The concept of context frame

Study these 2 passages:

1. "I would like to see you as soon as possible. I like you very much. I am dying of desire to see you tomorrow. You are so beautiful! I'll call you tomorrow evening. What time will you be home?" and this followed by about twenty text messages full of nonsense all on the day after she showed you her legs for the first time. All this happens even before you bring her to bed for the first time!

2. "Sorry, but I have to go now. I have a very important meeting in half an hour and after that I'm going to relax at the club. Maybe we could meet some other time at bar X and you will come to tell me something more about you and what kind of woman you are." A smile, you get up and you are the first to interrupt the date with her.

Both sentences are inclined to result in getting a date with her but there is a big difference: the way, the context in which the concept is expressed is extremely different.

In the first sentence the man is in the context of the subservient mental state: he is the one who needs her and not vice versa. This is interpreted by the woman as a sign that he is beta that other women don't want him and that he needs her. He is a weak and desperate guy who has never before seen a pair of beautiful legs and he behaves like her boyfriend, without even having brought her to his bed.

The second sentence is, on the contrary, extremely positive from the point of view of seduction: she will come to tell him something about herself. He hasn't even said when he is available to see her again, "some other time", he doesn't put himself in a subservient position; he expresses his interest for her but at the same time puts her in the subservient position, from the very beginning.

Notice how women frame themselves exactly as in example number 2 when they deal with men! With this book you learn also how to use female weapons on ladies!

In practice an Alpha male presents himself as a man whose value is superior to hers and to that of other men. This stimulates the interest of the woman because of the primordial mechanisms we told you about.

The concept of context refers to the frame, the verbal and emotional context in which you present the things you say. This doesn't concern only words, but also emotions and non-verbal expression.

An essential concept you have to remember while seducing women is that you -almost without realizing it - say or do something from the beginning that puts you in a favorable or unfavorable position in her eyes. If you call her ten, twenty times per day, it's as if you are telling her: "I am an insecure beta and I need you the way a three- year-old child needs its mother."

If, on the contrary, you wait some days after the first date and you call her with a casual voice from a bar: "Hi, how are you? I've just returned from South Africa, where I had a lot of fun" and you make her understand that she will have to do her very best to get an "chance" to meet you, you set your value at a superior level; you show her that you don't need her, that you are Alpha.

I have just seduced a wonderful 24-year-old woman; I can assure you that she is very beautiful. Before meeting me, she had been in a relationship with a married man; when I did the elicitation of values about their relationship, she told me that he had always told her: "You are beautiful, but not beautiful enough for me."

The smart guy was able to put himself in a position of challenge; this woman regularly says "go to hell" to all men who try to approach her in restaurants; but she was so much in love with this married man, who always kept her "on her toes" by telling her she was not beautiful enough.

Therefore practice observing and understanding the verbal context in which you put the things you say to women, the context of the action in which you put the things you do to women.

If you call her twenty times a day after meeting her in a bar, don't be surprised if you can't seduce her and she treats you like a dog. If your talk is filled with phrases and words which show submission, sweetness, dependency, don't be surprised if she tells you: "I can consider you just as a friend."

The context of the frame you establish from the very beginning and during seduction, defines the result.

We come now to another important concept which has numerous applications in the field of seduction.

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