The rule of the fast approach

Many of you will surely be afraid of making approaches. The fear of approaching can be so strong in some men to keep them completely from talking to women.

You can consider yourself an expert seducer only when you are able to approach any woman in any situation, without problems.

The fear of approaching is one of the basic problems that men who starting to study seduction complain about. It is like the fear of flying. There is only one cure for the fear of flying: travel all the time by airplane.

There is only a way to win over the fear of approaching. It is the rule of the fast approach. If you use this rule in the space of a few years you will be able to approach any woman in any situation.

It is very important to learn this. A very beautiful woman - even if married - can have on the "love markets", a value comparable to Ferrari or Nokia, using only her body. As long as you don't master the art of approaching women and seducing them, your value will be - compared to the value of the beautiful woman you are with - comparable to that of a cheap watch, bought in some tourist trap.

I'm not kidding. Our society values feminine beauty so much that without mastering the art of seduction you will be always wondering what happens next when you are walking with your beautiful wife or fiancée.

She will be approached all the time by men and will be in a position of power.

On the contrary: if she knows that you can walk into a bar and come out of it with the telephone numbers of five really beautiful ladies eager to hear from you, the situation is once again in balance. So think about it!

The rule of the fast approach is:

"You have to talk to a woman you want to seduce within seconds since the moment you see her."

It means that when you are trying to pick her up you have to talk to a woman before a few seconds are gone since the moment you spot her. This is because you will not have time to think. The more you think the more you will invent excuses to explain why you are not approaching her, your fear will grow and it will become stronger every minute.

If nothing else comes to mind, use a simple "Hi!"

Train yourself in bars, restaurants, on the streets to smile at women you like and say to them a simple: "Hi!" You will notice that the majority of them - used as they are to beta guys who are afraid to approach - will notice your Alpha attitude and will answer with an even more cordial: "Hi!" After that it is easy to begin talking.

You can open her up with almost anything. For example:

"Listen; do you know where X Street is?"

"Can you take a picture of me with this camera?" You give her the camera.

"What's the time?"

And so on.

This is an argument I will approach in a much more detailed way when I will publish the upcoming books of my Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationships for the modern man.

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