Psychologically disturbed women How to quickly recognise them and get rid of them even quicker

As a seducer you will no longer be in contact just with your cat and your beloved Maria who lives next door. You will be in contact everyday with a whole series of many different women. There is a reality to which you must be prepared otherwise you'll go through a lot of trouble:

"The majority of women have problems, some have big problems. Many women you encounter on your path as a seducer are psychologically disturbed."

You must learn to recognize them and bring them to bed just once or in some cases getting rid of them at the first contact, without even bringing them to bed. My experience with women is that, if you start a relationship with a psychologically disturbed woman, things will turn out worse and worse in future in an exponential curve.

Psychologically disturbed women must be recognized and excluded from the game from the very beginning! Don't delude yourself: if you put yourself in the role of protector/therapist of disturbed women - it doesn't matter how beautiful - you will find yourself in a lot of trouble very soon.

Careful: this chapter is very, very important for those of you who want to use my book to seduce women with the purpose of having a long-term relationship or marriage. Stick these concepts on the mirror where you see yourself in the morning.

Yes I know. It's already filled with little notes you have written.

As a seducer I have heard the stories of hundreds of women and of their men and I have came to the conclusion that many, too many men on this planet are not capable of realizing on time when they are being treated like dogs by women! Yes, just like that.

If you notice this characteristic in you, read this chapter well. You will need it, and you will then be grateful to me.

How to recognize a psychologically disturbed woman:

Sign 1: If she can't accept anything good and pleasant that you want to give her or that you want to do with her, that woman is surely disturbed.

This is the most important sign.

This seems to be in contrast to what I told you about the ineffectiveness of being a sweet and gentle type, but it is not.

You are allowed be sweet and gentle to a woman as long as she is sweet and gentle in return to you and as long as she gives you the same good things in the same amount. You can be good to a woman and as long as you keep your Alpha attitude and her tries to change you into beta do not escalate to damaging your vital interests and you are able to neutralize them.

The essential point where a psychologically disturbed woman differs from all the others is that she is generally not capable of getting good things from you at all!

You must only try to understand from the beginning if she shows this characteristic and dump her without looking back.

Therefore, when you meet a new woman, observe her for a while: if she has difficulty in being treated well by others and tries instead to cause in you violent and unlawful behavior, bring her to bed once and then dump and forget her.

All women test men and sometime they enjoy making them angry, but the disturbed women I am talking about are women who continuously and with an abnormal intensity are absolutely incapable of letting others treat them well and try in every way to make others ill-treat them.

If she presents this trait, there is a 99% probability that she is psychologically disturbed and to continue with her surely means to go through a lot of trouble. At the most, if she is not a "serious case" and you are interested in a MLTR, you might make her a Secondary woman, but don't think about the possibility that she might be your Primary woman or your wife or your girlfriend.

It would be the worst thing you could do to yourself.

Yes, I know. You are a warrior, you are not afraid and you want to try. Go on and try and then write to me. Men must have the worst of it before understanding. It's part of our nature as men. As Nietzsche says, a real man loves the danger and the game.

Sign 2: If she is not able to give anything to others, behaves scornfully towards others or tries to profit using manipulation, sex or any other mean without worrying in the least about others, bring her to bed and then dump her. If she has a history of manipulating the men in her life in order to gain, or of having used means such as making men feel guilty and complaining about everything in order to gain, surely she will try to repeat the same with you. She may be a wonderful companion for sex and a MLTR, but don't start an exclusive relationship with her. It would be the same as living in the same house with a snake. It will surely turn out badly: for you.

Sign 3: She has a history of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, bulimia, anorexia or self-punishment. Forget about her! She is surely disturbed.

It might be ok for having fun, but nothing more. If you try to have a sentimental relationship with her, you will suffer the worst sorrows you can imagine.

It has no importance how beautiful she is. When you are not able to sleep anymore at night, her beauty will seem absolutely irrelevant to you.

Sign 4: She has a history of repeatedly failed love relationships with mentally and physically abusive men. If she tells you stories about all those "evil men" in her life, this is an even worse sign.

Very probably, unless you are Al Capone or Dillinger, the story will repeat itself in a relationship with you and you will go to jail or she will go to bed with the first Dillinger or Al Capone she meets on the street.

Sign 5: She is unable to enjoy sex in a natural way. She doesn't feel any pleasure. She despises sexuality. She has a "very deep morality" and she feels that she is above sensual pleasure. Dump her!

What future could you have with such a woman if you are a sexually active man?

Even if she seems to be the reincarnation of Mother Theresa, you are dealing with a very elaborate form of the above: a psychologically extremely disturbed woman! Don't let her deceive you.

Sign 6: She has problems of psychological dependence or she wants to always be at the center of attention.

Although this is not the worst of all signs, before entering a long-term relationship with her, remember two things: she may be willing to do anything to get attention and if she has dependency problems, then she may be willing to do anything in order of not to become independent. And who pays the price of those problems in a long-term relationship: you of course!

Sign 7: The last but not the least important. There are women who live according to just one rule: "I don't do absolutely anything if I don't feel like doing it right now." These women might be beautiful and fascinating but they are like Odysseus' Siren. Enter the same sea with them: they eat you.

You can never know what will happen the day after and because they find an idiot who puts up with their behavior because he drools behind their ass at every corner, they don't have any motivation to change this attitude. The engagement or wedding ring will not make her change this attitude. It will become even worse and you will pay the price.

Don't be disheartened by the above list. The world is filled with beautiful and fascinating women with a wonderful character ready to share with you life's joys.

The above criteria are a guide for eliminating the dangers to your tranquility and quality of life beginning with the first date. Don't delude yourself: you will not succeed in changing or improving the above women. You can more easily succeed in founding a Company or in making an extraordinary scientific discovery than in changing or improving a woman with the traits I described.

The only solution is to remove them from your life or, if you like, to bring them to bed follow these rules:

1. Have no sentimental or financial bond with them.

2. Don't give them the keys of your apartment for any reason.

You will avoid many sleepless nights.

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