Soft signs

This is the most important chapter of this book.

If you learn this well you will be able to seduce women very easily.

The most important skill you need to learn to seduce women everywhere is:

Learn to read their evolutionary detector's soft signs and react properly to them, with the goal of laying them.

As I wrote, woman's evolutionary detector is a function of a woman's organism, a very primitive one.

As such, the evolutionary detector is connected with all the other functions of a woman's organism. This includes the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system.

The peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, which innervate the arms, legs, face, heart, lungs, genital organs, tell us what happens in her mind.

A "Soft Sign" is practically any kind of non-verbal/physiological event telling us what happens in her brain.

This happens because every human being is biologically and physiologically a whole.

Everything happens simultaneously. In a human organism the body tells one about the mind and the mind tells one about the body.

Some examples:

Let's imagine you are watching a football match. Your favorite team is close to winning.

Now let's imagine that you could go out of your body, sit close to yourself and watch yourself while you react to the exciting events.

You could observe that:

- You lean forward.

- Your eyes look straight at the field where the match is being played.

- Your muscles are in a state of contraction.

- You breathe faster or keep yourself from running out of breathe.

- You smile, or laugh.

- If you were to look closer, you could see how the veins of your neck become bigger and bigger.

- If you were to observe your chest and the arteries of your neck you would notice that your heart is beating faster and faster.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to:

Observe the "soft signs" of an emotional state!

At this point you are already doing Neuropsychology. You are detecting the soft physical signs of a neurological event: a mental state.

Now, this skill of learning to observe the soft signs in a woman will get you laid.


You will get laid by observing the non-verbal soft signs of her primitive evolutionary detector and by giving to it the right answers.

Now let's go to another scene.

Let's imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant and observing a couple while the man is being pathologically jealous.

The man will observe all the time his woman's evolutionary detector's soft signs. Soon after he will react to them and picking a fight with her.

Why does he do that? He is better than other men in reading the soft signs. He is hypersensitive.

He will watch his woman eyes and facial expression. If a good-looking guy is close to them he will study her eyes. If she likes that guy, she will instinctively look down and blush slightly.

Now, this looking down and blushing is a sign of sexual submission in female primates.

It is the female's evolutionary detector spotting a guy with good genetic attributes. It gives the message:" I like you. Take me. I submit to you sexually."

After a while you will see the poor guy getting angry, shouting to her, "What the fuck are you looking at, Bitch!"

He is both sensitive and paranoid. He reads her soft signs as "she wants to be fucked by him."

He is blaming her for something, which is perfectly natural: she gets sexually aroused at the sight of a good-looking guy.

The soft signs are so many, that it is not possible to list them all in one book.

Anyway, when seducing a female you need to:

- Stop thinking rationally.

- Put yourself in a relaxed mental state.

- Observe her: her body posture, her face, her eyes, her movements. You should observe every physical event telling something about her inner emotional state at any given moment.

Women, especially women who have children, are very good at this. They have trained themselves for centuries in the art of reading the non-verbal soft signs. It has been a matter of survival for them.

They had to calm down that dangerous beast know as the Alpha male.


As I have stated before the female evolutionary detector is an organ meant to screen for the best genetic material possible.

Driven by her instincts a woman is forced to:

1. Screen for genetic material which is as perfect as possible.

2. Submit sexually to the man who owns that genetic material to the largest possible extent.

Remember: she does not screen only for your height or the color of your eyes. She screens especially for your:

- Impudence skills.

- Dominance skills.

- Leadership skills.

- Masculine aggression skills.

Now the sequence you need to follow to seduce a woman is this one:

1. Observe the soft signs.

2. Adjust your reactions to them properly.

3. Show impudence, dominance, leadership qualities, masculine aggressiveness and determination at the right moment and in right proportions.

4. Just take her when she shows signs of sexual submission.

This is, however, not enough.

A modern woman does not screen only for the above masculine attributes.

She also screens for feminine attributes in a man, especially modern women do this all the time.

A woman screens very often for:

- Your communication skills.

- Your ability to share emotions with her.

Women can afford nowadays to screen for these qualities. This would have been useless and even dangerous for her in more primitive times.

Remember: a modern woman is always screening for a mix of masculine and feminine qualities albeit with the focus on the masculine ones.

Remember: if you focus only on feminine qualities when seducing her, you will get lot of positive feedback but you will not get laid. (Unless she has lesbian tendencies.)

You will become her best girlfriend or should we say "male girlfriend"?

The skill of being able to read a woman's soft signs, the skills of being able to give her the proper answers at the right moment and in the right proportions are the same as the skill of being able to seduce her and get laid.

You can also run tests on her and learn from her soft signs the right way to seduce her.

If I want to understand how much a woman likes tough guys, I may, for example, whisper out of the blue in her ear, if the waiter is behaving in a rude way: "Darling, I can put a bullet into his head if it is ok for you." Of course I smile. She laughs. She knows it is a joke. She knows I am being cocky and funny.

What she does not know though is how many things I can tell about her and her personality only by saying something like that and observing her soft signs.

If she blushes a little bit, giggles, looks down in a submissive way, her soft signs tell me that being a tough guy will be the right way to seduce her.

If she looks back at me with an angry look, or if she gets scared, I rapidly adjust my behavior in the proper direction.

She may need a softer approach. Or she may be a masculine lady who likes to compete with men and may be the one I should cast out of my life rapidly.

She may be a woman with good self-esteem who prefers clever talks to gun fights in a restaurant and so on.

So I could seduce her by going to theater with her, holding her hand while watching a play by Shakespeare. Maybe later I might bring her to my flat to discuss the play and I would proceed to lay her.

All the above ladies' soft signs gave me guidelines on how to seduce them:

- If the lady blushes, giggles and gives other signs of sexual submission when I say "I'll put a bullet in the head of the waiter", she is a woman who screens very much for dominance in a man.

- If the lady has soft signs indicating fear, she may be one who screens for sweetness in a man.

- If the lady gets angry, she may be a woman who screens for intelligence and other "softer" Leadership qualities than using a gun in man. Or she may be a masculine woman who gets angry if the man is dominant. Or she may be a beta female who is afraid of dominance issues in the first place.

By having developed this skill I can board a bus and notice within seconds which one of the ladies is open to a sexual approach, which one of the ladies is pissed off and so on.

All those soft signs tell us, moment by moment, how to adjust one's approach to seducing a woman effectively.

You need to look especially for the soft signs of:

- Sexual submission.

- Sexual arousal.

Some extreme example:

A woman laughing at you with contempt or looking to her left or right with contempt is certainly not sexually submissive at that moment.

You have to adjust your approach to induce sexual submission and submission in general; otherwise there is no way you will lay her.

Her evolutionary detector will not let her submit sexually to you if you let her be dominant with you: it is a sign that you possess bad genetic material.

On the other hand, a woman who blushes and looks down when you look at her straight into her eyes is surely giving signs of sexual submission.

You can go on with the seduction and lay her. Remember: she will not submit without testing you further!

I often look at the lower part of the body of a woman when I talk to her and seduce her.

If I am eliciting sexual submission, the lower part of her body will start to move with movements very similar to the ones she would perform during sexual intercourse.

That soft sign tells me that I am on the way to influencing her evolutionary detector positively.

For example if I say:

"Want me to shoot the waiter, Baby?"

And she giggles and moves her lower part of the body. I know now that I am on the right track.

Remember: society has been for centuries very repressive towards female sexuality. Woman's sexual repression has also an influence on you.

Many of you may be quite surprised and even shocked when learning these skills of reading soft signs, of learning to understand and speak the female language and when realizing what extremely sexual creatures women are.

I tell this because many of you will have, due to societal influence, a tendency to deny a woman's detector's sexual signals, because your teacher and your parents probably taught you that women are angels and good mothers, without any sexual drive.

The truth is that men have much better control on their sexual drive then women because they are able to use logic. They are able to repress their emotions better than women.

However, most men are not as able to reach women on an emotional level as they should. Most men are not able to speak women's own language.

So women often come out deeply unsatisfied and are obliged to experience their own sexuality on the terms of their men.

If you free yourself from the above denial, slowly you will learn to read their soft signs like an open book.

You will learn to react properly to the woman's evolutionary detector's signals and you will be able to make her happy both in the course of a short-term seduction as well as in a longer relationship or marriage.

That will get you laid, and make you very happy, no matter what you are aiming for.

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