The alpha male and the alpha attitude

In some animal groups the Alpha male is the male having superior physical and intellectual skills and taking for himself the right to take sexually all the females of the group. The Alpha male is the source of life for the group. In fact he is the one with the best skills in supplying food and fighting dangerous enemies.

The Beta male is the weaker male, who is forced to wait until the Alpha male dies, gets sick or is too old to be able to get his share of females. The beta male is also dependent from the Alpha male for survival.

In the animal world, the Alpha male's traits are especially connected with physical strength and ability.

In the human race such physical traits - in time of peace - are relatively unimportant.

Rather the Alpha qualities of the human male are connected with two principal characteristics:

- Impudence

- Leadership

Also intellectual, emotional qualities and outlook count, but not as much as the above mentioned.

Impudence is at a higher level than Leadership and also at a higher level than intelligence. Don't be surprised at this: an impudent male is able to create a company with 1000 workers and still be somehow less capable and less intelligent when compared to some other males.

So this is a much more important Alpha quality because by his impudence, the Alpha male puts himself in the position of leader and later due to his leadership and intelligence qualities he succeeds in his task. Only the qualities of Leadership and intelligence are not enough for taking command of the group.

One has to be impudent to do that.

For this reason a male who is skilled in doing street and bar pickups often succeeds in his purpose: he shows impudence.

The impudence is the Alpha quality for excellence and an irresistible turn on for the woman.

The Alpha attitude is the attitude you need to assume to be attractive to women to the maximum level. The attitude is this:

"In words, actions and omissions i speak, move and behave in such a way that i never ask for forgiveness about my personality and my sexual desire as a male. i am an impudent individual."

Read this phrase about the Alpha attitude. Put this too on the mirror you look in when you shave yourself in the morning: only by observing this rule - even if you know nothing about the seduction techniques contained in this book - your possibilities in the field of seduction will be much higher.

There is an important corollary to the Alpha attitude and it is this:

"In every woman there is at an instinctual level, a deep and incoercible desire to give herself sexually to the male who shows the alpha attitude."

Why? It's simple. Remember? The woman is the selector of the best genes. When you assume the Alpha attitude, you are acting on deeper instincts of the female psyche.

On a deeper level she will feel like this: "He is so cocky, he is so strong, he never asks for forgiveness, he is so self-confident, surely has the best genes, surely all the other women want him, I want him for me! I want to make him mine!"

Note, the Alpha attitude is not connected with violence. Even in the case of war, if possible, the most self-confident males use violence only as a last resort.

An Alpha male is self-confident. A violent male is unsure of himself. Using violence too easily and especially with women, you only show your impotence.

Women are masters in smelling out a lack of self-confidence.

On the other hand, this is the principal reason women fall so easily in love with bastards, killers, Mafiosi and gentlemen thieves. At an instinctual level the impudent behavior of an Alpha man acts on them in an irresistible way.

There are men who have natural Alpha qualities. They are men who are strong, self-confident and don't ask for forgiveness about their existence in any case. They do not have problems. But don't get depressed. You can also become an Alpha!

You can train yourself to become an Alpha. The Alpha quality is an attitude and it can be learned. It is the same process you went through when you were in the Army and you were taught all those nasty activities and attitudes you never believed you could do or have.

Then one fine day you noticed that you could walk looking straight ahead and with an extremely impudent attitude. You became an Alpha, at least as far as the Army was concerned!

Practically speaking what you did was to learn a new attitude. You did not have choices.

Your sergeant would have your ass if you hadn't done it! At the beginning you were forced to repeat movements, to reprehend yourself, you were scared. One day you just put the uniform on and you felt like you owned the world.

You can learn the Alpha attitude in the same way. To succeed you need to concentrate on 3 essential areas:

1. Language.

2. Non-verbal expression. (The emotions you communicate to other people with your facial expressions, look, posture and so on.)

3. Leadership. (There are only two alternatives: you direct the others or you are directed.

There is no middle way. Don't believe the democratic bullshit of the media. In any group there is always a Leader. If it is not you, it is someone else. Let's start with language and analyze these two passages:

a. He: "I hope I didn't disturb you. What are you doing tomorrow? Are you busy? It would be nice to have coffee together."

b. He: "Hi. Tomorrow I have a break at the Company at 4 pm and after that I'm going to the gym. Come and have a coffee with me so you can tell me about that trip of yours to Africa."

You see the differences? Well there are differences and they are very big.

In the first passage you are in the subservient mental frame (the beta quality par excellence), you "ask permission", in effect you talk to the woman as a beta male. When you do that you can be deadly sure that the more beautiful and the more feminine she is, the more she will treat you like garbage.

You present yourself as beta and she treats you as a beta.

In the second example you are structuring an opportunity for her!

You assume the position of a leader, put her in the position of entertaining you and coming to tell you about her trip, you telegraph the message that you are busy all the time with business meetings and sport commitments, in a word you tell her: "I am the Alpha male" and she will treat you as Alpha male.

Things, however, are not quite that simple.

Women test continuously and in a very active way an Alpha male's qualities. An entire chapter of this book is dedicated to woman's tests and the correct way to react to them. Here is enough to say that, after you have presented yourself to the woman with the Alpha attitude, she will start to conduct tests on you to see if you are Alpha or beta and her tests never end.

In my opinion a sexually active woman, especially if she has a very strong sexual instinct, practically never stops testing her male's Alpha qualities. Women do it in an unconscious and automatic way. It is practically a law of Nature and you need to get used to it.

When you have learned the appropriate answers to the tests and learned to react to them in the appropriate way, this will seem to you as simple as eating and drinking.

My experience is that the more beautiful and feminine a woman is the more numerous and difficult to overcome her tests will be. For this reason you need to keep your eyes - and especially your ears - open.

An Alpha male's traits are:

- Impudence: He has the guts to ask for privileges for his group and for himself.

He fearlessly protects the rights of his group and himself.

- He never asks for forgiveness for his sexual desire as a male. This is very important. Only by keeping this attitude with women will your success as a seducer go up and go up fast.

- He never asks for forgiveness for his own existence: he walks through the world proud of himself.

- He assumes in the social group and in relation to the woman the position of a leader. The leader of a group or in a situation is not the one who is violent to others or the one who behaves like a jerk.

He is the one who has charisma. He is the leader of his group and the one who structures opportunities for himself and for others.

- He never assumes the subservient mental frame when relating with other people or with a woman. The subservient mental frame is a very important subject and there will be a chapter dedicated to it in this book.

Regarding non-verbal communication, the qualities of an Alpha male are not correlated in anyway with violence or the behavior of a jerk. The Alpha male is generally relaxed and in his non-verbal communication there are no signs of violence.

The Alpha male uses violence only in extreme cases and only if there are no other alternatives. One of the most important qualities of the Alpha male is the ability all the time to find with his attitude solutions to problems which provide an alternative to violence.

In the sad case that an Alpha male is in the need of using violence, he tries to eliminate his enemy by using his maximum strength without showing any joy for the results he gets. He will also try to avoid humiliating his enemy.

For this reason the non-verbal attitude of the Alpha male is:

- Relaxed.

- Non-aggressive.

- Self-confident.

- Communicative.

One of the principal traits in the Alpha male is his ability to open himself up and easily establish contact with other individuals - both men and women - He is good in structuring opportunities, both for himself and for others.

Alpha males direct people in a creative way.

In NLP there is an important concept: modeling. When you read my list of the qualities of Alpha males, you probably found qualities you have in yourself and qualities you don't have.

Modeling in NLP means that you can learn to assume determinate traits in your personality and skills, if you start to "model" them. Read the Alpha male qualities and start to train yourself - with self-confidence and persistence - to assume them.

Try to understand which are the Alpha males in your group and model them. You can begin by making "small changes" in your behavior in the right direction.

In that way you will get a change process started by observing your frames and attitudes and by changing them: the more you succeed in doing this, the more you will notice very important improvements in your social relationships and in your seduction skills.

Even only small changes in the direction of the frame: "I don't ask for forgiveness for my sexual desire" will bring you more good looking women than you could even imagine.

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