The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet challenge

Human beings consider as attractive and interesting what they cannot have.

This principle seems to have an extreme influence on women. A man who is under the influence of his strong sexual excitation can be totally uninterested in how challenging his woman is to others.

He is only interested in reaching one objective: to take her sexually.

For him is not that important whether his friends consider his woman beautiful and challenging or not. For him it is enough that his woman is beautiful and interesting in his eyes. He does not care about what others think.

A man can afford this: if a man makes a woman who is not genetically perfect pregnant, he can soon after that find another, better one and make her pregnant, too.

Women are different due to their different biological instincts. They are more concerned with the emotions connected with a relationship. A woman can derive considerable satisfaction from the quantity and quality of the emotions connected with a relationship. An example: just yesterday evening a very beautiful woman I seduced was crying in my apartment while I was playing the guitar for her.

She was in my apartment for the first time. When she started to cry we had not yet made love. After we made love she went on: cried and laughed in alternate cycles. A man who is not expert in female psychology would have thought:" She is hysterical!" No, she was not hysterical. After we made love she told me she was married. She did not tell me that before I seduced her.

She was enjoying the extreme emotions which our being together caused to her. She cried before we made love because she was going to cheat on her beta husband with an Alpha male. She cried even before she cheated on him. She cried, laughed and enjoyed the emotions - positive and negative ones - connected with our encounter.

From the beginning she conducted several tests on me to check if I would treat her like a "real gentleman" - in the female language a gentleman often is = beta. With her tests she also tried to understand if I would "loose my head" over her. She even came to our first date, which was in a bar with two levels with a girlfriend without informing me about it beforehand. Then she called me by telephone from the second level of the bar and said: "Hi! I am here with a girlfriend. Come on up!"

My reaction was Alpha and prompt:" Why did you come with a girlfriend? We had a date and it was just for the two of us. Come down here right now! And tell girlfriend that she can go home!" Then I hung up the telephone. After only two minutes the girlfriend went home and she came to sit at my table. We went from our first contact to making love in only two hours because I presented myself from the beginning as a challenge: from the beginning she understood she could not control me.

That was what she was looking for: an Alpha male.

After making love I did a search about her values and asked about her husband. She told me a story I had heard hundreds of times before: he was completely under her control.

With her test she wanted to determine whether I was under her control or whether I was going to take control.

If I had reacted upon our meeting with something like: "Sure dear. I'll come up. It would be nice to get to know your girlfriend", she would have thought: "Another man who does everything that I want. This is so boring!"

In fact, everyone should understand that if you change the terms of a date you need to ask for permission.

If I had passively accepted her program change, I would have messaged to her that she can take leadership in what happens between me and her: something which decreases a woman's erotic desire with the speed of the light.

A woman wants a man with leadership qualities.

A woman wants a man who is "in control." She was acting like that also for another reason, however: she felt on an instinctual level that I would have succeeded in seducing her. She brought the girlfriend hoping to stop me from doing that.

No, so it was that she felt absolutely no feelings of guilt for desiring a man.

She brought the girlfriend to the date and then watched how I overcame her resistance and seduced her anyway. So she could feel: "It just happened. I could not resist it."

In a typical feminine way if I had gone to the table where she was with her girlfriend - instead of taking control of the situation - she would have tried to have me involved in some kind of small talk. The purpose would have been to block me even more in my attempts at seduction in spite of the fact she was dying of the desire to have a real man.

She was obeying the instincts connected with genetics and evolution we have been talking about. These instincts "condemn" women and men to a never-ending search for better genes.

She was testing me to see if I was dependent upon her will.

I succeeded in seducing her in a short time because in few hours I reacted to all her tests - many of them! (That was only one of the many tests she conducted that evening) - in the right way, like an Alpha male.

She "felt" on an instinctual level that I am an Alpha male and she could not control me.

Female logic at such a point is: "It just happened, he was irresistible and I could not do anything."

A woman's "genetic search" differs from that of a man in one fundamental way: due to the length of pregnancy and the number of years her children will be small and in need of being taken care of, she cannot afford to make mistakes.

She cannot go out and find herself a new man (as a provider of course!) as easily as a man can go out and find himself a new woman.

Maybe husbands who read this book will not be so glad to read these lines: a very strong instinct forces a woman to be looking all the time for a stronger man with better genes to help genetics variability.

Particularly in these modern times a man who makes himself too accessible and has her taking him for granted in the relationship is a "dead man" in terms of seduction.

A woman's game can be in this area much more dangerous than a man's game as it involves not only the body but the soul as well: at an instinctual level for her it is "not enough" to go to bed with a better man. She cannot correct a mistake in her choice of the genes as easily as by going to bed with another man the next day. A pregnancy cannot be "corrected" so easily. Nature on an instinctual level knows nothing about abortion or contraceptives such as the pill or condoms.

She is prone on an instinctual level to "bind" the man on a sentimental level with the purpose of having him become a father and a provider. To a woman getting a man's body is not enough. She has to conquer his heart.

Many modern women - who want to be free and independent - have started to react to their primordial instincts in new and different ways: they deliberately choose from the beginning as husband beta males, who are sweet, unsure of themselves and easily controllable.

At the same time they have sexual relationships with strong and self-confident Alpha males, who are not easy to control.

When I seduce married and divorced women a statement I hear them make very often about their husbands is: "I knew from the beginning that there was no passion between us. He is such a nice, sweet and gentle man, devoted to the house."

In the secret female language that means:" He is a man completely under my control and who cannot make me feel like a woman because he is too passive and not aggressive enough. I have chosen him as the father of my children because I can control him completely by manipulation."

In that way many modern women succeed in having "the best" in genetic terms: an Alpha male's genes along with the easy controllability of a beta male, bringing a sense of safety - and boredom! - At least until children are big enough. In fact beta males do not leave so easily for war and conquests. They do not seduce the beautiful woman next door so easily.

By acting like this, a modern woman harms herself without knowing it. This choice to live with a man who is unsure and beta kills passion and brings to the relationship something that a beautiful woman considers to be worse than death: boredom. On the other hand, however, this kind of choice may be desirable for raising children in a safe and stable environment.

This "final solution" to the eternal conflict between the social part and the primitive, evolutionary part invented by the modern woman is completely logical and understandable. It can also have "some functionality." Even bigger problems start when she falls in love - as it happens in every case - with an Alpha male and starts a relationship with him.

At that point she starts to do what every woman is programmed to do in any case to an Alpha male: she starts the attempts to change the alpha male into a beta.

In fact she has to change the Alpha male into a beta: to have him become a provider, to bind him to herself for the long term. Instincts oblige her to act like this. Otherwise he might leave for war or try to seduce the lady next door. And he is so appealing, so erotic and most important so masculine!

At this point two things may happen:

- The Alpha male lets the woman change him into a beta and the schizophrenic cycle of the modern woman starts again: after a while there is boredom and the search for a new Alpha male starts again.

- The Alpha male does not let her change him into a beta. At that point her attempts intensify. I have observed this mechanism in dozens of women I have seduced. With a blind automatism she starts to be more and more of a bitch to him until the point that the Alpha male dumps her.

In the case the Alpha male happens to belong to the "low level/jerk/psychopath" Alpha level the consequences can be tragic: ranging from her being battered and brutalized to even being murdered.

I have been in situations where - when the woman realized that could not change me into a beta - she tried to cause damage to my financial and social interests, so that I had to dump her for good.

It is written in their genes.

This crisis the modern woman is going through is due to the end of the control exerted by paternalistic traditional societies.

Psychological and biological factors involved were the same also in the past but women were obliged to repress them due to the terrible sanctions used by unsure beta males - and sometimes also by Alpha males who had adapted themselves to those times.

Beta males defended themselves against the risk of loosing their woman to an Alpha using means such as torture or summary execution. In ages when judges condemned young women to die "as witches" burned at the stake the judges were usually unsure males, weak and possibly impotent and sometimes psychologically ill and frightened by female sexuality.

This process of the woman married to a beta who finds an Alpha lover for herself or of the woman who tries to change an Alpha male into a beta is often the cause of divorce and problems in a couple relationships.

Times change and some problems assume a new form, evolve and remain in our homes.

For this reason women - and particularly women in modern societies - will loose any interest in you if you sell yourself at a too low price and if you make yourself too available.

On the contrary, if you put yourself in a position of unavailability, mystery, strength, control and distance (challenge), you will act on her instincts so that her erotic desire for you will rise to the stars. You can seduce the modern woman and keep her in your power only by being "The mysterious hero on the white horse."

And now let's come to putting things into practice. Let's start from introduction. Maybe you in effect introduce yourself this way: "Hi, I'm Mark, I'm an IT engineer, I am a reliable guy and I want to be faithful to you all my life." Introduce yourself like this and you are a dead man in terms of seduction.

But, if you introduce yourself like this:

"Don't move! I have at least half of the Rome's police in pursuit of me! Go out from the back door. And call me later!" and then you laugh and she will not know if you are serious or not.

Well, maybe not in such an extreme way, but something like this. Then she will feel as if she was in Al Pacino's company and the results will be extremely seductive. You are in that way the mysterious hero she can't control. Don't laugh: try to behave like the above and I will assure you that the amount of telephone numbers of women you have in your pocket diary will increase dramatically.

"What job do I do? The job? Who cares about the job! I'm leaving in about two weeks for a tour by car with a guitar and a couple of friends. We might come back after a month or so" and suddenly she falls in love. I am not joking. These images of a reckless life stimulate her primordial instincts. You are not one lost in the crowd. You have the (Alpha) courage of not giving a damn about the rules.

To deeply understand how to be a challenge we have to examine closely a new concept: the concept of value.

If you go to a car exhibition and you see two similar cars, one costs 3000 Euros and the other 300,000 Euros, what will you do?

Will you buy the one for 3000 Euros? Of course not... you will think that the car is full of defects and that it is a wreck and so on. You will think that it is a joke. It will be very difficult for you to take it seriously.

And what will you think of the car costing 300,000 Euros? A jewel! Surely marvelous! Such an expensive car must necessarily be a very tempting offer.

Good. The majority of men inexperienced in seduction, in part because of the gentleness and of the submissiveness introduced into their character by the educational system, and in part because of the effect of the testosterone which causes physical and psychological addiction to a woman, put themselves at the same level of value as that defective car that costs only 3000 Euros.

And you can imagine how seductive such men will prove to be!

By setting a high price for yourself you make yourself seductive! You are seductive in all those situations in which your value is much greater than the value of the opposite party.

And who is the one that in most cases establishes your value? Surprise, surprise: you are the one! In the beginning of a relationship or seduction with a woman, you say or do something that puts you either in a position of high value or in a position of low value in her eyes.

Your value is related to the position you put yourself towards her.

This is not only true for seduction, but also for any social relationship. Maybe you instinctively apply this rule in business relationships, but you completely forget about it when it comes to seducing women.

Practical advice on how to be a challenge:

- Put yourself in a position of higher value than her right from the start of the seduction.

This does not mean arrogance, which is exactly the opposite of confidence. This means, for example:

"I have a wonderful and happy life. Welcome as a guest to my world!"

This is not said in a direct way, but implied from the way you talk and act. Read the next chapter about the concept of context to understand how to do it.

- Don't make the mistake that most men do when they set a low price on themselves: you are not after women, they are after you. As a fundamental rule your time is gold and you don't give anything, without receiving something substantial in return.

- Your life is always full of important events, your time is limited, you don't ever need anyone, you are always coming from some interesting or pleasant situation or you are always going towards some interesting or pleasant situation.

Your happiness never depends on the woman you are trying to seduce. Nothing turns off the erotic interest of a woman more than a man who makes her understand that his happiness depends on her.

- You don't care about rules, nobody scares you and you always keep a calm and mysterious attitude.

You enjoy life and laugh often. If you want to vent your insecurities, do it always with a woman that you don't like and who is not part of your social network, or do it with a male friend who is not part of your social network either.

Don't convey your insecurities and your problems to the woman you want to seduce or that you have seduced!

- Express yourself in a vague and indirect way when the subject of the conversation is you.

Never give direct answers. On the other hand, however, be resolute and courageous in topics which don't concern you personally.

- It's very important with beautiful women to learn to say the word: "No." The word: "No" is one of the main keys which allow you to lay the most beautiful women. Train yourself to say No to her in at least every two or three situations. Train yourself in not being compliant.

The word No must be said to a beautiful and sensual woman at least in every two or three sentences and situations.

All of the above must be done with style. Unjustified aggressive attitudes, acting as a fool or boaster, are signs of insecurity: you think you are behaving "Alpha" and she interprets it - correctly - as: "he is beta."

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