The concept of the frame of an interaction

We have already mentioned this elsewhere. Anyway, it is very important to dedicate a whole chapter to this concept. It is essential for you to understand this and to learn to apply it to both your pickups and seductions and to your long-term female relationships.

Once you have learned how to use this, you will have tremendous power over women.

"In any type of human interaction there is a frame. The one who determines the frame also determines the interaction."

When a doctor meets a patient and tells him: "We are going to meet at my private practice today, at 4pm. I need to prescribe some medicine for you." he is establishing the frame of the interaction = doctor/patient/medication.

If a woman starts to blame her own man for everything under the sun that happens, she is establishing the frame of the interaction, like: "I am pure and perfect and you are the guilty one by default."

If a seducer presents himself as a "free man with liberal ideas" to a woman who has been put down in her marriage, the seducer himself is establishing the frame: "We are together and free", where the interaction happens.

"The one who establishes the frame of the interaction is the one who influences the interaction itself."

An example:

He: "Boredom is such a nasty thing. It would be nice if we could have some fun. We could have fun if we go and play tennis. Sport kills boredom."

A minute later he tells her that there are tennis courts in the tourist center where they are spending their vacation.

They go to play tennis. They play a little and he goes on building his frame: "We seem to match so well when we play tennis. We are a perfect match. We have perfect synergy!"

Now it's just a short way from tennis to a perfect relationship.

He starts from the frame: "We both play tennis" then goes to the frame: "We are perfect together" and then to the frame: "Being that we are so perfect together we like so much being together" and so on.

He establishes the frame of the interaction from the very beginning. He rules the interaction. I will write more about frames later in the book.

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