The important meaning of qualification

This is already a very advanced chapter and if you learn the art of qualification you'll become a very effective seducer and your successes will increase exponentially.

To qualify means to give to another person negative, positive or neutral attributes. For example:

"You are a boring girl" is a negative qualification.

"You are a wonderful woman" is a positive qualification.

"You are the one who is driving today" is a neutral qualification.

To qualify oneself to someone means to present oneself with negative (disqualification), positive or neutral attributes.

"I am an interesting guy" means to qualify oneself to someone.

"I am a too much of a bad a guy for a girl like you" means to disqualify oneself to someone.

To make others qualify means giving to someone the possibility of qualifying you in a positive, negative or neutral way.

"You are the one who is driving today" said by someone qualifies us as the driver.

"You are a bad guy" by her: she is qualifying us as bad guys.

There is a general rule in seduction you have to keep in mind: the person, who qualifies the others, defines the context of the relationship (frame) independently from the fact of the qualification being positive, negative or neutral.

Having a woman to qualify herself to us is one of the most important goals of the seduction.

For example:

Pickup artist: "Maybe I am too much of a bad guy for you" Woman:" No, no, I am enough a naughty lady for you!"

In the above example the pickup artist is using the false disqualification to have her qualify herself to him. He succeeds: by saying that she is a naughty lady she is qualifying herself to him thus attributing to him a higher value than hers.

At that point using a false disqualification the seducers sets a strong frame in his favor.

You want to be the one to set the frame, remember?

Now, as we saw in other chapters, women love and feel erotic desire towards those men who are in control of a situation (Alpha) AND they may have feelings of friendship but very hardly sensual or erotic feelings towards those men who let women dominate or control themselves (beta.)

Qualification is important for two reasons:

1. It is one of the most elaborate tests that a woman uses to confirm whether you are Alpha. I have seen many "low-level" Alpha males fall into the cove of qualification. In addition, all those men who are in positions of importance and power in the business and their working life and may be "high-level" Alpha in their social life but a slave to their own wife at home have probably been incapable of passing this test. This results in a very unsatisfactory life for both.

2. You can use qualification/disqualification as a mean of seducing her. The technique is called "The Fast Rate PNP technique" and we shall be talking about it in next chapter.

Qualification/Disqualification has been used as a means of psychological power on men by women for centuries.

We here just learn how to use it on women.

Let's take an example of how a woman may use qualification to try to dominate a man and how she secretly hopes he'll fall for it.

For example, if she says:

- "You know, I like adventurous men. You don't seem to be very adventurous" she practically puts you in a context in which you are forced to discuss the subject with her.

She is creating a context (frame) in which you are practically the subject of an evaluation that you can take personally or not.

If you answer "Yes, I am an adventurous man, you know, last year I was in India, in the jungle," you think you are being smart but in reality you are already falling into her trap: she is forcing you to qualify to her!

In practice she has already established the context in which you move and you meekly follow, give control to her and her desire for you die in the same instant. Things are not better if you remain silent. In practice with silence you give her the possibility of qualifying you as non-adventurous, in effect she has control.

This is also called in psychology THE DOUBLE BIND.

To react in an appropriate manner to her qualification you must:

1. Reject the context created by her.

2. Take the control.

3. Create your own context.

Indeed the proper reaction to her test is:

"Come on, I don't think we need to think about Indiana Jones matters in the middle of this metropolis. In my opinion we'd better talk about that cruise I suggested yesterday."

In practice in this way you don't accept her context and assume the leadership.

The goal of her test is actually to determine if you give too much importance to what she says and let her direct you. Very sneaky, isn't it?

When you give a woman the possibility of defining the context of the relationship, you kill her sexual desire towards you.

This happens in those marriages in which a woman with a very strong sexual instinct is not able to feel sexual desire for a man who lets her decide the context of the relationship.

Examples of qualification from her are:

- Making you feel guilty.

- Complaining continuously.

For example, if she says: "I have told you many times not to leave coffee cups in the sink!" in a relationship where you clean the house better than her, for sure she is sexually unsatisfied because you are letting her direct you too much.

The right reaction to the test: (calmly) "Dear, I don't think there is any need to worry about such trifles. Where did you buy those red knickers you were wearing yesterday evening?" (With smile)

This kind of reaction makes her understand that you don't let her direct you, and this raises her sexual desire sky-high.

Of course, if she has her own sexual problems that would be a "kill" for her.

If so: why are you with a woman who does not enjoy sex? Think about it.

If you are in a relationship with a woman in which you have given her the possibility of qualifying and directing you in that way for too long a time, it will probably take a miracle to recover from it. Probably the best thing to do for both is to end the relationship because she will no longer be able to feel desire for you.

Many men fail on these tests without being able to react because the woman is an "open system" and in practice women don't have any morality as men do concerning manipulation. It is perfectly natural for a woman to try to dominate you by mean of qualification.

It's up to you to prevent it. You can't expect she won't try it.

She will try it in any case.

Beautiful women and women with a strong sexual instinct are particularly compelled to use this kind of test all the time by what I hereby called the "evolutionary selective system of the woman." Of course, anything a woman does to a man, the man can do to the woman, and therefore qualification is an extremely powerful system for seducing her.

By mean of qualification you can always be the one who establishes the context of the relationship!

In that way you are also the leader of the situation and this, as we know, raises the erotic desire of a woman sky-high.

As a general rule, if you are in a relationship with a woman who always wants to be the one who qualifies you and if you notice that her attempts to qualify you are not just a test but also a need she has of taking control, then you'd better interrupt the relationship if for some reason you can't take control.

Actually, giving control to her may satisfy her "social, evolved" part, but leaves her primitive, evolutionary part, unsatisfied. If that part remains unsatisfied, you can never have a satisfying sexual relationship.

How to use qualification as a seduction mean:

By means of qualification you can take control over her feminine part which wants to be controlled, seduced, and possessed.

"Dear, I like women, who paint their nails..."

Here you are qualifying her.

Of course she gets angry and her social and evolved part brings out all her feminist theories. "All men are the same. You think only of the exterior signs of beauty." (She is already allowing herself to be qualified; you are already in control.)

Then you, smiling:

"Yes, but painted nails are something wonderful, I remember Maria who was fantastic with those blue nails, have you ever thought how fascinating you would be with blue nails? Come here, kiss me."

While keeping the context you established:

- That you had control and keeping leadership, something that her primitive, instinctual part loves of you.

- You made her feel under the skin the sensation that you "penetrated her" at a psychological level even before penetrating her physically, without caring about her reaction.

In practice the best way to seduce a woman is to penetrate her mind a little before penetrating her body.

Qualification is a very powerful means of seducing a woman and of establishing your leadership over her.

Watch out: disqualification works exactly in the same manner as qualification.

The one who disqualifies himself/herself or disqualifies the other person establishes the context of the relationship and has power over the relationship.

For example, a method of control used by women with low self-esteem is by disqualifying themselves. These women are often extremely psychologically disturbed, but they succeed, by means of disqualification to exercise perfect control on their men.

She: "I am fat, look at me. I am disgusting!"

He reacts foolishly by saying:

He: "No dear. You are wonderful. I like you very much. To my eyes you are the most beautiful woman in the world."

And she adds to it:

The answer of the Alpha male should be:

"It's true! Look how much weight you put on. You should go on a diet!" (Direct and impudent, without accepting the context because you are not serious in your answer) and then don't mind her furious reaction, you will end up in bed with her.

Disqualification is a formidable means of bringing very beautiful women to bed!

Beautiful women are used to having a swarm of completely submissive seducers, therefore paying them a compliment and treating them well is in practice a passport to failing to seduce them.

Beautiful women are used to having a value superior to that of the majority of other men and women. Therefore an effective way to seduce and possess them is to disqualify them in order to diminish their value and increase one's own in comparison.

Watch out though! You must know how to do it. You must disqualify her as one of her female friends could do.

"Dear, didn't you have the same red dress when we met last week?" (Calmly and smiling)

It's the right way to disqualify and attract a very beautiful woman, in practice you are telling her:

"I am not in the least impressed by your beauty."

And put your value above hers so that she can feel attracted to you.

If you don't put your value above hers, she cannot feel attraction and you will just be "one of many" who admire her for her beauty.

I will explain better how to use qualification and disqualification in the next chapter about the "Fast Rate PNP technique."

Women love it when you are a challenge. A technique you can use to become unapproachable to her and increase her desire is false disqualification.

"I am a much too brutal a kind for you."

This is, for example, a false disqualification: in practice you tell her: "I am out of your reach" or "You are too sweet for me." These are statements that raise her interest sky-high.

This is because by disqualifying yourself, it is you who controls the relationship and the context where the interaction occurs.

But watch out: you'd better not use this technique if you are not at an advanced level and don't know how to do it yet, otherwise you risk entering a subservient mental scheme.

Of course, the most powerful use of qualification is when you qualify her and have her qualify to you.

By qualifying her and having her qualifying to you, you:

1. Set your value above hers.

2. Create attraction.

3. It's you who is the one who controls the context (frame) of the relationship.

For example sentences like:

"Maybe you are a too shy a woman for me."

"I like feminine women."

"I adore women who paint their nails."

"I could never fall in love with an unintelligent woman."

Are just some examples of how, by qualifying her, you put her in the same position in which she puts beta and insecure men all the time: you are the one who controls the interaction and she can let herself go and feel that she is a woman, something that women, real women, love: let herself go with a man who controls the interaction and makes her feel strong emotions, but in a secure environment.

When you have her qualifying to you, for example like this:

"I am a high level woman. I know what I want."

"I think these shoes are wonderful, don't you Darling?"

"I have been thinking why this relationship of ours is so nice."

"I want to be your little bitch."

That is the point you got her.

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