The cognitive distortion of the only option

Imagine you seduced a beautiful and intelligent woman, one whom you really like. Imagine you have fallen crazily in love. When looking at her beautiful legs, her breasts, you are dying for her, and every time you have sex with her it makes you feel close to the door to Paradise.

Little by little you begin to forget social relationships, work less; your thoughts are always fixed on her from morning till evening. In short, you are in love.

Imagine you are infatuated in this way with a woman: you are now racked by the distortion of the only option. Certainly that is very nice, pleasant and romantic. Romantic love or falling in love is one of the wonders of the world like Niagara Falls or the man's first step on the moon.

Let's look at, however, what happens with a little bit more realism although without removing anything from romanticism.

Your body is programmed to react to the sight of a beautiful woman with a series of hormonal changes.

Some of the substances involved are testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin. This genetic program has the purpose of making you addicted to the woman who triggers it.

And the woman is genetically programmed to use a PNP mechanism to keep you in that addicted state.

This makes us interpret romantic love from a new point of view:

"Romantic love is a biological phenomenon used by nature to bind two persons together for a period long enough to allow fertilization and protection of progeny during the first years of life. The biological mechanisms involved causes a psychotic state which makes you feel/see the woman as the only woman in the world, the only alternative."

This state is a distortion of the capacity of the brain to see reality, and that makes you feel/see the beloved as unique in the world.

In truth there are in the world thousand of women who could just as unique as her for you.

This distortion of reality has the same additive characteristics of alcohol and drugs. In its absence you have withdrawal symptoms and you feel bad to the point that suicide might seem an option.

To learn to become an expert seducer you must learn to recognize and to fight the symptoms of the distortion of the only option!

Particularly with modern women the distortion of the only option can have, at worst, an extremely deleterious effect on your quality of life, particularly if the woman is an extremely manipulative person and also very moody.

If you become subservient, the result, after some time, will be in any case the same: your relationship with her will suffer. She will not be able to love and respect you and things will turn out badly.

Nature has arranged things so that only Alpha men, who can resist addiction and don't become subservient, can be sure of enjoying a woman for an indefinite period of time. Paradoxically, in order to have a good relationship with a woman, you must be able not to consider her as the only option.

Treatment for the distortion of the only option:

There is only one effective cure for the distortion of the only option: other women as beautiful and sensual as her. Unless you are a Yoga guru, your testosterone and other cerebral mechanisms discussed above, put you in a constant state of being at risk of suffering the cognitive distortion of the only option.

You cannot have a satisfactory sexual life without having to face the risk of the distortion of the only option. The only other way would be refuse completely having a sexual life or - as some men do - be involved with women you don't really like.

In the case you notice the symptoms of the distortion of the only option, in order to get out of it, you must seduce other women as beautiful and seductive as she is, because there isn't a medicine for the syndrome.

The syndrome of the only option is defeated by seducing and bringing to bed other women who are more beautiful, intelligent and seductive than she is. It follows from here that practicing the art of seduction is of utmost importance.

However, to do or not to do as advised above is your choice.

If the woman you are in love with behaves in a respectful manner towards you and if she gives you good things at least in the same amount you give to her, you can, of course, choose to enjoy the wonderful sensation of falling in love and feeling that she is the only woman in the world.

But if you are not happy in the relationship and you are ill-treated even though she seems to be the only woman in the world, then you are in big trouble if you don't get out of the addiction to her.

To get out of it, become expert in seduction with the help of my book, go out to the field and seduce at least a dozen women as beautiful and intelligent as she is, and little by little, your mind will see things again as they really are in reality.

Watch out: one of the main characteristics of the addicted person is the tendency to negate one's own addiction. In the case you notice you are suffering in the relationship, talk about it with friends and relatives. If they are of the same opinion that you are not receiving good things at least in the same measure you are giving good things, then start immediately the cure above.

Its success depends on your capacity to seduce.

Important! The worst kind of distortion of the only option can strike inexperienced men long before they have sexual contacts with the woman in question. To some of them it is enough to see her once. Women know this at an instinctual level.

I can assure you that - if she "feels" at an instinctual level that she put you in a cage by just showing you her legs - she will not be motivated at all to have sex with you.

As a general principle, women use PNP mechanism "just enough" to keep a man bound.

Perhaps after some years of marriage you find out that she has released her sexual instinct with the barman living downstairs, who told her straight to her face: "Hi! Who do you think you are? A movie star? Fix me a drink for and then come and give me a blow job!"

Or, in case she has some "principles", you end up with a depressed wife, who breaks your balls about house cleaning all the time.

As a general principle, a beautiful and sensual woman must be seduced and taken sexually by you at the latest after one - three encounters.

Any hesitation or anything else that extends this time, make you become what you must never become if you want to have some possibility of seducing her in future: a friend or even worse a "male girlfriend."

In the case you have "the big love" and you have decided to be faithful to a woman, behave at least as many women do in the same situation: flirt and make other beautiful women passing by understand that at the first occasion she is without clothes.

This increases your woman's sexual desire and at the same time it paves the way to new conquests in case your woman wakes up one morning making a wry face and suddenly deciding not to give you good things anymore and assuming that you "must" continue to give her good things because you are her husband, fiancé or whatever you are.

Never - and I say never - quit having a large social network of your own, no matter how in love you are!

In a word, be smart!

It's never worth exiting the Alpha state, it's never worth being in a subservient state and you may stay in the distortion of the only option, but be careful to maintain the balance of the good things you give to her and the good things she gives to you at an adequate level and always to be a "Challenge" for her.

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