Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Part 1 - The Right Attitude

Genetics, seduction's best friend 8

Woman's primordial instincts 16

The subservient frame and the PNP-mechanism 22

Woman's language and seduction 32

Woman's emotional states 38

The alpha male and the alpha attitude 44

The nice guy syndrome 49

Part 2 - Seduction in Practice

The phases of a seduction 52

Find out about her values and give her what she wants 64

The concept of the frame of an interaction 67

Cocky and funny 69

Mental state 74

Human relationships are made of exchanges 76

Rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her forever 78

Finding out about her values & system of beliefs 84

The phase of physical contact 87

The rule of the fast approach 90

Patterns and hidden commands 92

Female tests and how to overcome them to seduce a woman 94

A list of the principal female tests and their meaning 98

The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet: challenge 101

The concept of context (frame) 109

The concept of reframing 111

The slut guilt neutralizing defense 112

Tests never end 114

Manipulation, lack of respect, inducing feelings of guilt 121

Social proof 128

Fidelity and seduction, a new context 131

The cognitive distortion of the only option 135

MLTR. Multiple Long-Term Relationships 139

Techniques for building a MLTR 143

The bad guy 145

Psychologically disturbed women 149

Attraction 153

The important meaning of qualification 157

Fast rate PNP technique 163

Bust her "balls" 165

Soft signs 168

Being a single man and living alone 174

A new context 176

Being a playboy 179

Being a husband and father 180

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