The nice guy syndrome

Since you were a little child, your parents, teachers and other authority figures have been telling you that you need to be sweet and submissive with women.

They taught you that a perfect gentleman brings flowers to women, opens the doors for them, pays for the bill at the restaurant, brings the lady home at night, gives her a little kiss before she gets out of the car and says "good night." Being that they were your parents and teachers, you took them seriously and as a young adult you actually liked what they said to you.

The sad thing in those teachings is this: in effect what they taught you was how to behave with women like a woman pleasing a woman. This is the way women see you and feel you when you behave like this: a feminine guy, a pussy. That kills their attraction for you for sure!

This is the nice guy syndrome!

As soon as you learned those rules of decency and started to put them into practice, already at school you began to notice something very strange. Behaving in a sweet way and as a gentleman with women had you winning their approval, of course, but surprise, surprise! Soon you noticed that your male fellows at school who had the reputation of being real jerks were bringing to their bed the most beautiful ladies and you: you were treated like a friend or worse yet like a "girlfriend!"

Why did that happen?

Simple: because you behaved like a woman she was never be able to feel attraction for you. In her genetic code it is written in words of fire that a sweet and submissive man will never be able to protect her and her children from dangers. She feels at an instinctual level that, if you are so "malleable" you will not make it in the fight for survival.

As a consequence of this, her evolutionary detector warns her and she reacts by loosing automatically her erotic interest and attraction for you.

If you are already in a long-term relationship or a marriage, she will react to your being sweet and a gentleman in two ways, depending upon whether she is living in a modern or in a patriarchal society.

1. If she lives in a patriarchal society, she will react by forcing herself for moral reasons to remain in the relationship. Soon she will get depressed and will become a depressed and frigid woman who complains about everything.

2. In the case of the modern woman, the chances are that she will soon go to bed with another man who has very strong Alpha qualities. Maybe she will remain in the relationship for the sake of convenience and go on fucking Alpha males for the pleasure of it or she will go to bed with another man with Alpha qualities and leave you.

Almost probably before she reacts in any way, she will make you loose your cool in some way - having you feel guilty over some irrelevant subject, nagging about everything, offending you - so that you will do something stupid like shout, beat her or feel desperate and depressed.

After that she will have a reason to justify her behavior - to cheat on you, leave you - or her depression, if she is not able to leave you for moral reasons.

In all the above cases: this is bad business for you!

Did that happen to our fathers and our grandfathers? Surely, but not as often as now, I think. Wars and difficulties took their illusions away from them already when they were young.

They gave to our fathers and grandfathers that hard predator look women love so much to see on the face of a man.

Now, have a look at these so called "nice guys" who are on the streets of this postmodern society of ours. They are used to getting bedside coffee from their mom. They are used to having their women choosing for them the best colognes and clothes from department stores.

Jesus: I love it when I see that scene in store departments! I really do!

What separates them from women? Nothing!

And women react in turn: they treat them like friends or even worse like girlfriends.

In a woman's genetic code it is written: "A strong man is tough, he does not behave like a girlfriend and makes me feel like a woman. He says what he thinks straight to my face. He does not ask for forgiveness too much. He is not on his knees in front of me. Yes, he brings me flowers, but only after he has brought me to bed and if I treat him well. He corrects me if I lack respect for him."

To become an expert seducer put this in your head: the more you buy a woman flowers, the more you try to please her, the more you are sweet to her, the more you kill her sexual instinct, no matter if are you trying to seduce her as a playboy, as a single man or whether are you married to her.

For this reason if you want to be a seducer remember this: if you want to have success with women be cocky, tough, don't be too sweet, don't ask for forgiveness and don't let them treat you badly or lack respect for you. Women will try to have you become sweet to them, but they will give themselves sexually to the first jerk coming close to them.

And you will be treated like a girlfriend.

This does not mean that you should treat women badly. It is enough to behave in an educated way, but be cocky, direct and never ask for forgiveness for who you are or for your male aggression in any case.

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