The bad guy

The character of the BAD GUY is extremely seductive to women.

Women like the bad guy because they associate it with the Alpha man.

At their instinctive level women "feel" that if a man is capable of not giving a damn about the rules, if a man has the courage to fight alone and face all the kinds of dangers that means he is a better protector for the woman and her offspring. In my opinion this explains why women let themselves be easily seduced by men with dubious reputations, by men who steal and commit crimes.

A few years ago in Helsinki, where I live, a criminal killed two policemen in cold blood. While he was in jail this criminal received thousands of letters from women who declared their romantic interest in him. One of them - a young lady - got married to him soon after the killing. Likewise anyone who knows the story of the psychopath criminal Teddy Bunch has also heard similar particulars.

What causes women to fall for such men? It is their evolutionary detector. These men would be the best ones to defeat the enemy in the case of an attack.

One sure way to build real attraction in a woman is to dress and behave like a bad guy. This doesn't mean you have to get in trouble with law. As a general rule for seduction: if you succeed in creating a certain kind of sensation and feelings in a woman, this is enough to reach the goal in terms of seduction.

If you can make her feel as if she were in the company of the Godfather, you reach the hoped for result. It's not necessary to kill someone or devote yourself to smuggling cigarettes for this.

I'm going to tell you a personal story. I have been a seducer since I was 17.

During the first phase of my career as a seducer, I seduced women regularly, but I dressed and behaved like a gentleman, even though I wasn't that at all.

I assumed that if I had presented myself for what I am: one who doesn't care about the conventional rules of decency in the field of love, this would have me made loose ground with women.

Instead I was quite wrong!

When I was young for many years I was very keen on keeping secret my adventures with women, orgies and good times. But instead, by behaving correctly on the surface, I just made my possibilities diminish!

At that time I still didn't know anything about genetics and evolution, about the Alpha man and many other things. I was instinctively a playboy, but I didn't consciously know the laws of seduction.

Many years ago, one evening I had an experience which made me understand many things. I had a date with a girl I had picked up on the beach. At that time I was a "natural pickup artist." I picked up women and I seduced them, but I was unaware of the laws behind the art of seduction.

She had told me that she was a serious person and was looking for a companion for life. I took her bullshit for real and assumed that she was really searching for a serious relationship. Believing to be acting smart I behaved like a "good boy" in order to seduce her better.

But I was wrong: I was using male logic too much. I was logically being the good boy to seduce her because she told me she was looking for a companion for life.

In reality, during that phase, I was only trying to enter in her life in order to bring her to bed. For this purpose I dressed in a very classy way and behaved like the perfect gentleman. I was wearing very expensive clothing. I spoke with a gentle tone and behaved in a perfect manner.

Result: the girl didn't want to see me again.

When we discussed the reason why, the answer was: "I cannot be with a gentleman like you." She was not sexually aroused because I represented a perfect gentleman! If she had known when I met her that I had at least 5 or 6 other "girlfriends" at the time, if I had treated her more aggressively and dressed like a bad guy I would have succeeded in seducing her for sure! My way of dressing made her feel like I would "not be wild enough" for her!

And then I had an enlightenment: I realized that if I showed externally in a clear way the manners of a bad guy - let's say in clothes, language and general attitude - the results in my seductions would be even better!

The experiences I have been having for many years since that evening have simply confirmed those findings. In the precise instant that I made the change and started to exhibit the manners of the bad guy externally as well, my success with women increased exponentially, even though I had already been successful "in secret" as well.

Of course, you have to behave and dress like a bad guy but without resembling a "low level" jerk. You need to do it with class. Instead, if you dress and behave in a manner which is too sweet, gentle and you don't have experience in seduction, women will consider you a friend but never a lover.

Things are just so!

Women love bad guys because they can't control them and they equate them with the Alpha man. They love bad guys because they make women to feel strong emotions. Maybe you have two or three degrees, a villa in the countryside and a couple of cars.

You then believe that, because of this, women are after you. On the contrary, a lifeguard who is broke goes to her, looks her in her eyes and tells her impudently: "I bet you think you are a star but maybe you don't even have the courage to take off your panties in front of me" and she goes crazy for him.

He is giving her strong emotions and the sensation of being possessed by someone who is stronger than her and who doesn't care about the rules.

Of course, with this I don't want to say that you must go to jail; there are many legal ways for resembling a bad guy and for being a challenge for her, for being unpredictable.

Practical advice on how to look like a bad guy in her eyes:

Don't give her direct answers, always be evasive. Instead of proving to be loyal and faithful, do anything so that she doesn't trust you. If you are like "an open book" to her eyes, you are not at all seductive.

Become even more evasive if she asks about your past. Let her wait for the answer, maybe even weeks. When she is tired out, you do a "half confession" to her, use your imagination, maybe you tell her of how impulsive you are.

You tell her and that you can't stand a lack of respect; maybe you tell her of that your mercenary friend with whom you went to practice shooting with Beretta; or you tell her of a couple of "naughty women" who were in your life some months earlier and how you dumped them after noticing that they were fantastic in bed but "absolutely mad."

You don't give a damn about rules, talk with a bit of mockery about authority figures, perhaps your school teacher was "an impotent idiot who didn't understand anything;" maybe if one of your neighbors is making noise, you get up and say: "Dear, do you want me to smash his face?" When she says "No, no, are you crazy?" you reply "Yes, didn't you notice?" and you smile to her with an Al Pacino expression. You let her stop you when you are already at the door and then you try to make love with her right away.

The way you dress should be elegant and clean but some traits in the way you dress should reveal disregard for formalities.

In your way of dressing you look more like a playboy than a bank director, more like a Mafioso than a teacher.

In short, you see what I mean.

Of course, it will be a problem dressing as a bad guy when you meet her while at the same time dressing in an appropriate manner at work. I leave some special clothes in my car and then, before meeting a woman I have been seducing or that I want to seduce, I go to change in the bathroom of the bar where I go to relax in the evening after work and remove all symbols which refer to work and social commitment like a tie, books, laptop, and so on from my dress.

Talk calmly and slowly. To talk calmly and slowly is an Alpha quality. Your carriage and your way of expressing yourself must be slightly impudent. If, for example, a waitress smiles at you, you flirt a bit in front of your woman's eyes and you don't care if she gets angry.

Don't talk about sex at all but let her assume with your sub-communication that you get plenty of it all the time. IF you talk about sex do it in an impudent way, even if it actually is the first time you meet her.

A real bad guy shows self-confidence and takes for granted that he brings to bed any woman he likes. A bad guy doesn't need to ask for sex. A bad guy takes sex any time he wants and he has it how he likes it.

Behave with her as if you were the owner of the world but without saying it, only behave as if you were. She will like it, you'll see. Never apologize or justify yourself for any reason.

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