The phase of physical contact

Women have been made to feel guilty about their sexual desire for centuries. Every woman wants sex at least as much as a man. For many women, however, it is very difficult to get over the sense of guilt connected with their sexuality. On the other hand woman's liberation brought about a meaningful change in the attitude of women toward their sexuality.

Many women living in modern society do so in an almost schizophrenic state, where beliefs and attitudes from the Middle Age are mixed with very free-minded or even libertine attitudes.

For this reason you need to be ready for everything: some women will consider you passive and even gay if you don't try to bring them to bed 5 minutes after you first meet. Other women will consider you a monster if you kiss them on your first encounter.

Other women will need much time before they can even say the word "sex." For this reason it is difficult to establish which the right moment to start the physical approach is. Anyway there are some general rules you should follow:

- Every woman is different and for every woman there can be a different "right" moment to start the physical approach.

- An approach not leading to sex in a period between one-three meetings is almost probably something leading to friendship or to a neurotic relationship with a woman. If she does not agree to make love with you between the first and third meeting, dump her.

- With the word "sex", I mean fully satisfying sexual intercourse. Some women use refusing sex as means of controlling the man from the very first meeting. This type of woman is a source of never-ending problems later in the relationship, so dump her from the beginning.

- Without the physical approach you will not bring her to bed - simple but true. So there is no seduction without the physical approach. The physical approach has to be done as soon as possible.

-Without the physical approach you will become her "girlfriend." At the precise moment you become her girlfriend you are classified into the beta category by the woman. From that moment it will be very difficult to get back from that position.

- Generally women test in a very intensive way from the beginning if the man is an Alpha or a beta male. If the man does not try to bring her in a very active and self-

confident way to bed as soon as possible he is rapidly classified as beta. After that there is no turning back.

Yes: women will say a lot of bullshit about "the importance of friendship", about "opening up", about "talking about everything" BUT at the end of the day if you don't take her sexually, the primitive part of her classifies you as beta.

The primitive part of her - her evolutionary detector - will not change its mind easily after having classified you as beta.

- No woman can consider as Alpha a man who does not go into the phase of the physical approach. For this reason, in cases when you are not sure about what to do, it is always better go for the physical approach anyway.

In the course of the attraction and even more in the seduction phase you can start to touch the woman you want seduce, lightly on her forearm, while being cocky and funny or lightly touch her fingers. If she accepts it, that is a good sign and you can go on. If she gives negative feedback by withdrawing, for example, or verbally, you lean back and stop the approach for a while, without being pushy.

I have brought to bed women with whom I have needed the following cycle: physical approach > lean back > physical approach many, many times before they are ready to surrender. Due to their feelings of guilt about sexuality many women may surrender to sex only with the mental setup of: "I could not resist him. There was no other choice."

Also women experience sexuality in a different way than men. Men want to go for it fast. Women want to wait and enjoy the sensations. A woman needs some time to get used to sex, these length of which can vary consistently from one woman to another.

So, if she resists you, simply interrupt your approach and after a while try it again. Don't make the mistake of stopping your approach at the first signs of resistance because that is a resistance many women have, almost all women. Of course, not all of them do it like this. I have also brought women to bed after only 5 minutes conversation and a simple kiss.

Remember the basic rules of the Alpha male:

"I never ask forgiveness for being a man and of having a man's sexual desire." For example, in my life I brought to bed many women by simply telling them - within 5 minutes of our meeting - when we were still in the phase of the small talk:

"I want to fuck you. Let's go to my flat."

And they came. We did not even go through the other steps of seduction.

We went to the rapport phase only after making love. This kind of self-confident attitude is felt by the woman as very exciting.

Apply this rule and you are never wrong. In her innermost depths a woman admires an Alpha man who behaves like this. Of course, being too aggressive and behaving like an idiot are behaviors taken by the woman for what they are: non-confident behavior. And such non-confident behavior brings you to being rejected. Women love men who are in control of themselves and others. Violence and other bad behavior are signs of a lack of control and, as such, of weakness.

Demonstrate your sexual interest for her in a direct and natural way, without asking - not even once - forgiveness for the fact you want her sexually. This attitude will bring the best results for you.

This book is about seduction and we don't teach here how to make love well. Anyway it is very important that you learn to satisfy a woman in a complete way. One of the most important criteria she has when she chooses a man - women just talk about this to girlfriends - is the ability the man has to satisfy a woman sexually.

So get to it! If you are not a natural talent and in case you feel you are unsure on the sexual level, there are many books and web sites where you can find important information for improving your sexual skills.

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