Patterns and hidden commands

A pattern is a phrase directed to influence a woman's mind:

1. To be attracted to the seducer.

2. To feel erotic feelings towards the seducer.

Patterns are used all the time in marketing. We just don't notice it. For example the phrase:" Loosing weight pleasurably with Real Chocolate", where Real Chocolate is some random chocolate commercial product. Maybe the slogan is written close to the figure of a slim and beautiful woman.

This is practically a pattern. The phrase is intended to use words to obtain a certain psychological effect on the potential buyers. In this case:

Get slim and enjoy = you eat Real Chocolate and get slim at the same time. You will not notice it but, the next time you see Real Chocolate in a market, the chances you will buy it are pretty high.

This is because at a certain level in your psyche, you will "feel" that you will get slim if you eat that chocolate.

Even children know that eating chocolate makes you fat. Still - in spite of that - you will sometimes find yourself eating Real Chocolate and you will feel like you are loosing weight.

Subliminal influence is at work here.

Examples of patterns which can be used in seduction:

"Did you ever think about a wonderful vacation in the Tropics? Think me & you on a comfortable boat, resting together while the waves of the sea relax us, the sun penetrates your skin and you feel a sense of warmth taking all the tension off of you."

Comfortable, warmth = erotic sensations.

Me & you, waves make us relax = expressions linking the seducer to the woman, like in a prophecy.

The sun penetrates your skin = hidden sexual command.

An hidden command is a word or a phrase, with an erotic or seductive meaning, seeming to refer to "something else" and being there "as a coincidence."

In the above example the hidden command "sun penetrates your skin" is directed at forming in woman's mind the image of being penetrated by the seducer.

A man can laugh at this but women are aroused first of all by words.

This means of seduction may seem stupid or even crazy to a man. Due to the difference in the language and the structure of the emotions in a woman - we have been discussing it in the preceding chapters - these phrases have for the woman an extremely seductive meaning.

This is in effect what women mean when they complain that men are not able to express emotions.

If you give women what they want, they will give you what you want!

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