Fidelity and seduction a new context Dont let women transform you into a beta

I know I am going to upset all your ethical notions, but you'll notice that in so doing I'm helping you, little by little, to live a better life.

Here's a new concept about fidelity.

"Fidelity is a time contract, which, if you want, you can make with a woman who satisfies you emotionally and physically and who treats you well."

And in the same manner as you made the time contract, you can also terminate it if she stops treating you well. Indeed the awareness that she might loose you at any moment is the only factor that keeps a woman's passion for you at a high level.

If you promise unconditional fidelity to a woman and if you keep the promise even though she tries to manipulate you, lack of respect for you and makes you feel guilty, she may be satisfied at the level of her social ego, but her instinctual level will react like this: "What an idiot! He is not a man if he lets others treat him like this!"

Paradoxically she will continue to treat you worse and worse even though she suffers a lot. When this process begins, it means the end of the relationship with her in any case. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent the "illness" or at least intervene at the first sign of the "illness."

Women are extremely sensitive to rank.

If you are the company director you can do practically anything to her and she will love you more and more. If you are the weakest link in an assembly line, she might be motherly with you, but if you let her humiliate you, you can forget having her as a woman.

This is valid both for a one-night stand and for a marriage.

Therefore keep your rank at the maximum possible level by any means.

If you are not company director, you can always tell her when she is late or if she asks you in an impolite manner to make coffee: "Well! Who taught you to behave like that? Go to college for some years and then come back."

She will pretend to get angry, but inside she will be very satisfied.

Fidelity at all costs as a principle in a relationship where you are treated badly is the same thing as being completely in the subservient mental state: it means either loosing the woman or putting off her sexual desire.

If she doesn't dress in a feminine way and doesn't treat you kindly, she must be informed - in a direct or indirect way, depending on the case - that you, as an expert seducer, can do yourself the favor of getting very quickly a woman prettier than her.

Therefore remember: fidelity is a time contract that you can unilaterally terminate.

The reason why it is important to behave like this is that woman has been endowed by nature with an automatic mechanism and she cannot do anything about it. Stick this concept also on the mirror in which you look at yourself in the morning:

"The woman is compelled by an instinctive biological mechanism to go to bed with the Alpha man and then to try to transform him into a beta."

The reason why the woman must transform the Alpha man into a beta is her need to control him and to prevent him from finding other women and to force him into becoming a provider for her and her offspring.

There is a paradox in this mechanism: the more the woman succeeds in her intention, the more she looses interest for her man and begins to despise him.

This happens even more in modern society where - after all - women need beta men only for a very short period during pregnancy and when the babies are small. In many more developed societies, women don't need beta men at all!

Of course, in general, in order to become completely independent of a man, she must repress her sexual instinct and her need for affection and warmth, and not many human beings can do this without the help of substitutes such as drugs, alcohol or becoming work-addicted.

Napoleon - pre-eminently Alpha - knew women very well in this regard. Returning from a war campaign and having received a letter from Josephine in which she accused him of infidelity, he replied succinctly: "What can I say, dear? That's what I am."

I don't have information about their relationship but I am sure that Napoleon's reply increased Josephine's desire. Napoleon had told Josephine plainly: "I am Alpha and a hunter. Take it or leave it."

Therefore remember: she is actively compelled by instincts to transform you into a beta during the relationship and she will never stop trying to do it. It is your responsibility to react in the right way.

If you are a bad, tough guy or a successful man in science or industry field at the beginning of the seduction but she - by preparing your meal, making you feel guilty, by manipulating you, etc. - succeeds in transforming you in a schoolboy as time goes by, don't be surprised if her sexual interest for you goes below zero and she starts moving towards the jailbird who lives downstairs or the rock star from the concert you went to together.

If you are sweet and submissive as a schoolboy already at the beginning of a relationship, grow up first and become an Alpha.

It's not worth starting a relationship with a woman before this change: the relationship would end up badly anyway.

You get a much better outcome by signing on with the Marines and having fun around with easy going women than by marrying a very feminine woman if you are not yet an Alpha male.

A man can never relax completely in a relationship with an adult woman with a strong sexual instinct. He must always keep his eyes open in order to prevent her from transforming him into a beta. Only in that way is the relationship kept alive.

Adam let Eve manipulate him and he ate the apple of sin. He was transformed into beta.

Constantly refuse to eat the apple and only eat her sexually: she will never loose interest for you. But don't fool yourself: she will offer you the apple the next day; it's up to you to refuse. Nature has arranged things this way.

To become an Alpha male you must:

- Succeed in some difficult activity. It is relatively unimportant whether you are a fireman or the director of a big Company. The important thing is to learn the main Alpha attitudes which are impudence and leadership: learn to establish the borders, within which others move, create opportunities for you and for others at the same time, to be a center of continuous growth.

- Become an expert seducer so that seducing women becomes second nature.

If you don't learn to become a seducer, you will always be in an unfavorable position in comparison with your woman. If one day she gets mad at you, she can go to a bar wearing a miniskirt.

When she comes out she has at least a dozen men's addresses, considering the low price at which most men "sell" their services. To learn the art of seduction means making the situation even: she can go to a bar wearing a miniskirt and you can make anyone you want lose her head for you. Then it is fair play.

On the contrary if you are inexperienced and she is beautiful and sensual, your currency compared to hers has the same rate of some III world country's currency compared to that of the Dollar.

Therefore, beginning right now put things like marriage and fidelity into a new frame. Marriage is not for you if you cannot seduce. You must first learn to become an expert seducer and only then can you get married. Fidelity is given to a woman as a prize for the fact she treats you well and behaves as a woman.

And it can be withdrawn in case the above conditions start to waver.

Assuming the above context, create a constant positive trend in the relationship that, in practice, keeps it alive and sexually interesting.

She is obliged to always stay "on her toes" and women enjoy being on their toes very much, because they love strong emotions, both negative and positive.

It's very important to consider from the first date with a woman what you promise to her. The first date affects the entire relationship very much. If you sell your services at a low price from the first date, or worse if you do it for free, that is the way she will treat you also in the future: like low-price goods.

Remember that this is a subject to which women are very sensitive: if you raise your value to the maximum from the beginning of the relationship, you will be regarded as extremely seductive and women will chase you.

Use rejecting her and telling her why and rejecting her without any explanation pitilessly with women who don't show you respect: it's not worth continuing a relationship where the counterpart actively tries to humiliate you. Screen those women out from your life.

Such relationships cannot have a positive future. They only take away from you precious time which you could invest in women who are more beautiful and who appreciate you better.

Remember: your time is limited and if you give something good to her you must receive good things from her at least to the same degree. You love a happy life, comfort; maybe you sacrifice yourself for your native Country or for Science for free, but if you sacrifice yourself for her, set a high price for the sacrifice!

She will love you for this.

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