Social proof

I am surely going to shock you with this. It's so different from what you have been taught since you were a child. But try to put it into practice and you'll see that it works very effectively.

social proof means that, the more a woman gets to know that you have other women and go to bed with them, the more exciting and interesting she will find you.

In my MLTRs (Multiple Long Term Relationships) all my women know very well that I have other women: I am the one to tell them from the beginning. Do I get slapped, considered immoral? Not at all!

They simply adore me.

Actually, for a woman to know that another woman wants me is a source of extreme excitement. The fact that other women want you is, at an instinctual level, interpreted by the woman as a sign that you are very good genetically. Actually the same laws of marketing are at work here: everyone wants a Ferrari. Then Ferrari must be a wonderful car! Everybody wants a Nokia mobile phone. Then Nokia must surely be an excellent phone!

This kind of marketing logic works very well in women's world as well. If her girlfriends consider you desirable and other women want you, then she considers you desirable and she wants you.

Remember, however, that every woman - as we have already seen in this book - has two levels: not only the instinctual level but also the social conditioning level.

It requires some ability to use Social proof. Society has put in the head of every woman certain codes: marriage, fidelity, guilty feelings. She is forced to face her social level, which denies the instinctual one, even more than for men, because women have been repressed much more than men concerning sexuality.

Techniques for using social proof as means of seduction:

- Women of your past: contrary to what men not expert in seduction and who don't know the terrific seduction power of social proof do, tell her about women of your past when you try to seduce her. To help bypass the socially conditioned part of her personality tell her "by chance" and in "an indirect way" of that "very beautiful Maria, who was your girlfriend a year ago, who was so intelligent and sexy..."

Use your fantasy and say how in your past women were following you. If she tries to make you feel guilty or if she gets shocked, that is a good moment to show her that you are a bad guy. Read the chapter about the figure of the bad guy. The more you show her that you are a bad guy, the more she falls in love with you.

When you talk about the past, do it in a light and amusing way; it's not very seductive to tell her about the quarrels you had with the beautiful Maria, who was your girlfriend or to tell about your problems in relationship and so on. Keep the negative aspects for yourself.

Tell her about your women of the past, of how they were dying to see you, of how at the end you were the one who "had" to interrupt the relationship because "after all she wasn't feminine enough" or in some other way not suitable for you. In that way you also raise your value to the eyes of the one you are trying to seduce.

If you listen to women carefully, you will notice that they use the above all the time on men.

- Women, who are right now around you: men not expert in seduction think that the interest of the woman increases if you make her understand that "she is the only one in the world." On the contrary, things are not like this.

The social proof principle shows that a woman's sexual interest of for a man increases if she knows or finds out that the man who is trying to seduce her is desired by other women.

For example, this is a technique which is very frequently used by women who want to keep husbands and boyfriends under their control. They flirt with other men in front of their partner's eyes and they create scenes of jealousy in order to have the possibility of keeping their beloved under constant control.

Many women don't make a mystery of the fact that at work men look at them and try to bring them to bed. You can use exactly the same technique to raise her sexual interest for you sky-high. Tell her in a colorful way how Gina, the secretary, can't take her eyes off from you at the workplace or how that wonderful redhead in the bar on the ground floor was trying anything to get your telephone number and so on.

Remember: if you say to a woman: "You are the only woman of my life" she interprets it at an instinctual level as: "No woman wants him: there must be something wrong with him."

- The Pivot is a beautiful woman with whom you show up with the purpose of increasing another woman's sexual interest in you. You may use beautiful women who, for one reason or another, are not in a relationship with you "yet", as Pivot.

When you go to clubs, parties, meetings, go with a beautiful woman. If you like to have MLTRs then the Pivot might be your Primary or some beautiful Secondary - read the chapter about MLTR for the concept of Primary and Secondary women.

The more they see you around with beautiful women, the more your seductive shares increase in value.


Social proof is one of the most powerful means of seduction you can use to get more and more beautiful women.

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