Mental state

This concept is a little bit complicated. Anyway, if I tell you that once you have learned this concept, you will have huge possibilities for bringing women to bed, will you go for it? I knew it: you go for it. Good.

During the day, without even noticing it, all the time we go through different mental states. We wake up in the morning and we are happy. We go to our workplace, something goes wrong and we feel irritated.

Maybe later we receive some pleasant news and we are back again to the happy mental state. These changes happen very, very rapidly without our paying attention to them.

We just feel them.

Now the important thing is: the mental state we are in at any given moment has us seeing the world in a very, very different way, depending on which state we are in at that moment.

Let's now apply this to seduction. Let's go now to a list of some very important concepts:

- "No one can interact in a positive way with another person if he or she is not in a positive mental state."

- "Mental states are contagious. If I am irritated, I cause irritation. If I am happy, I cause happiness."

- "We can influence our mental state and put ourselves in the desired mental state.

We can also influence other people's mental states and have them in the mental state we want."

This means that before you interact with a woman for the purpose of seducing her, you need to ask yourself: "Am I in the right mental state?"

If you feel that you are not in the right mental state, then it is better to try to put yourself in the desired state before you do anything.

This does not go against the rule of the fast approach because WHEN you are in the correct state that is the right moment to begin on approaches.

If you are not in the right mental state, however, you can use techniques to attain it. This is done using Anchors.

An "Anchor" is whatever person, place, thing, music or whatever thing/event which brings to mind the desired mental state.

Some examples: if in the town there is a waiter who is a great guy and you have fun talking with him and whose name is Mark then he is an "Anchor" for a fun state when talking.

If you go out for a pickup session to seduce women, first go to the bar where Mark is. Have a chat with him.

Chances are that talking with him your mental state will become happy and relaxed. When you are in that state you telegraph to others happiness and relaxation and you are: seductive!

If listening to a certain kind of music puts you into the desiderated state, then listen to that music before you go to approach women.

Train yourself to recognize situations, places, people, things recalling for you positive mental states and to put yourself into that state before you interact with the women you want to seduce.

Train yourself to observe your own states.

Realize that when in the proper state, you are likely to come across as very seductive and when in the wrong state you are likely to come across as boring.

Calibrating a woman's own states is an advanced skill and I will teach it to you in the upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships for the modern man.

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