Finding out about her values system of beliefs

At this point we can go on learning better how to find out about her values. We already started to talk about this when we described the seduction phases.

There is another basic concept you need to put into your mind if you want to become an expert seducer:

Every person on this planet has a different system of beliefs!

Let's take a banal example: rock music.

Every person may have his/her system of beliefs connected with rock music. Some may feel it is the most important art form in the world. Some others may hate rock music. Yet others may feel indifferent towards it. And someone else does not even know what rock music is. Possibly some woman was listening to rock music when her boyfriend dumped her. For this reason she always has bad feelings about rock music and still someone else may have been listening to rock music when she felt the best orgasm of her life and maybe for this reason she has an extreme passion for rock music.

We all make a basic mistake in the course of our human relationships: We are prone to bringing into the relationship our own values and less prone to paying attention to the other person's values and how they influence the relationship.

Now if you want to become an expert seducer you need to learn to:

1. Listen, keeping your mouth shut at the right moment.

2. Learn about the values of the woman you want to seduce.

3. Have her feel like you are the man with whom she can realize her values.

Here is another example of how finding out about her values can happen:

He: "So, you like animals?"

She: "Yes. I like them very, very much."

He: "I once had a dog whose name was Rolf!"

He: "You hate dogs?"

She: "Yes, but I love cats very much."

He: "May I ask why you hate dogs?"

She: "They are so difficult to take care of. You need to wake up early in the morning; you can't go where you want. I like to be free."

He: "Freedom is a wonderful thing!" (Freedom = functional value.)

She: "Yes. I love the freedom to do what I want. No bonds!"

He: "I bet you feel very well when you are free."

She: "Yes I feel light, fulfilled, and happy." (Light, fulfilled, happy are her inner values, the only ones meaningful to her.)

A seducer does not bring his own values into the conversation. He does not say what he thinks about dogs and cats. He behaves like a mirror reflecting her thoughts.

But to what ends? It's simple. Women take very seriously the subject: "How I feel at any given moment." You cannot even imagine how seriously women take this subject!

In the above example he is collecting information about what she likes and what she does not like. He tries to get to know what she believes (finding out about her values) to be later able to have her feel herself realized in his company (giving her what she wants.) By doing so, he starts to have her feel as though he is the only man in this world able to make her feel good and realize her values.

The discussion between her and the seducer could continue in this way:

He: "You know. Sometimes I feel that one of the happiest moments is when traveling, I am in an airplane going up during takeoff."

He: "I feel a wonderful sensation of lightness. You know: I have always been an adventurous type."

She: "Really? Which kind of adventures have you had?"

He: "I have been traveling in the strangest places in the world. It makes me feel free and realized."

She: "Yes. Freedom is a wonderful thing!"

He: "Not everyone is able to appreciate how beautiful is the sense of freedom."

At this point she starts to think: "Wonderful, finally a man who really understands me! How I like being in his company. He makes me feel like a woman" and so on. In effect she starts to feel attraction to him.

Of course, things are not that easy in practice. The above is only a scheme meant to help you. Variations on the above theme are in reality endless.

Finding out about her values is an art. You will become good only with constant practice.

This technique is effective only if it is linked to other techniques and if you have the Alpha attitude.

Used alone it is deleterious to seduction because, without the excitation caused by your male aggression and your self-confidence, she would feel that being with you is like being with a girlfriend.

She would discuss her feelings and sensations with you the way she would with her best girlfriend: it would destroy your seduction, because once a woman thinks of a man as "a friend", she is not going to change her mind very easily!

As we said: this technique must be put in practice without her noticing it. You have to use this technique as a part of normal conversation and collect information in a discrete way.

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