Human relationships are made of exchanges

This is one of my favorite ones.

Tell the women you meet that relationships are made of exchanges!

Women do not like men who are too sweet and submissive. Often men confuse being a gentleman with being sweet and submissive.

Men believe they will win women over by behaving like a gentleman and being sweet, gentle and submissive. Women, however, interpret chivalry in men as a sign of weakness. For this reason the guy who acts sweet and submissive is left with empty hands when it comes to women.

Instincts force women to feel passion for Alpha males.

An Alpha male is a man who takes what he wants. Even if an Alpha male is a gentleman, when we come to the subject of taking what he wants the Alpha male behaves like an Alpha:

He takes what he wants, without hesitation.

This is why women fall so easily in love for "gentlemen thieves."

In a way women secretly love egocentrism in a man, but they go around saying they want a generous man who protects them.

This happens because on an instinctual level, women interpret a man's egoism as a sign of strength of character.

They feel at their instinctual level that if a man will be able to be an egoistic asshole, he will also be a winner and bring money and safety to her and her children and for hundreds and hundreds of years it has been just like that: the more egocentric and asshole guys were the ones who really made the enemy run away and brought home the best conquests!

Nowadays it still is like that. Women know it and that's why nice guys are not lucky with women. Women's primitive side "reads" nice guys like weak guys who will not succeed in the struggle for life.

Women reason like this on their instinctual level: "If he takes me in spite of my resistance and my tests, it means he is the one who will be able to fight egoistically for survival and will be able to protect me and my children."

Women's tests are "fake psychological dangers" that women put in men's way when men try to seduce them or whenever they feel it is necessary to be sure to a certain extent that the man is as Alpha as possible.

One of the qualities a woman tries to determine in a man with her tests is whether he has the ability to fight egoistically for his own interests.

They interpret a man's personality like this: "He is not letting me and my beauty influence him. He is not doing what I tell him to do. He is not being sweet to me. On the contrary, he takes what he wants. Wonderful! He is surely a real man! I can be safe with him."

The story of how relationships are made of exchanges I may tell to a woman already at our first encounter or after a few meetings.

Men who are not expert in the matter of seducing women would not understand the meaning of this story. Most men have been educated from the beginning to be in the subservient frame: they believe that to seduce women they have to give all to them, without asking for anything in return.

It is exactly the opposite!

Giving all to a woman is like a straight road to loosing her soon! Women generally understand in a few seconds the meaning of the story of how relationships are made of exchanges.

The story you should tell her is:

"Sweetie, human relationships are made of exchanges. They are based on never ending giving and receiving. If you give me good things I will give you good things. No good things from you, no good things from me."

Furthermore in your relationship with her, you make sure that you act in a way consistent with what you told her with the above story.

She wants to be taken to a dinner with you? Well, what is she going to do for you? If she does not kiss you and behaves like a bitch, if she does not dress in a feminine way, then why would you take her to dinner?

When practicing seduction you will notice that women are extremely sensitive to this argument.

You will also notice that the best way to loose the favors of a woman is to have her feel that you are ready to give her all and demand nothing in return.

Maybe she will marry you, but after a while her "headaches" in bed will start.

One day, coming home, you will find her in bed with the bad guy from next door. Or shall we say the "Alpha male" next door?

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