This book teaches men how to realize a dream, which until now has been considered the privilege of a few: how to become an irresistible seducer. This book is a basic manual of seduction.

This manual is the first book of an Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction & Female Relationships for the modern man I am going to publish step by step. In the upcoming books I will approach in detail more advanced issues like Street pickup, Female relationship management, Multiple Long Term Relationship, Group dynamics and Seduction and so on.

Studying and putting in practice what I teach in this and the following books will get you laid like hell and will significantly improve your relationships with women.

With the help of this book you will be able to conquer and bring to bed even the most beautiful and hot women.

This first book is for the average man who wants to get started in a systematic and thorough way in the art of seduction.

This book can be used to improve your relationships with woman in general. Single men can use it to have success with women and to find the woman of their life. Husbands can use it for improving their relationship with their own wife.

The use you put this book to depends on what you want. I can only teach you how to do it.

When your approach happens in the correct way and takes into account the structure and different means of expression of the female language even the most beautiful and feminine women will respond to your seduction in the most positive way.

The correct approach is made by several steps:

a. Finding a woman.

b. Establishing Initial contact (Opening and Small talk.)

c. Establishing Rapport & Comfort (Rapport & Comfort are not needed in all cases) & Building Attraction. I believe that these 3 stages happen contemporarily.

d. Seducing her.

f. Closing her (seducing her into having sex with you) or rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her without any explanation, i.e. ending the relationship with her forever.

What? Is that so complicated? Yes. It is complicated. Nothing can be obtained in life without application. But it works! The terminology above comes in part from sales and marketing but it can be applied to seduction as well: "From the first contact with the client to the close", "From the first contact with the woman to the love making."

By using the above structure you will achieve results in seducing women just like in every man's dream. The language I use may seem a little bit cynical, but it gives a clear picture of what really happens in a well performed seduction. After all, adult love is about taking and giving in the same amount, without regrets. Any other kind of love is a lie.

Everything I will teach in this book will seem to you quite different from what Dad, Mom and your teachers told you about women. Maybe I will even shock you a little bit. Maybe you will need some time to recover.

Also, at the beginning you may be a little bit bored. Some concepts will seem complicated and difficult to assimilate. Anyway I guarantee: if you put into practice only 20% of what I teach here, you will find it difficult to find the time to meet all the women who will fall for you.

At that point you will be satisfied that you have read this book and put it into practice.

The results you will get with the help of my book will depend basically on what you want.

You can use my book to become an irresistible seducer.

You can use it to improve the quality of a long-term relationship with your own woman in your own marriage.

You can use my book to build for yourself a harem of very beautiful women. You can use it to improve your relationship with your girlfriend. It's all up to you.

This book also teaches how to maintain many simultaneous love relationships (MLTR = Multiple Long Term Relationships) without having to tell a single lie and in an extremely satisfactory way, both for you and for the women involved.

This book contains both theoretical and practical parts. However, you can skip the theoretical parts if you want.

You will get results anyway by applying the techniques in the book.

If you really want to become a skilled artist in the field of seduction, I would advise you anyway to study the theory, too.

Knowledge of the psychological and biological laws behind the seduction process and the mastering of their application make the difference between a novice and an artist.

An artist in the art of seduction who is aware of the psychological and biological processes behind the relationship between a man and a woman can satisfy practically every dream in his relationship with a woman.

The book is based on an understanding of evolutionary psychology, of female psychology, of the differences between male and female psychology and in general on knowledge of the biology and physiology of the woman.

Psychological studies, biological studies, magnetic resonance and isotopic studies (brain imaging techniques) of the male and female brains are yielding all the time more and more evidence of an essential fact: man and woman are different, much more different than what we could imagine.

The male and female brains work in different ways and speak different languages, particularly on the emotional level.

For the woman, language does not have only a logical meaning - as it does for most men - but also and especially an emotional meaning. This does not mean that men do not have feelings.

Men do have feelings, but they are able to keep their feelings at a level of lesser importance than are women in love and social relationships.

For this reasons words such as "flower", "sky" or "eyes" or "mouth" or even entire phrases may have very different meanings in different contexts for a man or for a woman. They can be felt in a totally different way by a woman in spite of the fact that on a rational level these are words with the same meaning for both genders.

Thus whole phrases and whole concepts may be interpreted in completely different ways by a man or a woman.

This difference between the genders is the basis for happiness in love. The same difference, however, also creates a constant tension between the sexes, which is at the basis of sexual attraction.

Sadly the same differences are also the source of some difficulties and problems experimented by couples in love relationships.

Getting to know the differences between the sexes and being able to apply them to seduction will give you the possibility of learning how to become an irresistible seducer. The same skills will help you to improve your relationships with women.

Being aware of the different language and different psychology of the woman can make a man able to waken the sexual desire of a woman and keep her in a state of constant excitation.

In that way the man can make a relationship very satisfactory on both an emotional and a sexual level, for both himself and the woman. Thank God, no more strange headaches from her, but rather a constant sexual interest!

One important thing: the art of seduction cannot be learned only from books! This manual will help you to find the right way. Without the use of your brain and legs, however, you will not get results of any kind. You must do the field work!

To become an expert seducer you need to meet women and talk to them. No theory can substitute constant practice.

The only way to get results and to learn and improve in the art of seduction is constant practice. After all what waits for you at the end of the road is such a pleasant reward!

Nothing can be obtained in life without application and dedication. Not even pleasure.

So read this book, start your field work and learn how to do it!

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