Genetics seductions best friend

Evolution, biology and genetics influence women's behavior - and of course men's behavior - much more than what we might believe. Nature gave us organs for reproduction and also gave us a strong reproductive instinct.

Most men and women, however, do not realize how much the instinct to procreate influences our behavior in the same way as hunger and thirst do.

Most men and women believe that our behavior in the area of love and sex is a matter of free choice.

In reality, however, we have free choice much less than we would like to believe.

Our very strong sexual need assures the proliferation and the expansion of the human race by using a reward that is very difficult to refuse: pleasure.

Throughout the history of the world men have been masters of the art of the war and conquer.

Women - on the other hand - have been the mistresses of the art of survival, human relationships and love relationships.

Throughout history women have been mistresses of wielding their power over men. And they have done this in such a subtle way that most men have never even noticed it.

Indeed most of the men on the planet still don't see it.

Now we know that evolution makes of us slaves of our instincts much more than what we might have believed before.

You might say now:" Is this news?" and you would be right. The basic argument seems to be very simple. In reality, though it is not as simple as it might seem at first sight.

Read on and you will notice that there are fine particulars in this argument that not so many are aware of. But knowledge of these "fine particulars" can make the difference for you between a life spent without the joy of sex and love with women and a satisfying sexual and emotional life.

In fact, if you learn to recognize and apply these "fine particulars", you will be also able to bring to your bed the most beautiful of women.

We are used to believing that the reproductive instinct causes women and men to work together for a common purpose. Sadly things are not that way. The truth is very different from the romantic vision that parents and school try to sell to us.

The news is that the reproductive instinct puts men and women in completely different positions with regard to love and matters of sex.

The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships.

The principal purpose of the primordial instincts in us is to help the spread of the best genes. When someone chooses a mate who is more beautiful, more intelligent, taller, nobler and stronger than another, he/she instinctively acts under the drive of the primordial instincts.

Man's and woman's bodies prepare themselves in the phase of seduction for the procreation of a new human being to whom they transfer the genes of beauty, intelligence, height, nobility and so on.

These instincts are hardwired in our brain. They influence our behavior in a deeply rooted way.

But there are complications.

Evolution and biology do not know what democracy is. Man and woman have different instinctual functions. And here is the point where both happiness and problems start.

In the game of evolution, man's function is to be the spreader of the genes.

Man can also act as the selector - one of the purposes of this book is to teach you how to become a selector - but man's natural instinct is to spread his genes.

Man can afford this because if he makes a mistake he can correct it very easily by making pregnant another woman in a very short time.

Practically speaking a man can afford to cause pregnancy in a woman with "not so good genes": for example, not such good hair, ugly eyes, some disease, not very intelligent, because he can cause pregnancy in another better woman in the course of the same evening or the next day.

Practically speaking as well men can afford "not caring too much" about the quality of the genes of the woman.

The function of the woman - on the other hand - contains in a much more imperative way, being the selector of the genes. Woman cannot afford "to make a mistake" in the choice of the partner.

This is due to the length of time of carrying the child and her and her child's deep need for protection from other individuals after the child's birth. Instincts force the woman to be much more careful in the choice of a partner because - once made pregnant - she cannot repeat the process so easily.

Nature and instincts do not know about abortion and contraception.

The woman's evolutionary job is to be a judge of men at her instinctual level with the purpose of choosing the man with the best genes in addition to other qualities.

Of course, men and women can live with the illusion of being free or of being able to become free from the influence of these primordial levels of instinct. In reality no one of us can free him/herself from these instincts.

They influence our behavior - in one way or another- at a very deep level, mostly without our even being conscious of it.

From an evolutionary point of view man and woman have completely different purposes.

Man has a strong and deep instinct to spread his genes to as large a number of beautiful and genetically perfect women as possible.

Woman needs to bind to herself only one genetically perfect man for a stable long term relationship, long and stable enough to become pregnant, give birth to one of more children, a relationship stable and long enough to last for a long period after the birth of the child/children.

Woman also needs protection from men/society during the years from birth of her children at least until the time they are able to take care of themselves.

The fact that the society and the liberation of women have already in many highly developed societies given to the woman the possibility of going through the reproductive period and the period of the growth of the children without the need for a man does not eliminate woman's primordial instincts. Instincts evolve very slowly.

Assuming that men's highly logical brain potential and superior physical strength will not be needed in future to survive wars or other catastrophes - which is very unlikely to happen - possibly in some hundreds of years, certain instincts in men and women could come to assume a different evolutionary purpose.

But, at least from the point of view of the men and women living in this generation, that is unlikely to happen. Right now as I write, brave men, soldiers, are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Man's body and the logic of his brain give an absolute superiority in matters like hunting and war.

Practically speaking woman's behavior is still influenced by those primordial instincts from hundreds and millions of years ago. I will demonstrate this in this book. Knowledge of these instincts and how to use them with the positive intent of seducing women is an essential point if you want to become an artist in the field of seduction.

With the help of this book you will learn how to act on a woman's instincts in such an effective way that she will not be able to resist you.

This is the reason in this book we are interested in genetics and evolution.

Nature gave to men a very strong, almost irresistible sexual drive the purpose of which is to force them to cause a large number of pregnancies in a large number of women.

At this point you might say:" What discovery? We already knew all this!" Wait a moment guys! Things are not that simple. As a matter of fact they are very complex.

Slowly I will have you noticing the "fine particulars", thereby helping you to get laid as much as you want.

Reading this book you will slowly notice the complexity of the phenomenon called seduction and how you can use this new knowledge to bring very beautiful women into your bed.

The best way to do it is to start to put into practice what I am going to write here: soon you will notice that seduction follows constant, almost scientific laws.

So let's start. Let's start to put theory into practice!

Especially important from the point of view of seduction is this principle:

"Woman is forced by instincts to be a selector. This is an instinct she cannot overcome. If you succeed in understanding which are the selective criteria of the woman and present yourself as the male who possesses these criteria, you will become irresistible to her."

Woman has an "evolutionary detector", which activates itself in the presence of a male and his testosterone. This evolutionary detector functions in an automatic and stereotypical fashion, almost like the systems controlling thirst, hunger or aggression or the direction of one's movements.

The purpose of this evolutionary detector is to select the best male to make her pregnant and protect her after the birth of the child.

Like any biological system, however, the female evolutionary biological detector is not perfect and makes mistakes, just as any other human biological system.

For example, the system regulating hunger can make mistakes. The brain is not a perfect system and the functioning of the brain can be influenced from the outside.

The brain itself can make huge mistakes. These are also called "cognitive mistakes."

An example of a situation where the brain makes a big mistake is when under the influence of endorphins, it feels alcohol to be important to the body.

Endorphins cause pleasure when a person drinks alcohol and make the brain "believe" that alcohol is indispensable to the brain itself. Another example is chocolate.

It causes pleasure and a person feels it is needed, while in fact the person only gets problems such as of overweight, high cholesterol and damage to the teeth.

The brain makes mistakes when you eat too much and become overweight or it makes mistakes when you do not eat enough and suffer from anorexia.

The central principle of this book is: an experienced seducer is able to recognize the above mentioned "fine signs" coming from a woman's evolutionary detector. Then he is able to influence this detector so that he makes her feel a deep erotic desire for him and has her wanting to have sex with him.

I teach you in this book how a woman's genetic evolutionary detector works and how you can recognize the "soft signs" coming from it, how to be able to read then and react to them in the proper way so that you have the woman assured at a deep level that you are the man with the better genes. This happens with words, actions or even inaction!

Woman's evolutionary detector in fact is not perfect and can be influenced from the outside.

Luckily this evolutionary detector is not as effective as an IBM computer: in that case your possibilities of competing with other males on the planet such as the US President, Bill Gates or Arnold Schwarzenegger or some rock artist would be zero. On the other hand - luckily - they cannot seduce all the women on the planet.

So women have in some way to "adjust" themselves to you. I am, of course, inserting some humor here.

Anyway ladies have invented a wonderful way to solve this problem. They can be in the company of their romance novels and wait all their life for the Perfect Prince. They can live all their life without having a complete and fulfilling emotional and sexual relationship and wait for HIM.

They can even get married and still go waiting for HIM.

So many husbands may never know WHY she is not interested in sex. Those husbands could not imagine that the reason is her evolutionary detector, which tells to her:" He is not perfect enough!"

But don't get scared already. There is also good news.

As I said the good news is that the female evolutionary detector is not perfect and can be influenced from the outside.

This system is in the brain of the woman and just like the system controlling hunger or the weight of the body it can make mistakes.

For example, a woman can fall deeply in love for a criminal or a bullying idiot on a beach because her instinctual evolutionary detector tells her: "He is so self-confident and cocky. He surely is superior as a man!" Does this sound familiar?

This is a case where woman's evolutionary system makes a mistake. I teach you with this book how to have these "mistakes" happen with just you.

Don't worry about your physical looks. I guarantee that your physical appearance -at least if you don't stink or brush your teeth only once a month - is relatively unimportant.

The judgment a woman's instinctual detector gives of you depends very often on the way you present yourself to her, i.e. from the very beginning you are the one to put yourself in a good or bad position.

Most men do not notice that they are the first ones to mess up their own seductions. Here are some examples from real life. Read these phrases and descriptions of some typical male subservient attitudes.

He: (after having shown sexual interest for her):"I am sorry Darling I did not want to offend you. I am sorry. I need you so much."

Wrong! You are asking for forgiveness for something you did. You are also asking for forgiveness for the fact that you desire her sexually. Her evolutionary detector interprets on the instinctual level: "He is a weak man, he asks for forgiveness for the fact that he is a man, he has not very good genes, better let him go, he is not for me!"

He: (after having expressed in a very direct way his sexual interest for her) "Don't be silly my, little baby! Come here. Give me a kiss. You know: you are not the first one to tell me I am a bastard. And the fact is: yes, I am a bastard. The worst you ever met in your life!" (This is said playfully: she cannot know now if he is for real or not.)

This is much, much better. She interprets on an instinctual level:" He is not asking for forgiveness. He even tries to kiss me! He asks for respect. He tells to me that he will take me. He does not even try to excuse himself! If he can be so cocky and self-sure only God knows how many women are after him!"

In fact, if a man is wanted by many women it means that his genes must be the best. Only women know this.


She comes half an hour later than agreed and he says: "Don't worry my dear. I have been waiting you under the rain and I would wait you forever even if we were at the North Pole." And she interprets on the instinctual level: "Look, what a pussy. I do whatever I want to him and he does not even complain! He is a weak man!"

At that point woman's evolutionary detector tells her in a split second that he has very bad genes and she looses any sexual interest for him she may have had. She treats him as a friend or even worst as a "girlfriend."

She comes half and hour later than agreed and he is not there.

She looks around and after a while receives a text message on her mobile:" I'm at the gym. Stay where you are and I'll be there soon!"

She reacts:" Look what a bastard. It was only half an hour! And he does not give a shit! He's more concerned about taking care of himself and I am not able to make him do what I want! He surely is a wonderful male!"

Are women so cruel? Of course they are not. Only their evolutionary detector is. Because in every woman there are two levels:

- The primitive evolutionary level. The evolutionary detector we have been talking about is a part of this level.

- The social level. This is the one which has been given to the woman by her parents, society, and education.

Women have already recognized these two levels in men for centuries.

For this reason many women say about men: "they are all pigs" and as far as love and sex are concerned women are used saying that: "Men have their brain between their legs." This is how they perceive man's instinctual, evolutionary level.

In this book you will learn to recognize the evolutionary, instinctual level of the woman and learn techniques for influencing it so that you can seduce a woman effectively.

Of course, when a man behaves in a really kind and nice way, a woman' s social level tells her:" He loves me and is trying to do everything for me." That is what her parents and teachers told her from the time she was a little girl. Anyway, a deep sense of frustration remains in her after she says that to herself.

That is because at a deeper level, her instinctual level interprets things in a very different way: if he asks a lot for forgiveness for himself and is forced to be so kind to get love, that means he is "cheap" in evolutionary terms.

At the end of the day or at the end of a long relationship lasting many years the element which determines extent of her sexual interest in a man is not the social level. It is the evolutionary level.

If you behave like a pussy her sexual interest for you goes below the level of zero at the speed of light! your relationship with her is sooner or later ruined!

The corollary of this is that every man on this planet has at least two women: the social woman and the evolutionary woman. In fact every woman has in herself these two parts. To become a seducer or to keep alive a relationship with a woman you need to learn how to dialogue with both her levels at the same time.

The way you behave and present yourself establishes in which place in the genetic and evolutionary hierarchy a woman's evolutionary detector puts you.

If you behave so that her instinctual level puts you on a high level in the evolutionary hierarchy, her sexual interest and her attraction for you will remain high.

If on the other hand you behave so that her instinctual level puts you on a low level in the hierarchy she starts to treat you like a friend, a "boring husband" or even worse as a "girlfriend."

Important warning! It is absolutely not necessary to be brutal or violent! On the contrary: violence towards a woman is interpreted by the woman as a sign of weakness, whereas the ability to be in control in any situation without resorting to violence is seen instead as a sign of a dominant male, who possesses a superior genetic constitution.

A genetically superior male is always in control of himself and the situation.

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