MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships

A man's sexual instinct is pressing.

A healthy adult man, who for one reason or another is in a state of sexual deprivation, feels bad and doesn't live well. A healthy adult man needs to have sex at least once a day or at a minimum 4-5 times a week. The lack of sex is an extremely painful and unhealthy condition, particularly if the man is under constant presence of a stimulus: very beautiful women in front of his eyes all the time.

A man's pressing sexual instinct is one of the main reasons why a woman succeeds by means of the PNP mechanism in binding a man to her for long periods.

As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself: "How can I satisfy my masculine sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term relationship?"

Particularly if you are a man with a strong sexual instinct, you are at risk of being trapped by the woman's PNP mechanism because she will start to withdraw sex in the precise moment she realizes that you "open up" to her and that you are going from an Alpha to a beta state = are going to relax with her and take it easy.

In this case the answer to your problem is MLTR, i.e. Multiple Long Term Relationships.

To maintain a multiple long term relationships, you must first reach a certain level in the art of seduction. As long as you are not expert in seduction, you will always be, concerning your sexual and affection needs, at the mercy of luck.

The circle of luck is a vicious circle to which men not expert in seduction are subject. It means that if a man, who is not expert in seduction, succeeds in getting a woman that happens only because he was lucky in meeting a woman who got interested in him for some particular reason.

Maybe he is "handsome", "athletic", "intelligent", "rich", or maybe "she liked the tie and aftershave he was wearing that night" and so on.

The woman got interested in him not because he had seductive qualities and dared to press "the right buttons" of a woman's psyche but he got her only because he was lucky.

In the case that things don't end up well with that particular woman being that he lacks the skills in the art of seduction, he is forced to wait for the circle of luck to recur in order to get another woman.

Be honest with yourself: if you don't learn the seduction art you will be:

1. Forced to be bound to only one woman and to suffer from the distortion of the only option if you are in love with her or to be in an unsatisfactory relationship if you don't love her.

2. In the absence of a woman, you will be compelled by your strong sexual instinct to look for new women. If you do not have the skills to seduce them, you will soon end up "getting lucky" again. Soon you will be again in a committed relationship with a woman who will have all power on you.

Why? Because the more beautiful she is, the more in our society she will have the same "market value" as a Ferrari or a Nokia telephone or the Microsoft Corporation while if you are not able to be a good seducer you will be - compared to her - at the "market value" of a Third World country.

If men would not attribute so much value to beautiful women and would not worship them so much, then their market value would be at a reasonable level, but that is not the real situation right now. So practically speaking the "imbalance" in market value is created by beta males who worship beautiful women.

Learning to be an expert seducer means exiting the circle of luck forever, only when you are expert enough so that you can exit the circle of luck can you start creating the MLTR.

Actually MLTR is a substitute for marriage which gives you the possibility of continuing your life as a seducer and at the same time having the advantages of being married without its disadvantages - this, of course, provided you are good at it.

One of the most positive outcomes of woman's liberation is that if you go out on the streets to pickup women and you are good at it you will find plenty of single, married or divorced women who are ready to have sex with you without risking getting imprisoned or executed, like it was the case in many more traditional countries of the past history and like it is the case in many more traditional countries around the world still nowadays.

You can practice MLTR also by hiding the existence of other women, but I don't recommend it. The best way to build the MLTR is honesty. Yes, honesty.

As we have seen in the other chapters, the more a woman feels that other women want you, the more at an instinctual level she considers you seductive.

Apart from society's conditioning, at an instinctual level a woman "feels" that if many women are in your bed then you must for sure be a phenomenon.

And now I shall teach you how to do it. The first thing you learn is to ask yourself: "What do I want from women?"

Without asking yourself this question you will not succeed in creating MLTRs because one of the fundamental principles of MLTR is to tell the woman you seduced, from the beginning of the relationship, what you expect from the relationship.

One of the fundamentals principles of MLTR is: "Welcome as a guest in my world, dear!"

After that you inform her of what you expect from her.

If you don't know what you want from women and from her, it will be very, very difficult to communicate it to women.

MLTR have a hierarchic structure. It can be done in two ways:

- A Primary and several secondaries. In case you like living with a woman or spending with one woman most of your time.

- Only several secondaries. In case you want to live alone and don't want to have a "special one."

Your Primary woman is a woman with whom, because of a series of qualities - for example beauty, intelligence, sensitivity and so on - you want to spend most of your time. One of the main criteria with which you select your primary woman is the way she treats you.

Remember that there isn't any quality in a woman which is more important than the way she treats you (go on and read the chapter "How to recognize psychically disturbed women.") If you give a woman the possibility of ill-treating you, you are classified as beta within a second. After that you can never have a satisfying emotional and sexual relationship with that woman anymore.

Unacceptable treatment is, for example, making you feel guilty or showing you lack of respect.

To maintain the MLTR you have in any case to decide how much time you want to give to the primary woman. For me it's about 60-70% of the time, but you may choose differently.

In any case, you need time to keep more than one satisfying relationship at the same time, therefore you will give privileges to the Primary woman - who is in practice your First Lady - but you can never give all of your time to her otherwise you cannot maintain your relationships with your secondary women.

Your Secondary women are the other women who are part of your MLTR system. In general I have, in addition to my Primary woman, always 6-7 Secondary women. This is already enough to have the possibility of having fun every evening of the week if you like. Of course, the choice is up to you. The Secondary women are women you meet during the time that you don't give to the Primary woman.

In spite of the fact many women nowadays say they like open relationships, in reality no woman will be able to stand the Primary role for too long.

The instinct to change an Alpha male into a beta is so strong in every woman that on the long run no woman can live with the fact that she does not own you completely.

So Primaries will leave sooner or later from the MLTR. Be prepared for it. They will do something to end the relationship as soon as they notice that they cannot have you completely - in spite of the fact that they were enthusiastic at the beginning about the whole thing.

You can organize the MLTR also without a Primary woman for example in the case that you like to live alone. In that case you have from 3 to 6-7 women you see regularly and have sex with, spend time with and share things with.

Due to the large amount of women who quit relationships with beta subservient males, the biggest towns of several European and American nations are filled with women of all ages willing to share their life with an Alpha male. These are golden times for playboys and nightmare times for husbands.

Therefore in order to create and maintain a MLTR setting you must:

- Ask yourself what you want from women and create a system of rules and values.

Remember: you are the leader of your MLTR. For example, I like to spend time with my Primary woman at home, in bars, traveling, in erotic activities, and with my secondary women maybe I make love from time to time, go out to dinner and so on.

- Communicate to women about your MLTR lifestyle, your system of rules and values and invite them into your world.

For example, you may want a rather intense relationship with one woman and other minor relationships with others as well. Or maybe you want to meet one woman one week and another woman another week. And so on.

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