergeant."

In effect I was being cocky and funny with the two women in question behaving like a Sergeant directing his squad. I was giving to them orders as though they were soldiers.

At first in a lighter cocky and funny way, then harder and harder I began to give them orders. Then I went on leading both women with playful frames like: "When you talk to me you say yes sir! Understand?"

Slowly they began to enjoy this so much that I was "directing the squad" in that cocky and funny way all the time. Until I gave them the final order: come to bed with me. I simply ordered both of them to make love with me, at the same time!

Another frame I often use in my seductions is the James Bond frame. After I make a pickup, when I call her the first time I may say on the phone: "My name is Bond, James Bond." Of course she laughs and considers it a joke, as in part it is.

She does not see the power in the frame I am using. When later in the interaction she begins to ask me direct questions, when she tries to get information about me, I go on playing harder. I tell her I am on special mission and I cannot give her that information.

I keep her "on her toes" in that playful way. From there I bring her where I want.

You won't believe it, but at the moment, in the circle of my lovers there are at least 3 women calling me: "James" and some of them I call "Lady Bond."

Another frame I often use is: "The Godfather." Out of the blue I may say her: "And remember. Don't fuck with me Babe. Capisce?", or: "The waiter treated us like jerks. You want me to shoot him in the head, Sweetie?"

Women love these kinds of interactions. Women love to live their life as though they were all the time in a movie.

I have even met some women who identify with the frame so much that they have to ask whether I am joking or not.

Some had to ask me: "Franco, are you a member of the Mafia?" and I tell then: "Do you think I would tell you that, Babe?"

In spite of the fact that the starting base of the frame is a joke, you can use the frame to direct her "kindly" to where you want.

As an example: when I use the James Bond frame, I first put her in the mental state of being in contact with a mysterious spy. Then I start to call her Lady Bond, so she gets used to the idea of being my lover.

From there I bring her where I want.

Women love this kind of approach because they have been made to feel guilty for their sexual desire for centuries. For them is much easier to make love with me if they are "in love with an irresistible spy" than because they have a tremendous need to have a "great fuck" with me as many men would express the whole situation.

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