Techniques for building a MLTR

Of course, to build a MLTR you are not going to tell to a woman: "Listen. I want to fuck you and six other ladies at the same time. Is that ok with you?"

That would be the way you would tell it to another man. Remember? Women are emotional creatures. You need to talk to them emotionally.

You will not have women agreeing to be in a MLTR by using logic because that is a language they do not understand.

You have to present the whole thing to the woman you want into your MLTR using female language.

As you have read in the chapter about female language, women love two kinds of words:

- Absolute words: such as Universality, Centeredness, Equilibrium, Eternal Love, and Freedom.

- Words describing emotions and sensations: like Cold, Hot, Warm, Happy, Sad, Indifferent, Depressed, Blue and Red and so on.

The right way to introduce a woman to MLTR is this. In the case, for example, that she is a freshly divorced woman who has ended up in your bed.

Seducer: "It is wonderful how many human beings can live a free and fulfilling life nowadays."

Woman: "Yes. There are equal rights. Everyone can do what he/she wants. It is awesome."

Seducer: "Sometimes one can get hurt too. You told me that you could not stand any longer those cold nights with your husband. You had no choice other than to make love with that sailor from the Navy who was such an irresistible guy."

Woman: "Yes. I could not resist it."

Seducer: "Tell me. Do you think your husband would have understood you as a free woman if you had asked him honestly if you could sometimes go to bed with that young sailor?"

Woman: "Are you kidding? He was so dependant on me. He would have done something crazy."

Seducer: "Yeah. That's so crazy. Isn't it after all a gesture of love to give one's own woman the possibility of realizing herself fully on an emotional level?"

Woman: "Don't tell that you would have...?"

Seducer: "Yes. I strongly believe that every human being should be allowed to realize himself/herself. After all you just felt good with that sailor."

You see? From here for the seducer the trip of having her accepting a MLTR is very short. He speaks to her the language women understand.

If you were to say: "Is it okay if we have sex with different persons at the same time?" probably her reaction would be: "I am not that kind of woman? What you think of me?"

The expert seducer here introduces the whole thing by taking into account the Slut Guilt Neutralizing Defense.

He presents the whole thing in feminine language and framing it so that she does not feel she is a slut for wanting sex with the sailor but "a free and realized woman, who finally has developed herself as an individual."

Soon he will have her agreeing to a MLTR with him.

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