Rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her forever When it is better to give up and look for something better

While seducing women you will often be in a situation in which you need to decide whether the whole thing is worth continuing or not.

There is one general rule to follow: seducing a woman must never be such a big deal that you would be willing to reduce your quality of life for it.

There is also a paradox. If the woman senses that you are suffering and reducing your quality of life in order to seduce her, you will obtain the opposite effect: she will consider you beta and your relationship will suffer from it very, very fast.

Practically speaking, this means that if you make an effort to seduce a woman and the situation leads - for one reason or another, depending or not depending on her - to canceling gym, eating fast, not seeing friends, having problems at work, loosing money and so on, things are not going well:

You are in the subservient frame!

Women know this very well. One of the things a woman will surely test from the beginning is how much she has you running because of her beauty and her attractiveness. If you fall into the trap, you will not seduce her anymore and your quality of life will shortly fall to a miserable level. In fact when a woman tests this, she is looking for the exact opposite of what she may seem to be looking for: a man who does not put up with her whims. She is looking for a man who keeps his cool and takes it easy.

Women are extremely voluble creatures. In the chapter dedicated to "feminine logic" I will introduce you into the exciting and interesting world of female logic.

Don't expect for her to feel today and tomorrow in the same way. Feminine thought does not follow logic. She can feel one sensation today and another completely different sensation tomorrow.

The best way to relate to a woman is not to take her seriously! Consider what she does and feels as related to the precise moment it happens, without even trying to link it to the past or the future.

In an emotional sense women really "live in the present."

Every person on this planet has a different system of beliefs. It is statistically impossible for you to satisfy any kind of value or find an explanation for every kind of belief and every kind of feeling. Nature offers an enormous variety of women, so it is absolutely not recommended to remain stuck in a situation which is not giving you what you want.

If you don't get what you want in the space of one to three meetings with a woman, it is better to let her go and move on to someone better. This is especially true for inexperienced guys. When you have more experience, you will be able also to make some exceptions to this rule.

When practicing seduction, you will find yourself in different exciting and challenging situations, where - for one reason or another - she will not surrender. She did not find the dress she was looking for from a shop. You have the same nose as her last boyfriend, who was an asshole; the color of what you wear reminds her of the color of her cat who died last year: yes, the female mind works this way!

In this case it is much better to let her go because your time is valuable, because she is insisting that you go into the subservient frame and because after all, the world is full of beautiful women and so on.

There are two options for not wasting precious time:

a. Rejecting her and telling her why, which means telling her why you don't want to see her again and give her a chance to fix it.

b. Rejecting her without any explanation forever. This means practically: "Goodbye, Sweetie. I wish you all the best and for the rest of your life!" and you cease to have any further contact with her.

And now here is an example of rejecting her and telling her why. In this case you tell her you are not going to see her and you tell her why.

In this case you tell and make the woman understand that you will not waste your precious time with her unless she is ready to give at least as much to you as you are willing to give to her. This is in effect either a direct or indirect way of telling her: "Now I am temporarily interrupting giving my attention to you because you are not giving to me in return what I expect from you."

Let's look at a practical example:

You are at a party full of beautiful women and after you approach her she says something the purpose of which is clearly to put you into the subservient frame.

Another possibility is that she says something which is lacking in respect for you.

With practice you will notice that 90% of women will try that from their very first interaction with you. For this major group, the lack of respect is a test. It is very easy to deal with by calling her on her behavior promptly.

The other 10% are man haters, psychologically disturbed women and it is better to let them go after having clearly told them to get lost. A normal woman with a very strong sexual desire can use the lack of respect as a test, but she stops when she realizes that the man is dealing with it in the proper way: calling her on it.

A psychologically disturbed woman or a man hater will go on continue with the lack of respect forever.

In that case, better let them go from the very beginning because it will not get any better after a year or two.

Well let's go to the example. You approach her and she says:

She: "I am a free woman. I don't like men who try to hit on me only to take me to bed."

She: "I have a boyfriend and I am very much in love with him!"

I assume that you approached her in the right way and did not say something stupid like: "You have such a wonderful smile." I assume you just opened an average conversation about something neutral (neutral opener.) I also assume that she was not flirting with you and was not giving signs of interest.

Now why does she answer in that way? What told her you are trying to seduce her? You just talked to her about average subjects, for example, the weather.

It is obvious that she is trying to qualify you in advance (= you are one of those losers trying to go behind me all the time) and it is a test for you at the same time.

In that way she raises the price of her shares (= her value) unilaterally, she tells you that she will not give you her stuff in exchange for your stuff in the same amount. She even tries to put you - in a very sneaky way - into the subservient frame = you are the one who is asking for something from her.

At that point you unilaterally raise the price of your shares (= your own value), use the Rejecting her and telling her why and say: (with a smile)

"Sorry Dear. I've got a tremendous headache. You know: I have been working all day. I cannot listen to personal problems at the moment" (hers.)

Then you go on to chat with the first beautiful woman at the party who is close to you. By telling her that you do not have time to listen to her personal problems, you also let her know why (explanation= you are being a bitch and I'm going to give my attention to some other woman right now. If you change your behavior though, I may reconsider.)

From that moment if she is not ready to pay your price for your attention, she has to accept the fact that other women will have your attention. The majority of women do not like very much the idea of your giving attention to other women, especially when it happens right under their eyes.

We will approach in a more extensive way how the presence of other women influences the female psyche in the chapter dedicated to Social proof.

And now let's dedicate ourselves to the Rejecting her without any explanation forever. It can be used in these cases:

1. She repeatedly tries not to give you her good stuff in exchange for your good stuff, in spite of the fact you made her understand clearly that you are the kind of man (Alpha) with whom it is not worth behaving that way.

Prepare yourself also for this possibility.

I have seduced women who are simply not able to be with a man if they don't feel they can have him under their control. It may be good to go to bed with this kind of women, but don't get into a relationship with them. Assuming that you are a strong Alpha personality like I am, that would mean a never-ending war at home.

2. She treats you like a dog without any reason and is lacking in respect for you to such an extent that it is like heading down a dead-end street. This happens in spite of the fact that you called her clearly and firmly from the very beginning on it. This happens in spite of the fact that you made perfectly clear from the beginning that you are not the kind of man whom she can mess with.

There are also women like this: they try to take the upper hand in the relationship by using their lack of respect from the first very moment. They know there are thousands of men ready to buy them food, clothes, vacations and everything and letting them to do almost anything nasty in return.

What kind of relationship could you have with a woman you let show her lack of respect to you more than once? The above women have to be put out of your game from the beginning.


Don't give to a woman a chance to lack of respect to you, not even once! Alpha males do not let other people lack of respect to them. If a woman lacks of respect to you it is: "Adios!"

At the beginning, when you are still learning the art of seduction, it is better to use the Rejecting her and telling her why and Rejecting her without any explanation forever at the first very signs of disturbing behavior from her.

You need to keep in mind that if in front of you there is a woman who is not able to appreciate you, whereas behind the nearest corner there are many others who can and many of them may be even more beautiful and more intelligent and very willing to give you their goodies.

Every minute of your life that you loose with a woman who does not give something in return for what you give to her is a minute less spent with others who could appreciate you. So don't conduct such bad business!

You can follow the growth of your seductive qualities by counting the number of times you need to use the Rejecting techniques. You will notice that as your seductive qualities become better the times you need to use them decrease all the time.

Examples of Rejecting her:

"Sweetie, I've a terrible headache. I am afraid I can't spend this evening with you."

"Maybe it is better we don't call each other for a while. You know: in life sometimes people need their own space."

And so on.

By behaving in that way you obtain the following advantages:

1. You don't loose precious time you could put to better use: the world if full of beautiful women.

2 You keep the Alpha position, which is the only one a woman really respects.

In fact, if you agree to be in a relationship with a woman who repeatedly tries to take from you and does not give anything in return, you are giving her a green light telling her that she can take advantage of you in the future.

That would in any case lead to problems later: the primordial part of her will never be able to respect a man, who lets her do that. Instead, using Rejecting techniques you raise your Value in her eyes promptly.

Be realistic: if she does not appreciate what you have to give to her, if she does not give to you at least in the same amount as you give to her, she will not change her behavior in the future. It will be even worse later on.

Experience has taught me that if a woman behaves in a certain way at the beginning of the relationship, she will behave in the same way or even worse later. Most of the women I know to be real bitches make small tests from the beginning to see how they can get their way with you. If they see they can do what they want with you, their behavior changes for the worse all the time.

So don't let women get their way with you from the very beginning. They will get horny like hell for it and want even more sex. You will also save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Also read with attention the chapter "How to recognize psychologically disturbed women." I will tell you how to recognize from the beginning the women with whom it is not worthwhile getting into a relationship with.

Of course, when you have become an expert, you will also be able to seduce these "difficult cases."

Anyway, no matter how tough and experienced you become in the future, keep in mind that you will never be able to change another person.

So be careful about who are the ones you spend your precious time with!

At the beginning, when you are not yet experienced, it is better to use the Rejecting techniques at the first signs from her that she does not want to give you at least the same amount of good things compared to the good things that you are ready to give to her.

Follow this rule and you will never be sorry.

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