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The basic principle is: "In every woman there are two levels: the socio-rational level and the evolutionary primordial, instinctual level." Read this phrase dozens of times and remember it! Even better, write it on the mirror you use to shave yourself in the morning.

If you want to become an expert seducer you need to remember this always.

If you ask a woman why she spends so much time in front of the mirror to do her make-up or why she uses clothes which emphasize her breasts and legs, she will almost probably answer:

"I do it for myself." Or: "It makes me feel good."

Most women are sincere when they answer this way. It is the social part of them which answers in this way. But the part "between their legs" feels differently.

The reality is that the primordial part of the woman prepares herself in this way to attract the male with the best genes.

Even if she has only one man in her life or no man at all, when she makes herself up she does that for the "Prince of her dreams."

If you want to be a husband and have a great relationship with a woman prepare yourself to be that Prince.

If you are not at the level for that role, prepare yourself for trouble, sooner or later. I am not joking! That's the way things are on the primordial feminine level.

Her instincts give her the possibility of really surrendering sexually only to her Prince, no matter whether that Prince is Bill Gates, James Bond or a member of a Hell's Angels motorcycle gang, who comes dirty, ugly and full of muscles to take her, puts his hand on her rear and orders: "Let's go, bitch, to have a ride on my motorbike!"

A clear proof of how women wait for their Prince is jealousy. Based on some recent studies jealousy is a strategy of Nature for increasing the likelihood of having more children. A jealous man will be more prone to make a woman pregnant, due to the fear of another male doing the same to her.

A jealous man, unsure and hypersensitive is able to see the deep evolutionary motives of men and women, without the smallest mistake: she is the selector; she has to attract the man with the best genes. Jealous men, with their sensitiveness sense much better than others a basic truth: woman is the selector, so she chooses the best one. If she cannot choose right then and there, she waits for the best one and chooses him at the right moment.

So it is only a question of time.

The jealous man is afraid of not being in possession of the best genes. By the way that is also very true: there will be always someone around with better genes! For example, this could be Bill Gates.

The jealous individual feels instinctively hidden realities which other people don't see. The woman makes herself beautiful to give herself to the winner!

The winner will be the one to be rewarded with the most beautiful lady, as a sign of superiority! However, women have to compete all the time with other women. This competition between women can be at worst extremely tough and remind a really bloody fight for survival, the magnitude of which men are rarely aware.

To become a seducer you need to learn to dialogue at the same time with the two levels in every woman: the primitive and the social.

You need to learn to "speak" to "two women" at the same time.

1. The social and rational woman is the part of her who says:" I make up only for myself" or "I don't make up. I am beautiful just as I am." or even worse:" I am a feminist. I don't make up at all" and then goes around with tight jeans and a 10-euro t-shirt, leaving nothing to the imagination.

2. The primordial woman is the part of her making up to attract the best males. She is the selector and selects the best males. The reason she makes up and dresses in a classy and sensual manner or moves her rear in a sensual way on the streets is this one.

This is the most important level for seduction and this is the level you need to get to know about in order to bring her into your bed.

To become an expert seducer, you need to get to know how this level functions.

You need to dialogue with the primitive level while at the same time "keeping an eye" on the social and rational level. In this way you will succeed in seducing her.

Like this:" Yes. I know. Men have been oppressing women so much throughout history. There is a strange light in your eyes today. Is there something you would like to tell me?" and then you put your hand on her forearm.

Things, of course, are not that simple, but this could be a good basic example.

After this the seducer goes on talking with her about feelings and emotions and goes on touching her until she surrenders. He comes across as extremely self-confident (see later the concept of Alpha male) because he does not give her a chance to influence him with her words and he shows dominance.

He goes on anyway with his seduction while keeping her social part busy with the conversation. The primitive part of her gets excited in the presence of such a self-confident man and she surrenders.

So the technique of seduction consists in the ability to dialogue at the same time with both the social and the primordial levels of the woman.

You need to be able in the Approach phase as well as in the following Rapport & Comfort phase and Attraction phase to dialogue with both levels at the same time.

The primordial level has two purposes:

1. To have the man give her his sperm with the best possible genetic material. She is forced to be a selector, able to choose the best ones.

2. To convince the man to be faithful and loyal to her for the time needed to bring a child into this world and to take care of the child.

In countries where woman is completely independent from man, the above instincts are nevertheless present and still influence the behavior of the woman.

Social factors do not eliminate instincts.

I know that this argument will elicit discussion among female readers and maybe also among some men. The best way to test whether what I say true is to do the field work.

When you get some field experience in seduction, you will soon notice that woman's behavior is completely under the influence of those two instincts.

Try to believe.

To reach the two above described purposes she has to manipulate the man and make him dependent upon her by using sex and any other means, legal or illegal.

An effective way can be to make him feel guilty; another can be to be maternal to him to have him become dependent. The means used can be several and infinite. Anyway, the most effective way to have a male dependent is of course sex!

After having obtained the male with the better genes, the woman needs to obtain his fidelity in order to protect the children. For thousands of years lacking a man's protection would have meant for the woman her own death and the death of her children as well.

In the modern society a woman can be completely independent of a male's protection - like it happens for independent women living in countries with a high social level such as the Scandinavian countries - or she can be dependent upon a man for all of her life in countries at low a economic level.

Anyway, independent of social factors, a woman's behavior on a primordial instinctual level is this: she has to have a man remain faithful to her for a certain period. She has also to deal with the competition from other females all the time. To obtain what she needs, she is willing and able to do almost anything.

She cannot take the risk that her man would go on to inseminate other women. These instincts are hardwired in a woman's brain and she cannot act against them or at least she can only "try" to act against them.

Now a very important subject from the point of view of seduction: a less romantic aspect of these biological and genetic instincts is that as soon as the woman feels she has obtained her purpose - having her man dependent on her using various means - she starts to slowly loose her interest in him on the sexual level.

This happens if the man has stopped being a challenge for her!!!

She is forced to decrease the amount of sex because if she gives everything to her man, his "hunger is satisfied" and she can risk loosing his support. Then the man would have no reason anymore to support her and do what she says. On the other hand, if she refuses of sex completely, there is the risk that he could find other women and she could loose him completely.

These factors are the basis of the PNP mechanism (PNP = Positive Negative Positive stimulus.)

I will describe this mechanism later in this book. Here I will tell you only briefly about the PNP mechanism, which I will describe in more detail later in this book.

A woman's strategy for keeping a man faithful to her is: give him sex (P) and refuse it little bit (N) and give him sex again (P) in an alternate fashion.

Due to this mechanism there is a basic attitude in the woman you need to get to know if you want to become an expert seducer. You can use woman's primordial and biological aspects to seduce her in only one way:

"In words, acts and omissions you need to demonstrate to her that she cannot have you."

You want a happy marriage with a beautiful and sexually active woman? Give her a "little bit" of yourself but keep her always in uncertainty so that she can never be sure of having you.

You want to keep alive rapport with the woman you have seduced? The technique is the same: she must never be sure of having you.

You must be for her a constant challenge. Women are biologically programmed to feel as the "Prince of their dreams" only the man whom they cannot have.

A simple example: I am sure, that women married to tough leaders, who are complaining all the time about how their men "are all the time at work" in reality highly admire their men on a primordial level because those men are for their women a constant challenge.

She can never be sure to having him and that makes him interesting and unattainable. He - who has such good genes - is always out there "on the road" in meetings and executives committees, with female secretaries and female colleagues in short skirts close to him.

Acting in such a way that you are always for her a challenge, you put your woman's evolutionary detector into a state of alert. This results in an exponential growth of her sexual interest for you.

At this point I see you already shouting: "But this is so easy! Why didn't I think of it before?" Wrong! It is not easy. It is very difficult.

You will be obliged to train yourself constantly to obtain this with all the mental strength you have because Nature created for the man a trap, seduction's enemy number one: "the subservient frame."

In fact men too are "slaves of genetics and evolution." A man's brain also makes mistakes as well as woman's brain.

The subservient frame is an aberration of the normal instinct of protection that a virile man normally feels for the woman and the children. When a ship goes down, the Captain shouts: "women and children first!" A strong and healthy man feels a natural instinct to protect other human beings whom he perceives as "weaker."

A woman can influence this male instinct in such an effective way that she can put the man in a state of complete psychological slavery.

The slavery starts when you are put by her or you put yourself in a subservient mental frame.

Nature programmed man by giving him a strong instinct to be protective of a woman.

This instinct expresses itself as an invincible need to protect, help, please the woman, partly for absolutely non-egoistic purposes and partly to obtain sex and affection.

This instinct goes - in particular in modern society - against the interests of the man. In a couple-relationship it often brings to a slow death to a woman's sexual desire and also often leads to divorce. Let's learn to recognize the subservient mental frame and eliminate it.

The subservient frame is seduction's enemy number one.

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