Fast rate PNP technique

The concept of "teasing" or "flirting" means "causing sudden feelings in her", "moving her emotionally", "exciting her", "shaking her", in practice it means "sexually possessing her mind."

The majority of men believe that to possess a woman means bringing her to bed and having sex with her. To possess a woman means, first of all, "shaking her mind and her feelings, to bring to bed the mind before the body."

Sex is a natural consequence of the fact that the seducer succeeds in "shaking, possessing her mind at an emotional level."

Qualification/disqualification is one of the many ways of seducing her, one of the bases of teasing; observe this technique.

The seducer does a series of qualifying remarks on her in a rapid sequence. This is also based in part on the PNP.

He takes some photos of her and tells her in a direct and impudent manner phrases such as these in which qualification and disqualification alternate in rapid sequence.

"No, no, I could never hang around with you; you are too serious for me."

"Ok, ok, don't get upset by that. Of course, I like you, you are perfect."

"No, no, don't put those legs in that position. Didn't anyone ever teach you how to pose?"

"Ok, that's perfect, what a beautiful smile! I have never seen anyone smile like that."

"Nooo! A silver bracelet! Where did you buy it, in Bangkok? How can you wear something like that?"

Do you understand? He shakes her mind by using this particular form of PNP, the "Fast Rate PNP Technique."

This seduction system is fabulous for lowering women's defense levels and seducing them. The Fast Rate PNP Technique works because it causes in the woman a "rapid change of mental state" lowering her defense level so that seducing her becomes easier.

In practice you bombard her with positive and negative stimulus so that she comes out from an indifferent and disinterested state and quickly enters an excited state.

She directs excessive attention to her own reactions and emotions (becomes self-conscious) in addition she feels attraction because she cannot understand whether you are interested or you are making fun of her and so on.

In addition, it is very important for a woman to understand whether you are interested just to her and, by the Fast Rate PNP-technique you put her in an uncertainty state about this which is, for the majority of women, impossible to resist.

To understand how this happens read again the chapter about mental state.

In addition the Fast Rate PNP-technique technique has many other very important effects:

- As long as you use it, it is you who is in control of the context of what it is said in the relationship. Actually it's for you to put her in a condition of having to apologize, to qualify herself to you, of being unsure about whether you are interested in her or not and so on. And this is considered a sign of dominance on your part.

- As long as you use it, you raise your value above hers because she is being judged by you and not the opposite.

In this technique there is also the implicit message: "I am a man who has chances with women. I can allow myself to judge them, to make them qualify themselves to me." And this is a sign that you are an Alpha male. The woman's genetic system interprets it as: "He judges and qualifies me: he is for sure one who knows his job, one who has chances with women." This plays absolutely to your advantage with women! She feels attraction towards a man who takes the freedom to qualify her and gives himself a higher value than hers.

Value calibration: when using this technique you'd better try, at the same time, to quickly understand at which level she sets her own value. Indeed if you set your value too much higher than hers, you get the same negative result you would get by prolonging the "N" too much in the PNP technique: you loose her.

When you become expert, you'll learn to use the right Fast Rate PNP-technique enough that it raises your value compared to hers, but not too much. The same applies for the technique/attitude of next chapter.

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