Female tests and how to overcome them to seduce a woman

This is an EXTREMELY important chapter.

If you understand the concept of feminine tests and you learn to react to them in the right way, you will surely be able to seduce as many women as you want.

As we said THE subservient FRAME is seduction's enemy number one.

It is a mental scheme used only by beta men.

Alpha men don't justify themselves, they don't ask for forgiveness, they don't submit to other people.

Feminine tests are tests a woman does partly unconsciously, partly consciously right after she begins to get to know a man, to find out if he is Alpha or beta.

Feminine tests start right at the first meeting just after you say "hello" to each other or even before that on the phone.

95% of the men have the problem that:

1. They are not able to recognize the tests.

2. They are not able to react in the appropriate way.

The more a man passes her tests, the more a woman surrenders to him sexually. The tests are intended for selecting the most self-confident, strongest and most aggressive males to have sex with them, for the purpose of giving birth to children.

The reason we are interested in female tests here is this: the more you learn to pass them, the more a woman's defenses lower and the more you succeed in bringing her to bed.

So, if you react in an appropriate way to tests, she will be forced by her primordial instinct to choose you.

A woman's tests are extremely numerous and of different types. There are no limits to female tests. The only limit is fantasy. At the end of this chapter I will present you with a list of the principal female tests and their meaning.

The general principle to be followed is this:

Any word, attitude or action from a woman must be considered a test until the contrary is proven. They must be considered tests especially if they are meant to find out something about your personality or qualities, in particular if they are directed to find if whether you are an Alpha male and if whether you behave like an Alpha.

Let's look some examples:

You are at the beginning of your second meeting with her and:

She: "Don't tell me that you wear ties everyday!"

He (justifying himself): "No, no, I would never even think of it. I was little bit tired when I bought this tie. You are right: it is not very classy."

Wrong. He is toast! He did not pass the test. She tries to get some idea about his qualities of self-confidence by having him justify himself about the first banal thing coming on her mind. Every woman I have seduced or I know is able to invent a test like this in a second, without even having to put too much effort into it.

Meaning of the test: if he justifies himself, that means he is beta. After a few minutes she says she does not have the time to see him anymore.

The appropriate reaction to this test could be this:

He (smiling, not seriously): "No Dear. I use ties only when I have clothes on and that does not happen too often."

Good. Alpha attitude! An essential trait in the Alpha male is impudence!

Congratulations. You just passed the test.

But don't relax just yet. It is not so easy. She will not give up after the first test. Particularly beautiful women and the ones with a strong sexual instinct can go on coming up with tests practically every day and in every situation.

When a man is married to a woman and he says she is "a bitch" almost probably this man is married to a woman with a very developed primitive evolutionary detector testing him night and day. The meaning of these tests is: "Fuck me now!" Generally the husband does not understand the meaning of the tests and instead takes her seriously.

Quarrels start. Divorce may be a consequence. The relationship becomes a nightmare. The situation goes on this way:

She: "So what we are going to do this evening? Always the same thing, the same movies, theaters! It would be nice to do something exciting!"

He: "I don't know, Sweetie. What would you like to do?"

Wrong. He is toast! He is turning over leadership to her. I have seduced plenty of women who test a man's leadership at least ten times a day. The right attitude is:

He (What you choose is not so important. The important thing is to show leadership.): "There is the movie X at Y. It starts at 6pm. We can go to have some coffee at bar Z first, then to buy tickets."

He pays no heed to her complaints.

Particularly in situations like the above, a man less experienced in the art of seduction could believe that all that she wants is to go to a movie.

That would be true if the other one were a man.

It is not like that in the case of a woman. With typical feminine logic she puts her sensations and feelings on him and then watches how he directs her.

She now does it harder:

She: "Always the movie! This is so boring!"

He (with an Alpha attitude): "Okay. Take your cute butt off the chair and don't be silly. Let's go to a movie this evening, then we can go for a beer!" After this he hits her rear lightly with his hand and tells her to follow him in a very assertive way.

She: "Bastard!"

He: "Just like that, my silly little lady. Let's go."

In an "average" couple situation, where the woman is extremely sensual and beautiful and the man is beta things would go on like this:

He lets her direct him and she would start to make all decisions. After a while he looses his cool, begins to shout, and starts to beat her, giving the ultimate sign of weakness. He should not be surprised if after a year or two he finds her in the bed of an Alpha male.

Woman's tests are extremely subtle.

For example, she could ask you questions about your career and your personal relationships but only to check if you are going to tell her everything.

She can stop answering the phone, to check if you are such a dependant personality that you are going to leave hundreds of messages on her answering machine.

She can compare you verbally with other men, to check if you consider yourself better or worse than them and so on.

So woman's tests are very numerous, extremely subtle and sometimes very sneaky, particularly in the early phases of the seduction.

To answer these tests the right way, follow these guidelines:

- You are the Alpha male and you never ask for forgiveness for what you do or for your sexual desires.

Obviously if you are really guilty of having made some big mistake, it can be proper to apologize for yourself but do it briefly and with dignity.

- You are always in the control of the situation and always unattainable by her (John Wayne style) surrounded by mystery and totally independent of her (A challenge for her: as for how to do this we will come back to it in a more extensive way later.)

- You never need her and she needs you.

- You never completely deny that other women love you.

Women do this to men all the time! An important factor for having a woman's desire for you reaching for the stars is the knowledge that other women desire you.

If you react to her tests in the way I have explained above, you will have her sexual interest for you reaching for the stars.

Continue reading here: A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

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